Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy, Hopeful and Sad

From G on news about Marshmellow, who was adopted in September last year.

Updates on Marshmellow from S and V, Marshie's new family...

Our Angel Marshmellow is a good, obedient girl as from the first day. She's doing well and she's a very happy doggie, she still never fails to surprise us with her funny quirks and moments. She welcomes us with great happiness and excitement when we return home, each day!

                                                 Mutton Chop

She particularly enjoys playing 'mutton chop' where she lays on her back and pretends to bite me while I check all her four paws. Her daily check calls for 'mutton chop' and she knows what she needs to do! She is a sweet kiddo!
She is so cute when having her belly rubbed (acting cute and all) twirling on her back, looking up with her sad eyes. She gives the heaviest sighs when we leave for work, every morning. (So cute)

By far, I would say that Marshmallow is the cleverest dog I've ever seen.  The rest, that I have come across were all busy being nursed back to good health.

Little Marshmallow throws tantrum at times but forgets quickly when we call her back into our arms. Little Marshmallow is the remedy to our loneliness.  Her presence has made our life complete. This would not have been made possible without the help of you and your dedicated team. Thank you

Ed's note : And thank you S and V for providing her with a forever home.

Dogs For Adoption

Hopeful Sandy
Sandy is our 4 month old female clown and waiting to 'go home'. She is trained and knows how to sit and will wait for her food or treats and not eat on command. Sandy loves food and to be able to do that, is giving a big part of herself for she obeys out of love and docility.
Sandy has also learnt to pee in the toilet and now learning to 'shake hands'. She has a good appetite and enjoys playing with other dogs. An exuberant, curious and intelligent little dog, she has the biggest eyes coupled with the huge-est ears, and looks like a little domesticated doe. A very affectionate little pup who loves to cuddle on your lap and being made a fuss of, Sandy is a perfect family addition as she is not barky but whimpers her love with licks and wags. Sandy walks very well on leash.

Regretfully, Sandy is not suitable for HDB as she is a medium size dog. She will grow into a small medium size. Please call 9115-3067 or email if you wish to get to know her better.

More of Sandy's profile can be found in 

Happy Isabella
Name: Isabella

Gender : Female
Age : 1 year +
Size : Medium
Sterilised - Labrador Cross

Isabella’s story
Isabella is a year plus Labrador-cross female dog looking for a home. Friendly, Active and Intelligent, she is healthy and get along with people and loves to play with other dogs. She enjoys a good run with you.  Is there a home where Isabella can live forever and bask in the sun, play to heart’s content? She is smart and a fast learner if you have time for her.

Regretfully, Isabella would not be suitable for HDB dwelling.
Please contact us 9115-3067 or to arrange for a viewing. 


Grace is a mid size dog. She looks like a small brown German Shepherd as her nose (muzzle) area is blackish.
Grace has brown body with four white paws, a white chest and a long bushy tail.
Grace responds to her name so if you call her, she will come to you. She will be hungry and very frightened. She was last seen on Chatsworth Road on Sunday (January 24).

REWARD offered - Call 97875292 or 96708052

Monday, January 25, 2010


Grace is a mid size dog. She looks like a small brown German Shepherd as her nose (muzzle) area is blackish.

Grace has brown body with four white paws, a white chest and a long bushy tail.

Grace responds to her name so if you call her, she will come to you.  She will be hungry and very frightened.

She was last seen on Chatsworth Road on Sunday (January 24).

REWARD offered - Call 97875292 or 96708052

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Regarding S, S and S

Hopeful SANDY for Adoption

She is 4 months and such a clown now. She knows how to sit before her food / treats and has a very good appetite. She still learning how to toilet train but is a very curious pup and adores people, other dogs (and food), which we are happy as the vet says this is good rehabilitation on her part. No matter how soundly she is sleeping, snoring upside down turtle style, the minute she hears rustling of plastic bag or someone eating, you can be sure Sandy is silently by your side looking on - hopeful.

Yes Hopeful Sandy that is what we call her. She is very healthy, playful and very cute, curious and has the saddest looking face with her big ears and huge eyes. Even when she is happy, she looks sad, only evidence of happiness is her waggy tail. She knows her name very well, knows how to sit and walks well on leash. We are still training her with toilet. She is not barky but whimpers or whine to sound her happiness or hunger.

Sandy was saved from being put down just hours before the deadline was up. Seeing her happy, alive and a carefree pup makes us very glad to have rescued her in the nick of time. Unfortunately, Sandy will not be suitable for HDB (or public housing) as she is considered a mid-size dog. She will grow into a small mid size.

Please call 91153067 or email if you wish to give Sandy the gift of a family.

Shiny for Adoption (on behalf of rescuer)

Shiny, a mongrel we found abandoned last year, was adopted by my uncle's family but he and my uncle do not get along at all. My uncle has over the past few months threatened to send Shiny to SPCA many times, but yesterday, he actually did call them to take him away, after Shiny bit him. On my mum's appeals, he has consented to retract his call and postpone Shiny's death sentence by a week.

Please help by forwarding this to anyone whom you think can offer Shiny a good, loving home. Despite his size (not suited for HDB flats), bark and exuberance, he has an amiable nature if not treated with animosity. For instance, he allowed me and another stranger to lead him up to our flat last year. With care and obedience training, he will make a loyal friend and watchdog.

Photos of Shiny here:

Please contact Yvonne at 9722 5777 or if you can help in any way. Thank you.

Summer for Adoption (on behalf of rescuer)

Summer, a lovely, 3 year old female mix mongrel/lab looking for a home.

She was found wandering along Upp Bukit Timah Road and rescued. She is now being housed temporarily with her rescuer till she can find a home. Unfortunately her rescuer cannot keep her as she lives in a HDB.
Summer is not HDB approved.

Summer is a great dog with a wonderful temperament. She understands simple commands like sit, stay, down and No.

Interested parties pleae contact 83994608 for Charlotte


If you are thinking of getting that new pet,

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