Friday, November 25, 2011

Fuji for adoption

Beautiful, young and playful Fuji is looking for a home. Her owners vacated their rental room and left the country without planning for her future. They apparently handed her to an acquaintance to be put down.

But God interceded and Fuji is now in foster care and we are looking for a good committed home for her.

She is in good health, is sterilised and probably two years or even younger as she is playful and loves to chase balls. She is shy with other dogs but outgrowing her fears.

She is good with people and loves to jump up on sofas and cuddle next to you. She hardly barks but is a very good guard dog as she barks loudly and fiercely when the door bell rings. Other than that, she hardlly makes any sound, unless of course during dinner time she whines as she sees you prepare her food and dances around in glee.

Please send us a FULL and detailed background of yourself, your family, lifestyle, experience (if any) so we can get to know you better. The more information you provide, the faster we will get back to you.

Name: Fuji
Breed: Shih Tse
Gender: Sterilised female
Age: 2.5 years old,
Paper &  Garden Train

Please email to if you wish to meet this very cheerful, pretty and playful girl.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cute BoBo and lovely BiBi are looking for good homes

On Behalf of Rescuer/Fosterer



These 2 delectable warm chocolately little puppies, a boy (Bobo) and a girl (BiBi) are pups rescued before a recent 'clean up the neighbourhood' round up. Four of their siblings are still out there. They are estimated to be less than 3 months old.

You will expect pups as young as these to be noisy, happy, excited and greedy. Sadly, not these babies. Since their arrival, they have not made much sounds, hiding behind doors and peering from 'neath the sofas and cabinets and treading with great care. They are fearful of humans, and who can blame them. 

Innocent BoBo and BiBi are testament to the cruelty and intolerance of mankind. This is the realistic world for pups not born into pedigree or to families. We can only imagine the horrors their sad young eyes have seen and screams only their ears have heard.

But we are confident these two very lovely dogs will learn to adjust to normality given your love and care to shower on them and they will grow up to be magnificent companians. For it is in the very nature of dogs to love, to love beyond, to love despite.

Young BoBo and lovely BiBi have certainly gone through much in their short little lives, through no fault of their own, except the unfairness the world have thrust them in. 

Can we help right the wrong? Give them a chance at life? A life that some of their siblings can never have because we didnt manage to save all. The pups do not need to be adopted together.

If you would like to adopt them, please let me know by emailing or SMS/call 91552213

Thank you.

To Adopt Is to Give a Second Chance
To Adopt Is to Love Unconditionally
To Adopt Is a Selfless Act
To Adopt is the Right Thing to Do

Please Adopt
Do Not Buy
There are so many, many homeless
just waiting

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meet Mr Baxter Brown the Beagle

Come meet Baxter Brown, a 6 years old sweetheart who is looking for a forever home to call his own.
Baxter, a good-natured fellow is extremely fond of his meals and treats. His soulful brown eyes will tug at your heartstrings, especially when he is begging for his treats. Affectionately known as Bax or Baxy by his fosterer and many friends, Bax is your typical beagle who enjoys a few good howls and many tummy rubs.

Left to die
In the rain and storm
Can you see my tear?
Can you hear my cry?
Someone, tell me why?

A completely emanciated and tick infested Bax was found wandering on the streets in a forsaken place with another beagle. What a strange sight they presented, two pedigrees in an area where few cars drive past and no residents in sight. Together, the two homeless dogs were seen walking slowly on the road, battling the harsh rainy weather and hungry tummies as their noses searched for food and a place and shelter from the rain to rest their heads.

A feeder who frequents the area saw the strange sight and gave them food of which the other bigger and slightly rotound beagle hungrily took. Bax appeared aloof, as she said and just sat on, looking tired from his journey. The feeder saw that they had been bullied by other dogs and were badly bitten. Bax still bears the scars on his face and body from marks in the wild.

The feeder took pity on them and decided to try relocate them but it was late in the evening, in heavy downpour and she had nowhere and no one who could take in two big dogs. Bax's friend was whining piteously with anxiety when she tried to leave and so he was placed as the needier of the two. She managed to find a foster home for one dog and he was chosen to be relocated on the same night and unfortunately she had to leave  Bax behind and alone in the the streets till another foster home could be found for him. While the feeder did not know was, ironically, Bax was the sicker of the two. He had not been eating for many days and was dazed and listless from an infection in his tummy, probably caused by some bad food he ate. She had thought he was aloof but in fact he was too sick and too listless to care about his surroundings and even whining or barking was too much of an effort and required too much energy. (Now we know that that accordingly to the vet, had Bax not been relocated when he did, he would have died in two to three days for he was extremely malnourished and weak.) For many hours, poor Bax sat under the rain in the dark, shivering against the cold and just sitting there, looking and hoping that someone would come and help him. He didn't understand why he was abandoned and why this time, he had lost his only canine companian and he was truly and totally alone.

This is the photo of Bax when left behind after his friend was relocated.
This is the photo that caught the eye of the second foster family
who could not fathom how a dog could survive alone in the rain,
the storm, wet, cold, hungry and bitten by the other dogs.

But God had plans for Baxter Brown. When news about Bax and his photo was circulated, another family felt sorry for Bax after hearing his plight and took him in. Bax was rescued from the cold the next day and finally tucked into a warm bed.

Can any dog, much less a beagle not be tempted by food?
When this photo was taken, unknown to anyone then,
Bax was much too tired and sick to enjoy the cookie on his nose

He was given many delicious things to eat but to the fosterer's astonishment, Bax ate very little and was tired all the time. From the most delicious home cooked food to specially bought cans and recommended kibbles and dehydrated treats, fish, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, eggs, cheese, essence of chicken and what have you, nothing worked and a visit to the vet was necessary because it is highly unusual for beagles not to be eating. Things didn't bode well, after all everyone knows that beagles just simply "live to eat" and Bax seemed indifferent.

To everyone's dismay but not unexpectedly, the vet revealed that Bax was indeed very sick, he had high liver and kidney readings, bad infection in his tummy, had fever and worse of all, he was severly anaemic from too many days of starvation. An emergency blood transfusion was needed urgently to preserve his life.

Handsome Baxter Brown shows his profile

To cut the extremely long story short, under good care and plenty of love, with many people praying for him and visiting him, Bax has since recovered and is in the pink of health. He now has a healthy 'beagle appetite' and points his nose for a sniff of a treat. Extremely fond of his human companians, Bax usually will howl excitedly when they return and follow them around like a shadow.

He gets along extremely well with other dogs, big and small, chihuahuas and terriers to big mongrels, Bax does not show aggression although he does get over excited at the smell of food and barges his way towards the source. He isn't what we call a hyperactive dog for he loves a good nap and enjoys time just being around people but beagles being hounds simply love walks. He is a great walker and does not pull his leash. He is very easy to walk and he listens to commands.

Beagles are extremely smart and Bax is no exception. Besides that he has a very good memory. He remembers things to a tee and if you tell him "No" about something, he stops doing it or if you bring him out at a certain time, he remembers and waits with anticipation, with pricked ears, cocking his head to one side, waiting for the sound of the leash. Sometimes he tries to communicate by running towards the door and back to you as if to tell you, "hey its that time for a walk again"... It was fast for him to learn to use newspapers for his pee and poo. He is such a neat freak that sometimes he uses his nose to roll the wet papers into a ball so he can use the dry ones underneath, clever Baxy.

Is Bax is dreaming of his forever home?
Can this be realised or will it be forever a dream?

However with the terrible ordeal he has faced and unlike most dogs, because Bax remembers well, he has become a little insecure and he needs someone who can understand his insecurities and willing to work with him on it. He is the sweetest dog with the most affection and love to give but marred by the abuse in his past, he can be a little unsure of certain actions and loud noises. We speculate that Bax was a former breeding dog and certain brushes against his body seem like 'pushes' and 'prods' to him and he reacts with fear and defense. We have discovered too, that Bax responds better to females and speculate that his previous abusers were males for he reacts very differently towards the two.

There are many holes in Bax' life, was he sick before he was kicked out, Was he not eating for a long time which was why he was thrown away, or Did he become sick only on the road. Questions like how come the other beagle was fat while Bax is so thin, and Were they both from the same place?  I guess we will never know and Bax can never tell us, but what we do know is he appears to have been badly abused before and traumatised by certain incidents. We can only pray that God will open doors for a committed loving family to open their hearts and offer a chance at a new life for Baxy because after nearly losing his life due to man's cruelty, surely, surely he deserves a good one now.

If Bax' story has moved you in any way and you if you think you are someone able to care for Baxter and provide him with a forever home, plus welcome him into the family, please email with full details of yourself, family, background, lifestyle, experience with dogs to

Bax is not suitable for HDB as beagles are not HDB approved and we will adhere to the rule very strictly for we wish him to be a licenced dog and not have to relocate again. Someone who has experience with big dogs and can be his pack leader, his Caesar Milan or Barbara Woodhouse, leading with love and patience, postive reinforcement instead of beatings and abuses, will find themselves a very loyal loving companian and shadow as well as good guard dog.

Baxter Brown will be extremely happy to meet with you.... and so will we.

Mr. Baxter Brown
for Adoption

Full Details:
Name: Baxter Brown
Breed: Beagle
Age: 5 years old
Sterilised, microchipped, vaccinated
Paper and garden trained.


Please adopt
Do not buy
There are too many homeless
Innocent victims due to man's folly

Thursday, October 6, 2011

More of Big Tom

Uploaded are the cutest most demure photo of our big Tom.

 What an adorable poser boy!

Big Tom is still looking for a good home. He is now completely litter trained and does not dirty the house.  He has excellent manners and covers up his toilet business nicely. 

At perfect peace, irregardless of the presence of the fosterer's dog.

Tom gets along very well with dogs, other cats or any humans. He is very much dog-like as he just loves to cuddle up to you and 'manja-s' even when you are in the room, he will sit and wait. He follow you around just like a dog and pretty much unlike most cats. 

 I trust you completely, that you will take care of me.

A good singer, our vocal boy makes  bird-Iike kind of purr and meows back as you talk to him. He enjoys conversations like that all the time.  

 I smile in my sleep. See my clean white teeth.

He doesn't shed much and is so easy to take care. He eats twice a day of dry kibbles.  A no-fuss, easy to care for companion. 
 Doesn't matter if we are black or white,
Dog or cat,
Male or female,
We can live in perfect harmony.
Tom and his fosterer's dog, his sister Zen cuddles up close.

If you can provide for our handsome Tom that permanent refuge he so longs for, please SMS 8123-8345 or email and we will arrange for a viewing so you can meet our big gentle giant. 

There are lots and lots of pets looking to be adopted

Please do not buy
Lives should not be traded for dollars and cents

Monday, September 12, 2011

Big Tom, the purr machine needs his own refuge

Big boy Tom is a sweet fella. Found with 4 other siblings on the road in a box, by a kind person, he wants to be as fortunate as his three siblings who have gotten their own abode.

Handsome Big Tom sits docilely and calmly as he understands how 
important this pose will be to potential adopters.

Tom Tom is 8 months old. He is big and fat and loves nothing better than to sit by your side, snuggled closely as he watches football together with you, cheering on your favourite team, or comfort you as you sob sob sob watching those touching K-dramas, or even enjoying the American Idol singers and David Blaine's magic shows. All Big Tom wants is to be by your side, never mind if it is a small flat or a mansion in a posh estate.

 Big Tom shows off his lovely markings and his fat tail.

Handsome Tom is vocal. His purrs can outdo those of a well-oiled Ferrari and he loves to meow meow meow as he replies when you talk to him. 

Comfy snoring upside down as he puts his trust in his 
current fosterer to keep him safe, even though they have a dog around..

Tom is neutered and currently undergoing kitty training in a litter box. He's previous fosterer has allowed him to use his own bathroom as it was more economical that way but we understand that not all adopters would like that and we have introduced this new toileting to him. He hasn't the full grasp of it yet but we are sure given time, he will adjust.

 Alert and smart fella, loves water and purrs when you bathe him.

Big Tom would love to go to a home with or without other cats, with or without children as he is a sweet big baby and just contented with the simple, basic pleasures in life. A docile and calm boy, he will not disrupt your life as he silently pads around the place.

 Big Tom looks pensive as he thinks about his siblings with their own home.
When will his come? Will he have to wait long?

If you can provide for our handsome Tom Boy that permanent refuge he so longs for, please SMS 8123-8345 email and we will arrange for a viewing as you meet our big gentle giant. 

Hear Big Tom saying his Good Mornings as he greets you with a smile.

There is no adoption fee requested, just your assurance and love for a forever, safe home for our handsome Big Tom.

Remember, there are lots and lots of pets looking to be adopted
Please do not buy
Lives should not be traded for dollars and cents

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Munchi the Silky Terrier is missing

Munchi the Silky Terrier is missing. Please help to share.

Our dear dog run out of the house after his bath, therefore he does not have a collar. He went missing since Sat afternoon on 20 Aug.

Type : silky terrier
Colour : black & brown
Age : 10 years
Location : Yishun St 61
Name : Munchi.
Contact : Christina @ 902 502 39
Please help keep a lookout. Thanks in advance.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kendalle, lovely 3+ yrs cross bearded collie

Email has since been corrected. Please email to ANATERRY@SINGNET.COM.SG if you have any enquiries or wish to view Kendalle.

Kendalle, the lovely three year plus cross bearded collie aka 'shaggy dog' is looking for a home. He is sweet and friendly with people and children and has a marvellously happy healthy appetite.
 Happy Ken-Ken, our darling bear dog, smiles for the pose

Ken-Ken, as we affectionately call him gets along wonderfully well with cats and can be seen licking little kitties just like a proud daddy would. Our shaggy boy also get along well with dogs, big and small as long as they do not challenge him because he is an alpha dog.  If the present dogs are mild mannered it will do Kendalle fine as he takes pride in his pack, just like a big Lion leader.
 "I may have a big mouth but all the more to love you my good friend."
as Ken licks Issac his good buddy.

Kendalle was found abandoned, a thin, boney sorry sight of a dog with lifeless eyes and when brought to the vet discovered to have heartworms.  He responded very well to treatment, the vet had full praise for him for his temperament and docility. He is now in the prime of health, has been sterilised and we discovered, Ken Ken is an awfully good jumper. 
 Listening to commands and obeying is what he does best, 
:)) having treats around helps

Ken simply loves jumping and we know if a potential owner has plans for agility classes, you have found yourself a champion hurdler.  Kendalle is also paper trained and contrary to myths that big dogs don't do well in apartments, Ken is actually pretty good in one as he knows how to behave indoors and outdoors.  Ken enjoys lying next to you watching the lastest K-drama or listening to Gold 90.5 as much as he loves a good walk. He is a good walker, sometimes in his excitement he may pull but retracts as he listens to your commands
 A gentleman always crosses his leg when posing for a shot and Ken is the epitome of a gentleman's dog

He is not boisterous but a well behaved, happy and friendly dog, with much zest for life and a great big appetite for food, treats and lots of cuddles. In return he gives you his big heart, his shaggy bear-like head and life-long loyalty and affection. At less than three, he has seen his share of misery and shed much tears at being left behind and left to die, so now he takes upon every minute to enjoy his life and endeavour make yours happy ones with his nudges for pats on his big shaggy head.

 Ah yes, Ken attempts to make you smile even when days are dreary and the sun seems downcast, Ken will never leave your side.

Kendall is not suitable for HDB as he is big in size, around a Retriever's but he will adapt well in a condo and of course a house with garden will be perfect, as long as there is no low gates and fences. Remember our young big boy is a champion jumper, of course.

Please email with full details of yourself, family, background, lifestyle, experience with dogs (if any) to 
Remember to think of Adoption first
Do not Buy.
There are many dogs and cats looking for homes.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Good looking Rusty, wired-hair fox terrier looking for a home.

Wire-coat fox terrier looking for a home. Rusty is unsterilised, approximately 6 plus years of age. He is paper trained and it preferable he finds a home where there are no other dogs and very young children as he is active and not socialised much with them.
This breed's fur is considered hypoallergenic and is good for allergy sufferers as they do not shed much.
Please email if you have a home for Rusty. Please provide full details of your background information, lifestyle, family and etc.
 Do consider Adopting first if you are thinking of a new pet.
Do not buy as there are many like Rusty, looking for homes.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Macho Boy
Handsome boy found opposite Yishun junior college. Appaently abandoned as no microchip and ID. He's young and very well behaved. He's very tall, slim and came with blue collar. He knows basic commands, can sit and paw. and even play Fetch. Like an Angel, he gets along well with dogs, children, people. Knows how to behave in an apartment. He's calm and docile.

Is there anyone looking for a wonderful companian?
We are also appealing for anyone who can help foster while adopters look for a good home? Thank you for your help and sharing this information.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry. I Want So Much To Live

On Behalf of a Rescuer:

We were informed by a member of the public, Kenneth, who emailed for some help and advice on what to do as he had seen Harry chained up for some months. This is what Kenneth says :

My company have shifted our operation to Woodlands Industrial in March 2011. Upon settling down, I notice a dog being with a very short leash to a wall a few unit from where I was operating.

Fast forward to May 2011, the dog was quickly reduced to skin and bone. I didn't want to seek help from SPCA as I know that if they step in, the dog might be put to sleep within 24hrs because it was an old mongrel. Maybe he was lucky, I looked on the internet and found a group that is run by volunteers that help stray/ abused animals. I could not remember the exact date now, but the volunteer come over in the middle of the night and fed the skinny dog 4 canned of dog food. We were in touch the next few days and they ask me if I am willing to help to take care of the dog. I agree and was later on introduced to another volunteer, who came every week without fail to deliver dog food to me and to make enquires of the well- being of the dog. When I am not free on Sunday, their volunteer will usually drop by to feed the dog.

The dog, named Harry now, is recovering well and had put on weight. He was sent for a medical check up as I noticed there was blood in his urine. The volunteers have told me not to worry about the medical cost as she will find a way to help Harry. The result from the Doctor visit state that it will need long term medication for heart problem and he may also have cancer.

Sixth floor of an industrial building.

Our Harry, an old lonely dog, his eyes showing his years of pain and hardship

We first found Harry sleeping in a corner behind a parked lorry. He was no longer chained up but the years of being chained on a short leash, fed perhaps one meal in weeks, had reduced him to a bag of bones with legs so weak he could hardly stand. He was a sorry sight. He lay motionless as we approached him. We strained our eyes to see if he was still breathing. We called out many times and made all kinds of sounds that dogs usually respond to, but he continued to be in a deep sleep.

This was not a state of slumber. It felt as if he was really weak and that he was in such deep sleep that had we not woken him, he might have just slipped away. . . . .

We walked back to the car to take out a can of dog food. The power of scent! As soon as we opened the can of food, Harry awoke from his deep sleep and struggled to stand up. His legs kept sliding apart as he tried his best to balance. Finally he stood up and wobbled quickly over to us. He ate so fast, it would seem like it was his first meal in months. He wanted more and more and so we ended up feeding him 4 large cans of dog food. He could have eaten more but his stomach was so empty, we didn’t want him to feel sick and throw up.

Harry seemed friendly enough. We managed to pat him, wipe his eyes and clean his face, before he quickly went back to his comfort zone and curled up, with a full stomach, possibly the first in his entire life. He was contented.

The following day, I contacted Kenneth to try to arrange for him to feed Harry on a regular basis. Kenneth agreed to take on that responsibility, and also offered to buy rice to cook with the canned food that we would supply.

A friend who happens to live near Harry, has kindly offered to share the feeding responsibility with Kenneth. She bought two plastic bowls for Harry’s water and food, and she buys the dog food and passes it to Kenneth on a weekly basis. She also feeds Harry when Kenneth is out of town. Kenneth is in charge of feeding Harry twice a day and will clear and wash the bowls after Harry is done eating, so as to avoid complaints from the other tenants.

This has turned out to be an excellent arrangement for a dog that was near death. In less than two short months, we have seen Harry put on weight and his stomach has gotten rounder, his legs stronger. He even runs when he sees us drive up towards him!

A few days back, Kenneth informed us that he noticed that there was blood in Harry’s pee so we quickly booked the pet transport and arranged to catch Harry and take him to the vet for a check-up.

Harry has some missing teeth, possibly from old age

At the vet, Harry was extremely cooperative. He allowed the Dr to jab him, draw blood, take numerous x-rays and he was calm through it all. In fact, while Harry was at the clinic, we noticed that his eyes actually lit up for the first time. Perhaps because Harry likes people and he was happy to be surrounded by them. While speaking to the Dr, Harry dripped blood onto the floor, and that got us really worried.

Dr Chan did numerous x-rays on him as she noticed he was constantly panting and had difficulty breathing. His results were heartbreaking.

1) Harry is anemic.
2) His heart is enlarged, possibly from old age and thus, is not functioning well.

3) Water in his lungs, because his heart is not working as it should be.

4) Heart murmur.

5) Harry was dripping blood – Dr suspected that there is internal bleeding and Harry could possibly be suffering from prostate cancer as she can feel a huge mass in his penile region but she can’t confirm this till a proper biopsy is done. Unfortunately, due to Harry’s heart condition, there is a high probability that he won’t survive the surgery and being under GA, thus a biopsy cannot be carried out.

6) Harry has bacteria and crystals in his urine. (He doesn't like drinking water.)

Dr Chan says that for blood to be dripping and for his penis to be so swollen, the cancer would have been developing for quite a long while in order for it to get to this stage.

 X-ray of Harry's penile region. There seems to be a growth there and it is possible that he has had cancer for many months, but this can't be confirmed unless a biopsy in carried out.
Why has Harry chosen to live on the sixth floor of this particular building? Did he use to have an owner or care-giver that worked there? Has this person left his job or left the country, leaving Harry behind, loyally waiting for years, hoping . . . and pining away for him?

Harry is not young; he looks to be about 8 to 10 years old? He could be even older . .. . or he could actually be younger but the years of being chained up and not having food may have taken its toll on him, making him look much older than he really is. What really strikes me when I see Harry, when I look deep into his eyes, despite all the food, care and attention he recently has, there is such a great sense of sadness and heaviness in him. Saying that he has had a hard life would be an understatement. Looking at Harry, I feel his head and heart heavy with sorrow, not having anyone ever shown him love, not having ever known what a family or a friend is. Harry has lived this life for years, and now, his eyes plead with me to help him, to take him home and show him the comfort, the warmth and love that he has never experienced.

Perhaps Kenneth and Susan have shown Harry care and concern, but somehow, to Harry, he doesn’t belong to them. They don’t belong to him, they are not his.

Harry needs to return to the vet in one month’s time, to see if his heart condition has improved, and to check if he is still bleeding internally. In the meantime, Kenneth will feed and medicate Harry.

If you would like to help Harry with any of the following, please email to  

-Take him to the vet on his next visit in early August, so we can save on pet transport. You would need a van for this as Harry is a big dog and he also is oily from sleeping under a lorry every night.
-Sponsor Harry's meals – S$150 per month, based on two cans of dog food per day (to be paid directly to the pet shops that we have special deals with)

-Foster Harry
-Adopt Harry

The only time we have seen handsome Harry's eyes light up, was when he was at the Vet, surrounded by people. Harry needs someone in his life. His very own Master.
We work mostly with street animals and often, they are quite happy living on the streets. They feel that the streets are their playground. All they need from us is food on a regular basis and the occasional hugs and pats. They don’t ask that we take them home because they would miss their freedom. Neither is it our objective to collect dogs. However, occasionally we come across dogs like Harry, whose eyes plead with us to please not put him back at the factory or on the streets because he is truly tired of living that life and all he wants is a family to call his own, even if it’s just for a few short years before he passes on . . . .

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lost Dog Notice: Twiggy

Medium sized female dark brown pointed ears mongrel.

Last seen around these places
West Plaza (Pasir Ris) @ 1430
Pasir Ris Drive 1 Towards White Sands
Spotted Around Blk 778 Pasir Ris St 71 @ 2309

She has a tattoo (sterilised) inside her right ear, black spots on her tongue and is extremely shy. Please keep a lookout for her, she could be anywhere. She responds to the name Twiggy.

If you've any whereabouts about her please call 9799 6676 or 9781 8596. Thanks.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Four extremely cute little pups for adoption

Helping post on behalf of rescuer.

Bam Bam, Barney, Patches and Bella looking for good homes. 
(Originally a litter of 7 but 3 have since passed on.)
Not HDB-approved breed

Please contact 90681278 or 94775123

Please consider Adoption first.

Do NOT buy


Friday, June 24, 2011

MeiMei with the unique smile is looking for a home

Lovely Mei - Up for adoption

1 yr old sterilized female as of Feb 2011
Good natured, affectiona...te, clever, non barkish and outdoors trained.
Medium sized

MeiMei was rescued just in time before the local authorities caught her.
She has been scared by dog catchers attempting to catch her hence she is extremely shy and needs time to warm up. She greets with a unique smile which might come across as fierce but she is in fact as gentle as a lamb.
When she was first rescued, she didn't know how to eat or drink from a bowl, food had to be scattered across and she drank water only from leaves and muddy water in the pot.

Neither did she know how to rest her tired body on softness of bed or pillow. That is the life of a stray. Please have a heart, she has been through so much, some of her friends in the wild have not been so lucky.
They have been caught by the local authorities.
The place where they used to call home is now nothing but concrete roads, humans bustling with families, bicycles and kite flying.
Not a single stray has been spotted since.
Would you be able to show her the difference between breathing and living?

Sincere adopters please email to or call 9799 6676.

It would be greatly appreciated if infomation such as experience with dogs, main caretaker etc is included.
Adopter(s) to microchip, license her and sign an adoption form.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Urgently looking for a home - Xing Wang, the lovely golden girl

Posting on behalf of a compassionate Vet Assistant :

Lovely curious Xing Wang strikes her best look.

Xing Wang was picked up someone when she was about 3 months old and weeks later she was adopted. But her fate changed when she had some skin issues. The owner brought her in to the animal hospital where I worked and tried to treat it but the vet said it required about 3 weeks or more for treatment. Because it took so long, the owner thought the skin could not be treated and he wanted to put it down. I managed to dissuade him coz the dog is still young ...and after weeks of treatment she got well n she's in good health now with beautiful healthy fur.

 Pensively thinking of what her future will bring.

She is a loving dog, a little insecure because of the circumstance in her life and being left in boarding for so long at such a young age. She needs a bit of warming up before any stranger get close to her and I try to bring her out for walks. Recently I  brought her to east coast to let her be exposed to more strangers n surrounding. I cannot board her for too long at the hospital and really, really hope someone can adopt her soon as she can be a great companion to be with.

Xing Wang, the golden girl strikes a "Cleopatra" pose for the camera.

I have taught her to sit and she is a fast learner. Xing Wang is now 8 months old, sterilised, microchipped and healthy, having received all her vaccinations, given a clean bill of health. She is small frame for a cross breed and is a lovely shade of gold and yellow. If you know of anyone who is looking for a good companian, please consider Xing Wang.

How can I afford the boarding? sighs Xing Wang

I can be contacted via SMS or call 97459770 or if you can help give her a loving home.

Xing Wang means New Hope. That hope is still burning inside. Can you fulfill her hope to live contentedly and securely?

Thank you.

Remember to consider Adoption first, 
when thinking of a new furry family addition. 
Do NOT buy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Introducing affectionate young KY, the beagle

His name was Milo and he was left behind by his owners who said they didn't have time for him. Young Milo is only 1.5 years old but already he's been given the boot. What then is time? No time to walk him? No time to throw him a ball? No time to cuddle and kiss him? It seems then that time is akin to love for this is all Milo is asking for.

Handsome KY posing for the camera

Fortunately for him, he was left behind at a market centre where some workers took pity on him and took care of him. They also changed his name to KY and much as they took pains to care for him, as we all know this was not an ideal place where he could stay for long, nor a home that dear KY can call his own, with no cuddly bed to jump nor snuggle into, or watch his favourite programs on the telly with his head on a soft lap. He has since been rescued and is living with his dear fosterer who wants to find him a loving and committed home. 

KY shows his side profile. What a handsome beagle nose.

KY is about 1.5 years old, and is neutered and micrco-chipped. He is healthy and according to his fosterer, he has the nicest demeanor towards people and is totally non-aggressive. He loves food and is deemed easy to train, if you have time (aka, if you have LOVE for we already said that time = love).  He hasn't had that in a long long while which is why he is such a 'sucker' for affection, touch and cuddles. Is that enough to melt your heart already?

KY is slightly shy towards other dogs. He will sniff them and all that but other than that, not much interaction as he has probably never been socialised with dogs before. If there's a loud bark from a strange dog, he retreats with his tail between his legs. We know he just needs time to get to know everyone and everything. 

KY loves tummy rubs.

Our wish for dear affectionate KY is a loving home with time for him and overflowing love. Time to train him, teach him, throw him a ball, run with him, walk him, just be with him and never ever deem him 'too much trouble'.  

Although he is pretty small sized for a beagle, this breed is unfortunately not on AVA approved list for HDBs, we are looking preferably for a home in a private apartment or landed.  This request is for the sake of KY's security and the adopter's peace of mind.

.. and he loves treats too.

Please email to if you have a home that KY is looking for and send us a detailed background of yourself. The more information you give, the faster the reply from us. Kindly do read up about beagles and their needs, if you have never owned this breed before.

Please consider ADOPTION before all else if you thinking of owning a pet.
There are many pets looking for homes. 
Please Do NOT BUY.