Thursday, October 6, 2011

More of Big Tom

Uploaded are the cutest most demure photo of our big Tom.

 What an adorable poser boy!

Big Tom is still looking for a good home. He is now completely litter trained and does not dirty the house.  He has excellent manners and covers up his toilet business nicely. 

At perfect peace, irregardless of the presence of the fosterer's dog.

Tom gets along very well with dogs, other cats or any humans. He is very much dog-like as he just loves to cuddle up to you and 'manja-s' even when you are in the room, he will sit and wait. He follow you around just like a dog and pretty much unlike most cats. 

 I trust you completely, that you will take care of me.

A good singer, our vocal boy makes  bird-Iike kind of purr and meows back as you talk to him. He enjoys conversations like that all the time.  

 I smile in my sleep. See my clean white teeth.

He doesn't shed much and is so easy to take care. He eats twice a day of dry kibbles.  A no-fuss, easy to care for companion. 
 Doesn't matter if we are black or white,
Dog or cat,
Male or female,
We can live in perfect harmony.
Tom and his fosterer's dog, his sister Zen cuddles up close.

If you can provide for our handsome Tom that permanent refuge he so longs for, please SMS 8123-8345 or email and we will arrange for a viewing so you can meet our big gentle giant. 

There are lots and lots of pets looking to be adopted

Please do not buy
Lives should not be traded for dollars and cents