Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We've oft been asked : Don't we have better things to do ? Things to do - yes, better things - probably not. What can be better than to feed those who are homeless, those who are hungry, who try to look for food and can’t, those been put out with nowhere to go, not out of choice but circumstances and situations which drove them to become the so-called strays they are now.

Strays - they are not wild dogs, many were left behind or driven out from homes who once owned them. Betrayed by the very ones who took them in, the ones who had promised them a home when they were cute chubby pups, that they would belonged till they were old and gray, but that promise has been broken. Some were born to these made homeless and they are the 2nd generation strays. Strays who need our help, to provide food when they can’t find any, rescue them when we can find a temporary shelter, rehome them when we can find them a family. You tell us, what can be a better thing.

Feeders, yes we have heard it all - they are queer people, strange ones, they are there every day, rain or shine. All that effort, to feed? Mmm, and for a dog or a cat, goodness we don’t understand … what a waste of money, resource and time. Yes we get that a lot. Not many understand. Most people treat strays as just things, not even living things, not seen and not heard. Even if they see one half starved or injured by the road, the outcry would be “eeeks, so dirty, so unhygenic, quick call someone to take it away, the disease, the smell, yucks” no thought of the poor creature suffering. It is sad, the whole situation. Aren't these also God's precious creations?

Where is the empathy or compassion? And the saddest part, there are just too many dogs and cats needing care. Too many for us to handle, the same problems that feeders all over are facing. Feeders will stick to their area and try to give food to the several that they can see and probably in time be familiar with them, but other than that, there is really not much they can do. There is no authority to complain to, no organisation to ask for help, no resource to draw from. That is why there are so many private AWGs being set up to fill this gap but even they are now back up against the wall, overwhelmed by the high abandonment cases as more owned pets become strays over night. Feeders have to make do with whatever food they can buy with their own funds, rice, bread, kibbbles, cans, left overs, meat ... whatever can be eaten, anythig we can share. It is a tough life for feeders, so why do it? The joy cannot be explained.

Not till you have fed the hungry can you actually understand why you can see the most saddest or starving sight but leave with a joyful heart because the food you brought, gave that animal respite for that day. There is no thanks needed, no wave or tail or purr but you leave with a great feeling that you've done right and that will carry you through till the next. That the meal you brought would sustain the hungry for another day.

And everyday is important, not for you but for the hungry who wait patiently in the rain or scorching sun, that meal is important. Far more important than you can ever imagine. That could jolly well be the only meal it can eat or maybe even the last.

No, if you aren’t a feeder, you also cannot understand the grief and sorrow when the dog or cat you have been feeding day in and day out, suddenly goes missing. The sweet familiar furry faces that have become so important to us as we scan the area looking, praying for a sight, an evidence that they are still around.

Our dearest Alsie has been missing for the last few days. We are very worried for her and can only pray that she is just roaming and not missing. The last time we saw her was April 8 and since then she has not appeared and we can’t find her when we go looking.

Beautiful Alsie as we remember her, classical beauty, poor faithful Alsie

Alsie when we last saw here, ears twitched back, nervously looking around.

The last meal Alsie had with us

Alsie chewing her favourite bacon treat. This is her all time favourite. We would give her a whole packet just to see her eat them again.

No you probably also won’t understand the joy and yet sadness that comes with each feeding. Will we see them again tomorrow? Will they keep safe? Will they return? What happens when we don't see them? Would we regret we didn't do enough? Should we have taken them away, but where do we bring them, where can we go? The questions come to haunt us each and every time.

And when one doesn’t turn up or when the food is uneaten, you start imagining the worse but grief becomes harder when you do find out that they won’t be coming back - if you found out they had been poisoned or hit by a car or caught, captured. No, it is a grief that only a feeder can understand.

We received this email from a friend who feeds in the West, the day she could not find her beloved dog. She had already lost one (Brown) earlier this year, found poisoned, and this last email came when she also lost Silly. Tears flowed as we read her email. We can understand and we can empathise. Will we stop feeding so we don't have to go through this emotional turmoil, NO, because that would be wrong, because the hungry still need to live, but we cry for those we cannot rescue, those we cannot take home. It is always a hard choice to walk away. Please bear with this, we cannot help but share her sadness,

This is G's eulogy


Silly, I remembered how when we first set eyes on each other.You were one of the funniest, loveliest stray I've ever seen.

Silly is a handsome boy

You ran towards my direction in circles and halt when you touched my knees with your button nose and I knelt down to give you a gentle paton the back. To my surprise you gave me your paw and I accepted it graciously with a firm handshake.Your face was so dopey cute and your fur was thick and luscious.

We fell in love.

You were the 1st stray who taught me the inner beauties strays possessed.I look forward to your funny tactics and whines that tickle my bone, for a stray so big could be such a softie marshmallow within. You bought along Bear and Brown to be my friends and boy was I delighted and honored!

We would play "faster! Run! Catch!" when all of us will race to thecanteen just to fill my tummy craves of food. Smart "alex-es" you all were when I proceed into the "human jammed canteen" while you all waited patiently at the corner for me. I remembered fondly when one evening when I was working late, time checked was close to 7pm.

My workplace was deserted. I headed back tomy vehicle parked some distance away where suddenly a group of foreign workers came towards my direction making "not so friendly remarks and whistles".

Sharp barks were heard from the back and to my astonishment; you all were dashing towards my direction. Bear and you growl and circled the foreign workers, 6 to be exact while Brown graciously plonged herself right in front of me. Thereafter Bear and you majestically walked to my side, you on my left, Bear on my right.

I felt like King Ramses for that split second! My heart raced and a smirky smile arose as the workers inched away slowly with soft hushes.

I was so proud of all of you! What wonderful DOGS!

Tears poured down as thoughts came, "I'm not your owner, I only feed kibbles and fresh water, I don't provide a permanent home but you'll came to my rescue", I made up my mind to provide you with the best within my means. If not for you all; I wonder what would have happened.

Bear, Brown and Silly, you'll taught me so much more and let me into your lives that I only have thankful wishes to extend. You taught me life's simple pleasures:

- How thankful to live life to the fullest each day

- How thankful to bask in nature and be in total bliss just licking off dewdrops from the leaves

- How thankful to have the necessities of life rather than luxuries- How to make the best out of situations and not wallow in pity

(no toys? I find tattered rugs/shoes to play, no chewies or treats? The bone of a chicken IS a treat! No soft beds and blankets? I seek solitude under cars and grasses, or perhaps huddle together for special bonding)

Then Brown crossed the rainbow bridge, my mortal pain came crashing down and I vow to make every day a memory for Bear and you. How I remembered every time I drove off, you both will have the saddest look in your eyes as if, why? Can we go along? We promise to be good! Stay a little while longer and play, see who runs the fastest!

I remembered, Silly, you being the clown and dearest to me sneakily popped into the car when I was giving goodbye sayangs to Bear. I didn't know to laugh at you or be angry but to say, "I wish I can but I can't", made my heart cringe again.

One fine day, I was walking a bit too close to the opposite neighbour's workshop and their strays dashed out barking. Being the heroes as you'll always are, I saw a "pony" (Bear, coz you're a bitstumpy) and "horse" (Silly coz you're taller) galloping to my rescue again, only to find out that the other strays, wanted sayangs. So there the 4 of you were, all grown up fighting and pushing for attention.

Much loves for the 4 of you.

Then I had to take the public transport and the bustop was quite a distance away from my office. Guardian angels to me you both were as you'll accompany me all the way to the bustop and bark at any vehicles zooming too close or other strays as we wander across their territories. I was worried for your safely as the vehicles never fail to stop even though you're crossing halfway.

I was like a mother hen worried for her chicks. Days, weeks, months pass by and our bonds were as tight knitted asKing Arthur and his knights. How I would look forward having to see Bear and you, sends butterfly flutters and "cherry-ness" within.

How you both would cringe a little but Bear with me as I apply medication on your bodies, how I'll hold yourr heads and paws and screaming to you'll about my frustrations in life, how gentle giants you were.

Even M commented the bond we had. Its been 5 days since I last saw you Silly, I went around like a crazy lass asking, shouting your name, searching, where are you? I've heard from workers that you got hit by a truck and your body is twisted. I pleaded with bear to show me where you are, being the loyal companion he followed me even to the outskirts to find you.

I don't know which is better. To have never find you and live indenial that somewhere somehow your safe or to have find you, find your body but being selfish I think my mortal heart will wither.

I bleed for you deeply Silly.

Yet I find joy that you're no longer scavenging, suffering in this mortal world. You will not be alone too, you've brown, lulu, brilliant, peanut and many others to play fetch, do your circle stuntsand be healthy and safe.

Silly, come into my dreams soon to tell me your happy.

Bear hasn't been eating a lot too, his tail isn't waggy all he does is hide near the flowerpots and sleeps.

Bear hiding behind ever since Silly has disappeared

Silly, Wally I love you. Deeply.

Silly gives his paw: Thanks for loving me mummy G, Thank you for your love and offer of food each day. You cared when no one did.

Contributed by G.

Thank you dear G for faithfully feeding. Though Silly and Brown are no longer around, God will take care of them now. They will not have to run from cars or wonder where you are and why you couldn’t take them home. They had you when they had no one else, you gave them food, you gave them pride and love and told them they were the best dogs in the whole world, and for them, that was enough.

Rescued From Hell – stories from the rescued Farm Beagles

Introducing AMBER

... - an experience contributed by fosterer WH (a first timer in having a dog as a pet)

Amber is a beagle which I helped to rescue about a week ago. I received a sms from A last Friday evening about some beagles being given up and they needed a home. I thought... why not? So off I went on a Saturday afternoon with my brother and sis-in-law...

It was an experience never to forget. A hot day too cos we were all perspiring like crazy. We managed to see the beagle and decided that we wanted her because of her quiet temperament. So off we went again to the vet...

She was surprisingly good in the car. Once in a while, she would try to lie down in the dog bag which my bro had for her. Although she didn't walk very well on the leash, she seemed to know it when we said 'no' to her if she couldn't do something. This was something that I later found out that she learnt very quickly which also made her a very lovable dog.

Getting her home was the only the beginning. There were many adjustments to be made. I had to prepare quite a lot of stuff for her. She wasn't paper-trained so there was a lot of cleaning up to do. I wasn't quite ready for it. But learnt how to manage. I also fell sick the past week. Am still ill but I still had to take care of her and the rabbits too. It was indeed a very challenging week for me. I had to clear a lot of work as I was on MC for a day and on top of that, I had to come home to 5 babies who needed my constant care and attention, I was very tired... and overwhelmed...

Luckily for me, Amber adapted to life at my home very quickly. The first day she was here, she was pacing up and down the entire night, probably not used to the large space. After she had settled down, she was sleeping and eating well and looked forward to all the pats I could give her. She seemed to know that sometimes I needed to be left alone to finish up my work or I'd become cranky and she gave me the space to do so. She was not demanding at all. The only time when she wanted attention was when she would nudge me with her big, wet nose on my knee as if saying... Hey Workaholic! I am still around... :)

Amber : My favourite position

I'm in doggy heaven. Thank you Mummy WH for taking me home and showing me what life can really be like.

Sweet Amber brings much joy to WH

Do you know that she's even afraid of my bunnies the first few days? She didn't know how to react to them the first few days she was around. Gradually, she got used to them, occasionally sniffing them and my rabbits were not even scared of her! This is funny! Maybe they all knew and sensed that they have been abandoned once before so... as the saying goes... let's live and let live...

I am still not sure if I would be keeping her for good as I missed my rabbits. I am still not sure if I can manage Amber and the bunnies running around in the living room. I missed having my rabbits run around the living room. Taking care of a dog is certainly not easy but luckily for me, Amber is such a good dog that even for a first-time dog owner like me, I was able to feel like life is still the same after a week. Needed some adjustments and getting used to them all...

So... meanwhile, Amber is still here till I make up my mind or a better home comes along. She certainly deserves a good life from now on.

Contributed by WH.

FOUR – extracted from an email from her adopter and mummy, MK on April 4

..... As requested, here are some photos of Four in the last 2 days.

The 1st one with a new chew, she doesn't like ball that much, but she loves chew! We went out yesterday and thereafter resting peacefully after the long hot walk :-)

Four is under going training now (eg: paper training, boundaries, commands) yet overall she is happy. R & I find her to be very smart, not barky, does not chew furniture, active & playful with a very good appetite! She has already learnt commands : 'Sit', 'No', 'Come', I think in another 2 days , she will come to understand: 'Wait', 'Go', 'Four','wee-wee', and 'poo-poo'. She does get a fair amount of treats as a result of positive training and good behaviour. Being a beagle, her nose scent is very strong, that's to be expected, although I do need to house proof my kitchen to ensure food is not easily reachable.

One thing we still need to observe is her behaviour with Finn (their other dog, a Corgi). Finn is sulking under my dining table, her comfort zone. We caught Four , who is taller, pawing over Finn's head and cornering her. I think she wants to play but my older dog cringes & hates it. We need to arrange time-out for each by separating them eg; one goes to the park, the other stays home; or Finn sleeps in my room at nite, Four in the kitchen; and also during feeding time they have half hour of uninterrupted alone time each in the kitchen.

Four : I now have a home and I'm am standing guard protecting my new family

Four loves her Chewy Chews while Finn looks from below the table.

The other thing that we will always have to keep in mind is their health condition, tick fever possibilities, keep up with antibiotics dozages, regular vaccinations, etc...these are long term efforts that we are committed towards.

Hope our stories offer you some assurance, let's keep in touch, till the next time, my warmest wishes to ALL's big hearted souls out there by just doing what you do :-)

and in an updated email of April 22, 2009

Four is doing great, she has learnt most of her commands, paper trained, and is more calm now. Most important, I can sense that she is happy. We bought several chews, each day she devours 1 to 2, to keep occupied while we are at work.

With her desperate back ground, I fully understood why she came to us greedy, charging back forth, rushing for food, barging everywhere, scavenging dustbins, and eating poo! Now she sits and wait for her food although still very excited. My other dog is also adapting, less sulky, she gets more treats because I have to be fair in training, and definitely they get more walks. I take Four running 3 times a week, then switch to Finn for a cooling down walks to buy breakfast before work.

I don't expect Four to be perfect, in fact I don't need her to be as well behaved as Finn. Both come from very different upbringing. I only need Four to understand basic commands and be manageable socially. Every dog is different, partly nature partly nurtured, so even if you have 2 dogs, the approach should vary. If this is a good tip to adopters, feel free to share it in your site

Contributed by MK

Well, the real life experiences above about the 5 year old rescued beagles goes to show that AGE is not factor that an older dog cannot learn new tricks, that dogs can adjust no matter their years. We are highlighting this as there have been some concerns by a few interested parties that they would prefer younger dogs in terms of training but the three beagles rescued have proven against that misconception.

The third beagle, named SANDY is also doing very well. The adopters have not emailed us but have kept us updated by SMSes and phone calls on how well behaved Sandy is and how quickly she has picked up. She was paper trained in just a few days, fantastic achievement for dog caged up for such a long period of time. Sandy has adjusted very well to her new environment and their resident dog.

It is not whether an older dog can learn new tricks or adjust, rather it is how much you as an owner or adopter is willing to put into your new pet. For Four, Amber and Sandy, they were very fortunate to find families who love them as they are, understand the dog's behaviour and anxiety because of the background they come from, a background that is not the dogs' fault but of breeders' greed. We are glad they are given another chance in life where they no longer just exist but live as man's best friend and companian, as they should, as they righfully deserve. The adopter has a huge part to play in the dogs' development. It can be a young puppy or a 5 year old, but if there is no commitment, no patience and no understanding, the pup is going to grow up as untrained as the next stray.

Do not brush off an older dog because of misconceptions. Give them a chance, they do deserve it as the life they come from have been brutal and sad and if you can make a difference to them, they will return that with their love and devotion, that much we can assure you.

Our own rescued dogs, The RATS Pack, now boarding at the kennels have shown us how much they appreciate us and their happy tails, jumps and licks are their gratitude of love.


We have wonderful dogs with great pesonalities for adoption.We invite you to view the individual dogs and their profile -http://theratspackadoption.blogspot.com/

For Adoption or Fostering

Farm beagles
There are still 3 beagles in the farm, one male and two female beagles, of which one is crippled, due to an accident in a breeding accident. (another casualty among breeding dogs) for rehoming or fostering. The beagles need to find fostering soon as we have been told they are not being fed much, if at all. They are approximately 5 years old.

If anyone is keen to adopt or able to foster a beagle, please do drop us a line at anaterry@singnet.com.sg or call 98383820.

Abandoned Bull Mastiff
On the evening of 19th April, Sunday, 2 bull mastiff were discovered tied at the gates of Pet Movers, Pasir Ris Farmway 3, where Animal Lovers League (ALL) is located. It is said that an old woman left them there and walked away. The 2 dogs, one male and one female are big, and handsome, both unsterilized, their coats are well taken care of, and it is evitable that they have been reared and not strays.

For more pictures or write up of the Mastiffs, please view http://www.animalloversleague.com/wordpress/ and if you can help sponsor these dogs or adopt them, please call ALL or us at anaterry@singnet.com.sg

Animal Lovers League – Donations

Currently ALL need aid on food for those in their care, besides many others, please visit http://www.animalloversleague.com/wordpress/ to see their lack.

If you wish to help and want to donate to supply their needs, Ms. A has very kindly offered a simple online avenue. Click on http://myconceptpetstore.blogsrc.com/a-help-for-the-strays-at-all/ and partner with us so that the dogs and cats in ALL can stay healthy and happy.

Animal Lovers League fundraising charity dinner on Tuesday, 5th May, 2009

During this time of financial difficulty, the kennels are hard hit as they may not be the priority on everyone's mind. The need for shelter, medicines and meals, however, still continues for these homeless, rescued, abandoned and abused animals, many with no sponsorship.

Animal Lovers League, a non-profit organisation, (http://www.animalloversleague.com) looking after the welfare of these animals therefore has to constantly solicit for funds and appeal to the generosity of animal lovers and well-wishers to perpetuate this noble undertaking of this organisation to better the lives of the animals, giving them a second chance in life.

The funds raised, will essentially go towards the day-to-day operational demands of the shelter, affectionately known as 'Pets Villa'. Merchandise such as notebooks, hand-painted T-shirts, hand made soaps, decorative candles and such will be also available on the day of the event.

Tickets cost $150.00 for a delicious 4 course meal featuring modern Singaporean cuisine at a
posh restaurant at Wild Rockets @ Mt. Emily

What better way to support this 'big hearted' kennel and at the same time enjoy a cosy, fabulous meal with your loved ones. Please call one of the following contact to purchase your tickets or if you need more information :9670-8052 or 9154-6422 or 9838 3820 or email anaterry@singnet.com.sg

From those residing at Pets Villa run by Animal Lovers League

Thank you for your generosity

It goes a long way to our welfare and care

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Easter Sunday

We had our mini adoption drive on Sunday past. Yes, the drive went very successfully. Thanks to all those who took time off on an Easter Sunday to bring our beloved pooches for a day out (A & C, M, G & W, J & friend, A, also photographers, XX, L and their group). What fun we all had. The RATS pack were enamoured by the pats and attention the volunteers had for them. And then the marvellous treats and snacks that kind visitors brought and bought for them. It was treats galore, from beef jerky to chicken flavoured bites to fish sticks, we doubt the Pack had ever seen so much before, so much to smell and eat, with no one saying no, there was plenty for seconds, thirds and even more. Milo especially the one who is ever ready and can never say no to an offer of food. Milo rejected snacks towards the end and that meant he ate so much, so much that he was completely full. In his own usual well mannered way, he did accept politely what was given but dropped it on second thoughts.

The beautiful 'Adopt me' scarves crafted so lovingly by A. Thanks so much.

What a fun time we had, the Pack drew a lot of pats and cuddles.

See the beautiful hand painted poster, balloons - So much care and thought went into these details, all credit to A & C

We handed out flyers on that day and many people dropped in because they had heard there were dogs in front of "Loving Pets". Many came already recognising the pack from the blog and the special story they each carried, and yet there were others, without an inkling who they were. But all visitors were treated to the sweet temperament and patience of the dogs. The Pack really did us proud. They were so well behaved and they understood it was an important day. Even Cara did not jump as much, so quiet she was. Except for let ups of a few pushes now and then, as personal space got invaded, they were amicable, sweet and such darlings. We are so proud of them, so very proud.

All the visitors, children, adults, strangers commented how good natured and friendly they were. They were patted and stroked and cuddled, photographed. It was a tiring day for them too but the weather was great. Yes it did drizzle but that did not damper our spirits, rather it helped as it wasn't too humid or hot. We had prayed for sunny skies but God knew better, He gave us intermittent slight drizzle which refreshed us and helped us not to get heatstroke or the dogs panting too much.

I'm ready, where's the snacks, yum, I'm the golden boy, I look good, yeah, says Milo

I'm ready too, Who's coming, who? who? I'm so excited, yelps Cara

Do I look beautiful, see my scarf, do you like it, is it my colour? (flutter flutter) whispers shy Mama Brown

Hey Golden boy, better watch out, they don't call me the Macho for nothing, ok ok I will wear the scarf, (sigh, what's a macho dog doing with a scarf, grumble grumble) mumbles Horlicks

Yes, the drive was successful not because we rehomed our beloved dogs, in fact we didn't get too much queries on their adoption status but it was extremely successful in that we achieved what we had wanted to do, We displayed that there were beautiful good natured dogs for adoption and we also created awareness that Animal Lovers League (ALL) existed.

Animal Lovers League

A shelter like ALL (http://www.animalloversleague.com/) so humble and quiet about their rescue efforts should not be hidden. They should be blitzed and blogged about on the great job they are doing. Regrettfully, due to a lack of manpower, ALL remains relatively unknown to many pet owners and only among some rescuers and rehomers, we know how much sacrifice and effort they have put in, for the animal welfare of Singapore. Many surviving dogs and cats can attest to their second chance in life because of ALL.

Currently ALL need aid on food for those in their care, besides many others, please visit http://www.animalloversleague.com/wordpress/ to see their lack. If you can help them supply their needs, Ms. A has very kindly offered a simple online avenue. Click on http://myconceptpetstore.blogsrc.com/a-help-for-the-strays-at-all/ and partner with us so that the dogs and cats in ALL can stay healthy and happy.

So in the end it doesn't matter that our Pack returned to the kennel where they are now boarding, they returned very happily, with big smiles and happy wags and a full full tummy and lots of yips, barks and woofs to share. And us, we carry with us happy memories that Easter Sunday of 2009 was spent very fruitfully, very happily with lots of fun and one we will not forget.

What a great day it has been. Horlicks has the last word

Kudos to "Loving Pets, 168 East Coast Road"

Ms. J of Loving Pets is to be lauded in the stray and rehoming efforts. Hers is one of the very few pet shops in Singapore who do not sell livestock. If you are not in the pet business you probably would not appreciate it but we have friends who have had to close their petshops, shops who do not sell animals as they could no longer sustain the business. Selling livestock in petshops make the shop a lot of money. Much more than you can imagine. When a pet shop chooses not to sell a pup or a kitten, the profit margin drops drastically. A bag of kibble, an accessory, a toy, even a pet carrier, all these have very very low profit margin and for a shop to just depend on these, without the sale of live animals, would mean huge traffic volume, sell a lot and sell more.

And so we applaud Ms. J for her stand on this. Inspite of how hard it is to run the business especially in a very competitive industry, she still does it with a big smile and opens her place to welfare groups. And she humbly puts it “I did the least” but she has done a tremendous more than that. We know she also support many stray feeders, both dogs and cats through her rock bottom price of kibbles and cans to them.
Now why would Ms. J, a business woman choose not to sell pets? Many of you might think it foolish, money is money. For some it is everything but for others, money cannot buy a peace of mind that what is wrong cannot be justified no matter how rosy a picture you paint. Pet shop pups, those cute cuddly little ones you see in their rosy hued box. How cute, you ooze, how perfectly sweet, you whisper. If we showed you their parents in the breeding farm you'll probably drop them in disgust or fear, much less even think of cuddling them. But it is not the puppy's fault, that is true, we so agree with you. It is the fault of the breeders, yes we agree with you too. But by buying one is condoning that it is ok, that it is perfectly all right and the trade is accepted. But it is not. It cannot. We should not let it. Many more breeding dogs will die, some from neglect and some from diseases, many from injuries, and more often than not, these are backyard breeders, so hard to trace, so difficult to clamp down.

Don't get us wrong, we do love breed, pedigrees should be treasured for the line and blood they carry. There is pride in the dam and sire and the history of the bloodline. But these come from reputable breeders and do not usually display their pups in a pet shop. Some of these breeders are very strict who buys their pups and if they deem you are not suitable, they actually turn down the potential owner. To them it is not about the money but the quality and maintaining high standard in that breed. This a huge difference from a pet shop pup.

There is a right way to breeding and there is a wrong. Have you heard before how female dogs on heat are being tossed into a cage full of male dogs? Imagine how it feels for the poor single female dog. It is no wonder that many breeding bitches, die of injuries or get cruelly mauled in that rush, that madness when male dogs tear each other out, or tear out the ears, chunks of flesh, skin of the single female, crazed by the smell of a female dog in heat? No it probably never occurred to some of you, read more and check out internet on these stories. Unfortunately, they are not fiction but facts, that's how it is like in some breeding farms. Then there are some who lock up their dogs day and night, male and female for years and years of their productive life. The dogs do not get a chance to go out, walk in the ground, touch grass, see the sky, smell the air outside their small cooped up cage. Food is tossed into these cages which are already filled with pee and poo. The faster dogs get to eat more, the slower ones only get to lick the remains of what is left amidst the waste. No plates, where is the time for plates, why the waste of water to wash plates. Come on! plates are a luxury for breeding dogs. (sigh) The next time you see your beloved home dog eating his dinner off a plate, remember the ones in the breeding farm - plates?

Can anyone wonder upon release from these cages, the dogs never want to walk, dare not move. Touching grass is scary and so is traffic and so are people. These ones are considered the lucky ones, they survived the ordeal, like a prisoner of war, lock up for years and years, now it is their time to be freed. But there are some farms who drown what they no longer want, no evidence, no need the mop up and no need to waste any more time. And what was the reason for the poor dog’s plight, they have reached unproductive years or their litter became smaller or poorer quality.

We remember an incident in 2004, December when a licenced (what a laugh) breeder was fined for the abuse of his breeding dogs. We will not post their photos here, it is too tragic to see them but you can read more here http://www.mettacats.org/abused_dogs.htm. The photos we have seen are far worse that what is posted on the web, far far worse. The abuse resulted in the death of three dogs in total, one was found as a carcass, eaten by the other dogs who had nothing to eat, another died a few days later after the rescue, the third died eventually of related breeding infections. Only one survived to carry testimony on the cruelty of her breeder. She is still alive, her will to live was very strong and we are glad she did for she is enjoying the life that so rightfully should have belonged to all four of them.

It has since been 4 years plus this happened but with just a fine to the breeder, like a light tap on the palm of a naughty child, it has not deterred others to stop this horrible trade. It is big money making, big bucks and as long there are people willing to buy, there will always be people ready to supply. Why support this trade and make money for cruel people. Why walk into a pet shop that sells live animals. Why don't you support those who choose not to. There are some pet shops in Malls who cannot sell. This is not a choice but still it is far better than those who sell. Shops like Loving Pets are the ones we should support. We have seen too many good people, honest true blue good people, like Ms. J running pet shops choosing not to sell live animals and having to close down because not enough people understood or wanted to walk in as there were no cute pets to draw them in. By walking into the shop, even if just to browse is showing your support.

We would rather show ours to those who choose to the right thing. If they can choose to do that, despite just breaking even year after year, why can't we also choose to do the same, do the right thing. We should band together and ban those with livestock to sell.

Adopt, Don’t buy

You do not need to buy a pet in order to have one. Look around you, there are so many AWGs with a pet to adopt. You want a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, so many pets are up for adoption. If you need help, let us know, we can help you find one, surely among the so many looking for homes, there would be a right one for you. Why the need to buy. A pet is a pet whether it is bought or adopted. There are breeds and there are crosses. We love the crosses we have rescued as they are our special dogs. They all have a story to tell. They all fought to survive. They did no wrong, crossed no path, all they crave is love and some understanding.

Our five in the kennels are such beautiful dogs, in temperament, in spirit, in nature. They are so appreciative of each pat or stroke. Their look of love towards us answers any question why we do what we do. To know them is to love them. We have been far more touched by them, then they us. Yes, truly, we are the better to have known them.

Devoted Cara - Sterlised Female http://theratspackadoption.blogspot.com/2009/03/devoted-mia-cara-for-adoption.html

Classy Milo - Neutered Male http://theratspackadoption.blogspot.com/2009/03/classy-milo-for-adoption.html

Gentle Mama Brown - Sterilised Female http://theratspackadoption.blogspot.com/2009/03/gentle-mamabrown-for-adoption_18.html

Macho Horlicks - Neutered male http://theratspackadoption.blogspot.com/2009/03/dog-with-heart-of-gold-macho-horlicks_18.html

Farm beagles – For adoption or fostering

We have just been informed two days ago there is yet another female beagle looking for a home. Unfortunately this beagle is crippled due to an accident in a breeding situation. (another casualty among breeding dogs) We do not know how long ago this happened (sigh). So as of now, there is now one male and two female beagles, of which one is crippled, for rehoming or fostering. The beagles need to find fostering soon as we have been told they are not being fed much. They are approximately 5 years old.

The earlier three have been rescued, one adopted and named "Four" as she was rescued on the 4 of April. The other two Amber and Sandy are still being fostered, adoption still in consideration by their fosterers. But these three are adjusting very well in home who have showered love and care on the much food and love starved dogs. More stories of Four and Amber will out in our next blog as this one is pretty long. If anyone is keen to adopt or able to foster a beagle, please do drop us a line at anaterry@singnet.com.sg or call 98383820.

Snowy (little terrier) - For Adoption

The little terrier has been rescued and currently under foster care with J. He is extremely malnourished and very thin. He has tufts of missing fur but the vet has confirmed it is due to improper food intake and found him to be of reasonable good health. J is trying to toilet train him, a feat which will take much patience and time but she has said he is very sweet and clingy, always following her around. We are very happy is out from that hell and on his way to rehabilitation.

(NO LONGER AVAILALE - Lex has been adopted and Jet will be staying on)

Two 3-month old puppies are up for adoption.



Jet and Lex are both playful, healthy and friendly pups. They were rescued from the verge of death and dreadful itch as they were furless and covered in rashes when first found. Because of loving fosterers, good nourishing food and medical care, their fur has been restored and now they are ready for new adventures in a new home. Extremely intelligent, they love children and other dogs and fun.

The black/white pup is a female her name is Jet, so named for her shiny glossy jet black fur.

The brown/white pup is a male and his name is Lex, for he exudes the potentials of a strong dog.

If you wish to adopt one or both of them, please email anaterry@singnet.com.sg or call 98383820. They do not need to be adopted together.

Help Hugo!

Hugo is a surviving puppy from a litter of puppies that have all foundhomes. Sadly, Hugo was not rescued when he was chubby and small unlike hissiblings. He was not sighted by us when we had rescued the other puppies. He had probably lost his way and was left to survive it he jungle with no foodor water or shelter. However, he had found his way to the area where we fed our dogs and is developing a very sweet personality now. He is still very thin and requires a lot more good food. PLEASE help us help Hugo! We can do all we can to help him get better but can you be the one to give him a home he deserves?

Hugo is a local male dog. He is 4 months old, has a great personality and warms up gradually. We are sure that someone out there can see the beauty we see in him and give him a home of his own just like his lucky siblings have gotten. Please call Christine @ 97937162

Harry - Husky/Golden Cross up for adoption
Beautiful golden Harry was found on the 19th of Dec 2008, abandoned, homeless, all bones and extremely hungry. A kind person has been fostering him since. Harry is approximately 5 to 6 years of age. He is medium-large sized and suitable for private estates. Harry is good with humans, even allowing strangers to pat and cuddle him tight. Harry is a beauty to behold.

It would be preferable for someone who has the experience in dealing with the husky breed so as to enhance his needs process but Harry is gentle in nature. He is also sociable with smaller dogs although he might be territorial to big male dogs. Please contact: winterain14@gmail.com

Animal Lovers League (ALL) fundraising charity dinner on Tuesday, 5th May, 2009

During this time of financial difficulty, the kennels are hard hit as they may not be the priority on everyone's mind. The need for shelter, medicines and meals, however, still continues for these homeless, rescued, abandoned and abused animals, many with no sponsorship. Animal Lovers League, a non-profit organisation, (http://www.animalloversleague.com) looking after the welfare of these animals therefore has to constantly solicit for funds and appeal to the generosity of animal lovers and well-wishers to perpetuate this noble undertaking of this organisation to better the lives of the animals, giving them a second chance in life.

The funds raised, will essentially go towards the day-to-day operational demands of the shelter, affectionately known as 'Pets Villa'. Merchandise such as notebooks, hand-painted T-shirts, hand made soaps, decorative candles and such will be also available on the day of the event.

Tickets cost $150.00 for a delicious 4 course meal featuring modern Singaporean cuisine at a posh restaurant at Wild Rockets @ Mt. Emily (http://www.wildrocket.com.sg/wildrocket.htm).

What better way to support this 'big hearted' kennel and at the same time enjoy a cosy, fabulous meal with your loved ones.

Please call one of the following contact to purchase your tickets or if you need more information :
9670-8052 or 9154-6422 or 9838 3820 or email anaterry@singnet.com.sg

Thank you for your kind support

Animal Lovers League at Pets Villa
61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3

Thank you for your generosity.

It goes a long way to the dogs and cats at Pets Villa.

Monday, April 6, 2009

This and That

This week has been a pretty busy one. It usually is but it does appear that lately, there seems more abandonment, more dogs need to be rescued or rehomed. When things happen, it is always around the same time. It never rains, it pours.

Good News
Blackie and Shadow are now beginning to come out again. Hurray. our persistence has paid off. Twice this week, when we went for our feeding, and called out, Blackie dashed out in her usual way, looked at us and barked. Then she sat and waited while we prepare the food. The first time she did this, the food we had was solid rock hard as we had frozen it so the birds don't eat them and it would slowly thaw till nightfall when we suspect Blackie and Shadow feeds. Poor Blackie looked sad and confused at the hard rock and we had to leave with her sitting there watching her food, and she being watched by a flock of birds. So now we know she would come out, we do not freeze the food any more so she can eat it immediately. Another time when she came out rushing for the food, she didn't eat it but waited. An hour later when we went to check on her, we saw her eating while Shadow was rolling itself in the grass and playing.

We saw Shadow the other day, it is a big dog. Much bigger in size than Blackie. Shadow's sense of smell is very keen. Even when we are far away, it knows and will run to hide. We can barely see it except for the upright ears and by the time we out from the car, far from sigh, Shadow is gone, but we can tell it is a handsome looking dog, big in size and dignified looking. Notice the word 'it', since we still don't know Shadow is male or female.

Not so good
Alsie has been sighted recently too, every evening however with workers hanging around, she hardly ever gets to eat. We saw her with cuts on her body and concerned where she could have gotten them. We really hope that Alsie gets to eat the kibbles we leave for her at night. We are still working on her accepting us. We won’t give up that one day Alsie will be rescued and rehomed.

Another pup gone to a good home Panda is now living with her new family with a big garden to run. She is so happy there. Her adoption has been finalised and formalised. Sadly, the resident dog that Panda was to have kept company and learn things from passed on two days after Panda arrived. We were fortunate to have met the older dog, a very sweet and quiet female dog and we know that had she been around, Panda would have a good friend. It is now Panda's turn to take care of her family as the baton has been passed from one to another.

Panda in her new home. See how happy she is. Look at that smile. Priceless.
What is bonus from this adoption is that Panda and Indy will also be good friends as their families are also good family friends. Already plans are being made for the two pups to meet again. We can't wait to see both of them playing, running and romping. If only we can get them to sit still for a while to have a photo taken!!

In our earlier entry, on April 1, Wednesday, we newsflashed that Dale was rescued immediately from his previous owner into a temporary home as one very kind lady, Ms. L couldn't stand to hear of him being tied up one more day. We later found out from neighbours that not only was Dale tied up whole day and night for several weeks, we heard that whenever Dale makes any sound, loud or soft, he would be hosed down so he was usually seen wet. He also looked hungry, we saw him chewing his plastic toy and swallowing it. Poor poor Dale. He probably doesn’t understand why he was tied up while the other resident dog is let loose to run around.
Ms. L arranged that he would be homed in a shelter the last few days. Dale has been to the vet for checks. He is pretty healthy but his hinds are weak, probably from too much sitting around due to the fact he was tied up and couldn't move much. On Sunday, April 5, we moved him to a more permanent foster home where he will be able to receive the care and exercise he needs to slowly regain his hind strength.
This place is at a club for dogs, Club4Paws at Woodlands, (http://www.club4paws.com.sg/). Club4Paws is a recreational place and day care centre where dogs can swim, run, try out the agility exercises or just hang out. They even run training and obedience classes as well has grooming service.
When we blogged about Dale, the club owners heard about it and felt very sorry for Dale. this is a beautiful big boned Golden Retriever with such a small hind, he is malnourished and if nothing was being for Dale soon, he will slowly lose the use of his legs. They felt they could do something to help him and very kindly offered to take him in to nurse him back to health no matter how long it takes.

The pool where dogs can swim, some for fun, some for exercise. This is where Dale will receive his hydro treatment.

We have visited the club and impressed with the place. The staff there were right at the front door to warmly welcome Dale, They have been impatiently waiting for his arrival and effusive welcomes were in order. We bet Dale felt like a million dollars with so many people waiting on his every need. They showed us around the place where Dale will receive his exercise, the friends who will be with him, the resident dogs, the swimming pool where he will get hydro treatment and the place where he will be sleeping. We know Dale will be very happy here. All the people involved are professionals in their own right and want the best for Dale.
The people in this club are kind. They do not expect anything in return and we all know how much expenses Dale will incur but they have put aside all that with only one united thought - they will pour all their energies into bringing this sad, neglected and abused senior dog into a happy, healthy one, and give him a new life he so richly craves and deserves. We know the day will come when Dale can jump up on us in greeting. We will rejoice on that that day because we can see how much he craves to do that but he can't because of his weak hind legs. We are very very grateful that in Singapore where dollars and cents are top most on everyone’s mind, we can still find people with compassionate hearts and that not everyone in business is obsessed with making a profit but doing things because it is right and the “just because”.

Another view of the club with the agility runs.

Today, April 6, even as we are preparing this blog, we have just received news that one of the management staff has indicated he wants to adopt Dale and provide him the forever home. He fell in love with Dale the first time he saw him. Dale will still use the club’s benefits, no longer as a temporary visitor but a family member. Good old Dale. Now he has a future, not as a beneficiary but as a member. We are very touched that Mr. A has seen Dale for what he is, not a senior Retriever, nor an old 'has been' or faded, but a beautiful, friendly happy tail wagger with the sweetest and most patient temperament. Now Dale will have a Daddy to protect and other family members to share holiday joy with for years and years to come. We are so happy for him, so very happy.

We want to say a big "Thank you" to all those who responded to this call to help Dale. No one actually knows how long he suffered out in the rain and sun, but all that is not imporant now. Thanks to all of you, Dale is released from hell. Now has a future to look forward to, thanks to Mr. A and no more will he be tied to a tree or forever drenched and the water spray from the hose is just a bad memory.

Raining beagles
We have been busy with Polo's rehoming, working closely together with his owner. It has not been easy as the owner works as a cook and has erratic work schedule and whatever time he has, he dashes to the hospital to see his wife. Viewing was done in whatever times he could spare and last minute postponements were common. But we did get a couple of very serious adopters visiting.

Polo is now being fostered by a family who loves him completely and trying their best to make the transition as easy for Polo as they can. On the first night, they told us they took turns to keep him company so he would not be worried or anxious. That is so sweet of them as they have the dog's concerns first and foremost. Below are photos of Polo in his new home.

The handing over from Polo's owner, the cook to the new owners was heartbreaking. He was literally sobbing as he handed to us, Polo's toys, comb, brushes and cleaning stuff. It was very sad for us who had to witness this scene. We know he loves Polo with his whole heart and he would rather his heart be broken than have Polo at home, neglected. We are just glad we could help him find Polo a very good home. The fostering is in deferment to the cook as the new family were keen to adopt on the spot, but we didn't want the cook to feel the sudden loss. This is fostering for several days before the actual adoption by which time, cook can visit Polo in his new home and see how happy Polo is, in a house with a garden to roll and explore.

There were a few serious and interested parties coming forward to adopt Polo, and very timely too. On Friday night, April 3, we received an alert that there were 5 beagles looking for homes. They used to belong to a farm and by the time we called up to check, we found out 2 had already been sent to SPCA. We were given the weekend to find the remaining 3 homes. Since we did have some interested parties for Polo, we asked them to consider these instead.

And yes, the news have been happy ones, 2 of the 3 beagles were adopted on the spot and taken to vets for check ups. They are in relatively good health. The owner upon seeing how serious we took the rehoming effort, called SPCA to return the dogs and now the original 2 are back with them for us to help rehome.

This is Amber, one of the rescued beagle adopoted by Ms. WH. Amber is active, curious and playful. She has been bringing her toys to initiate play. Amber is also sweet to the resident rabbits, she does not approach them. It is wonderful to see that inspite of being caged up for a long time, Amber is adjusting very quickly and well to love and good care. Ms. WH will share her story with Amber soon.

There is now one male and two female beagles for rehoming together with one white terrier male dog. The beagles and the terrier (presumably a maltese cross and smaller in size than a beagle) is approximately 5 years old. If anyone is keen to adopt or foster a beagle or the white terrier, please do drop us a line at anaterry@singnet.com.sg or call 98383820.

Mini Adoption on Easter Sunday, April 12 (2 to 5pm)
We will be running a mini adoption drive for our RATS pack namely, Milo, Horlicks, Cara and Mama Brown. Ms J has very kindly allowed us to hold this at her pet shop “Loving Pets” at 168 East Coast Road.

Do come and visit us and support the shop who has always given a hand and opened their place for the rescued and the strays. Come and meet the Pack. It will be good for them to meet people other than just us and interact with visitors. It will be fun day for them as they hardly get a chance to get out.

Devoted Cara - Sterlised Female http://theratspackadoption.blogspot.com/2009/03/devoted-mia-cara-for-adoption.html

Classy Milo - Neutered Male http://theratspackadoption.blogspot.com/2009/03/classy-milo-for-adoption.html

Gentle Mama Brown - Sterilised Female http://theratspackadoption.blogspot.com/2009/03/gentle-mamabrown-for-adoption_18.html

Macho Horlicks - Neutered male http://theratspackadoption.blogspot.com/2009/03/dog-with-heart-of-gold-macho-horlicks_18.html

Easter is spring and rebirth and Christ resurrection. Easter is new beginnings. Let our mini adoption on Easter Sunday bring a new beginning for our RATS pack.


This is an appeal for a lost dog from a co-rescuer. (We are still running this appeal. If the dog owner has not given up hope, we won't too.)

We are looking for our female Labrador Retriever. She's cream/beige colour and small built. She ran away from home (Kuo Chuan Ave, near Marine Parade) in Nov 2008. We are not even sure if she's still in the eastern part of Singapore anymore. She's microchipped and licensed. We've reported to SPCA, AVA, Petcall, pasted posters, written to the vets, ran around, peeped into neighbour's houses hoping for a sight of her, and so on. We are still searching for her. She may have been kept by someone who doesn't want to return, or sold to someone who ignorantly bought her..

Please, please help keep a lookout. Perhaps your neighbour just got a new but matured dog? Or has someone offered to sell you a similar looking dog? Please, if anyone sees a dog that resembles that in the pictures, please call us immediately. 9389 9896 / 9106 2928 . Appreciate any help.

REWARD of S$5000 for information leading to the recovery of the lost dog. No questions asked.