Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Mother's Love

One recent Saturday night, during an extremely heavy downpour, amidst thunder and lightning, when many of us would be safe and sound, warmly cuddled in our cosy homes, curled up in front of the televsion set or relaxing in peace and comfort, not so for the unfortunate. Cries of puppies' whimpering and dog's howling could be heard. They were piteous and kept on and on. and neighbouring dogs in the vincinity barked their heads off in high excitement or was it in compassionate sympathy.
The cries were heard near a construction site and so an alarm went out among the animal lovers in that area. Two bravely went out in search. It was a terrible night, visibility was poor, the rain did not ease and near the site there were no street lamps. It was dark and slippery as mud mixed with sand made it hard on sodden slippers and shoes. The rescuers went on in blind sight but by faith and hope that they would be able to find the crying puppies.

After an hour or so in the wet, cold and in darkness, the sounds seemed to come from a nearby drain gushing with water. The puppies, we speculate, apparently must have stumbled into the drain as they were young and the rain made it hard for them to follow their mom. Mommy dog was seen from a distance, sitting nearby crying for help as she could not rescue her pups, who were in the swirling brackish water. She knew her pups were drowning and there was nothing she could do but howl for help.
When the rescuers got near mommy, she was excited and cried even louder, sensing that help was on the way. In wondrous amazement, she came near as if to beckon them, and then ran ahead to show the rescuers the exact location of her pups. It was a very pitiful sight. As the rescuers looked around, there were workers at the construction site, near where the drain was but nobody bothered or came forward to help the mommy dog, nobody was touched, nobody cared. In plain sight, the poor mom with her drowning pups looked extremely forlorn and tragic.
Which was more more pitiful picutre at that time... we wondered? What was the greater tragedy.  The sight of the drowning pups clawing desperately to get out of the water, the crying, frantic, whimpering mummy dog watching her beloved babies die or the apathy of hard hearted humans who had no compassion, no tinge of kindness.  Sigh and sigh again.

The brave rescuers had to be careful as they were women and the drain was big. The rain was heavy with strong winds and water was already overflowing. They held on tight to each other for firm grip as there was nothing to hold on to, so that they would not fall into the drains and be swept away themselves. They managed to grab hold of one pup first with much effort and quickly passed from one to the other and finally to the mother dog as she grabbed them by their its neck to safety. They did that with two pups but sadly they were too late to rescue the third as it did not make it.

The one pup with a serious cut on its back.

One of the pups had a serious injury at its back, with a big open cut and needed medical attention. We decided that both the pups needed to be warmed up and they could no longer stay at this site where danger was everywhere. They were so young and clumsy and death would be imminent a day longer for them here.  
We told mommy dog that we will take her pups back home and get them back to health and then look for good homes for them. She seemed to understand as she stood there, quietly looking as we took her two babies away. Then she followed us slowly to our car and as we drove off. In our rear view mirrow we saw she ran after the car for a while, but stopped, as if she knew they would be safe with us.

 Mommy, dear Mommy, we do love you so

The next day we visited the mother dog and showed her the pups. She was very happy to see them.  We also brought food for her whereupon she ate very hurriedly and gratefully. When we left this time with her pups, mommy did not follow us nor chased after the car. We think she knows they would be safe and she must have felt relieved for them.

We will keep our promise, we will treat the pups and try to find them good homes. We will visit her often with food so that she will not starve of hunger and when the time is right, we will return to catch mommy and sterilise her.

The beautiful eyes of the innocent. Doomed for death but God has a greater plan. Will you journey with us to see His plan for Mommy's beloved.

Twin Girls Waiting for Good Homes

But we need your help, We need open doors for these two pups saved from near death. These two brindle pups are looking for good homes. They are young, less than 2 months old and will grow into mid size dogs.

They will not be HDB approved. If there are any compassionate hearts who would like to adopt them, please call HP: 9765 9951.

As in all dogs, they will be as brave and endearing and loyal as their beautiful mom if you would just give them a chance. Can you? Will you?

Handsome Lucky for Adoption

-Small frame mid size dog
- Sterlised male

- Excellent health

- Age - one year plus

- Happy, friendly, active

- Good with people and children

- Playful with other dogs
Young Lucky has the looks of a small German Shepherd, and the cutest and friendliest in the litter of orphaned pups, protective of his siblings. 

After a series of unfortunate events, Lucky was finally adopted by a family and just when everything seems to be turning out right for him, the grandmother of the house fell very sick. The family had no choice but to board him out while the situation was critical but now it appears that the temporary solution then most likely will stretch much longer than they had anticipated. 

Granny is now under full time nursing care at home. The doctor has advised there be no pets as she has breathing difficulties so poor Lucky has lost his home and the love of his life. The family, face with such a state is opening Lucky up to another home if one can be found as it would be fairer for him then in limbo at boarding.

Lucky is a small frame medium-size dog and not suitable for HDB as licensing rules apply. Viewing will be at the fosterer's home at Punggol if you are interested. Please call or sms 9830-8822 or email if you have a home and heart to help poor young unlucky Lucky.