Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Farewell our Beloved Junior

To the best friend Junior could ever have. 
Its been a hard time for all of us, these months of anticipation, waiting. 
Its been harder on you Val. Just doesn't seem fair that the youngest of the pack would be the first to leave. It just seems like yesterday when he was a frisky pup, playing tag with his lovely bright eyes, ever so curious and inquisitive, his antics many in the loop would remember.
Alas, that flame of brightness snuffed out, betrayed by his own body. No matter how advanced technology can be, some things we cannot but accept that its time for him to rest his little body, so tired after fighting so hard. 

Thank you dearest Val for being there for him, with him, carrying him. 
You were his legs when he could no longer stand, you were his will, when his was weak. You were his strength when his could no longer support. We could not ask for more and we know, neither could he. 
I had prayed that when we let him in your life those years ago, it would be a long, comfortable, lovely one for him full of adventure and walks, and he did have all of them except perhaps it wasn't as long as we had planned. 

Who would have known that then, but now, knowing that in such short time, he would fly back to God, we would not have wanted any other because he had the best friend he could ever wanted. 
You always said he was your Brave Knight but really Val, you are his Brave Knight. You shielded him and kept him safe, thought of him first before all else. 
At his weakest, you stood strong like a tower. So if we had to do it all over again, knowing the end result, it would have been the same. He would still have been yours. It was meant to be. 
The Rats Pack bid farewell to one of their first. It is apt he was cremated at Seletar for that was where he found his pack of friends. Junior would have wanted you to have this. Just as the HomelessInSeletar blog always told their story, so too the same blog sends you his love and his thoughts.

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