Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ALL Charity Dinner

The long awaited Charity Dinner organised by Animal Lovers League at Wild Rockets was well attended. It has been a few years since ALL had organised any fund raising due to lack of manpower and planning but thanks to I, S and G, who embarked on a small scale dinner hosting 70 people at the cosy restaurant, the rest of us enjoyed the delightful event.
Many of the those who were there are long time supporters of this kennel which takes care of 250+ dogs and 600+ cats in their facility in Pasir Ris
Dinner was delicious, company refreshing and ambience pleasing. Entertainment came in the form of two adorable little children, Su Yean who is seven years old and his five year old sister, Su Nin. They sang and danced with joyful enthusiasm bringing smiles to our faces as we see their gift of love. They later displayed yet more of their talent with their solo violin recitals. These two children are probably the youngest supporters of ALL yet contributed to the fundraising in their own speical way - their musical talent and we admire their courage and showmanship.
Yes, that night showed much of the same spirit of giving. People were there not for the networking or the socialising, although it was certainly nice to meet like-minded animal lovers, rather they were there on a working/school night to show their strength and support to ALL and help raise funds for the dogs and cats in their care. There were merchandise such as hand-painted T-shirts, tote bags and cushion covers, scented hand made soaps, scented decorative candles, dog beds on sale that night and these did sell pretty well. All these items were donated by well wishers, all of them lovingly hand crafted. For example, we know the doggy beds on sale were home sewn by Ms. A who spent many hours on a craft she admits, she isn't very good at, but with firm determination, pricked fingers and weary eyes, she managed to produce three beautiful and fluffy beds in the span of a week for the event, her gift of love towards the animals, sacrifice of her time. The scented candles called for many hours of Ms. L painstakingly cutting, painting and pasting, long into the wee hours of the morning when many of us are sound asleep, willingly giving precious slumber.

Yes, these are just some of the items we had on sale, each piece comes with their own unique little story, each done with love, just as each of the dog and cat at ALL are special in their own way, each item made and sold came straight from the heart. Just as the people who made them, so were those who bought them. Because all of them knew the funds raised, will essentially go towards the day-to-day operational demands of the shelter affectionately known as 'Pets Villa', many people dug deep into their pockets to show their support. What a great crowd we had that night. It was like Christmas without the commericals, without the cliches and gimmicks, but a night of genuine giving and sharing.

Some photos of that delightful evening are shown below.
Showcasing some of the products we had on sale at the Dinner. Dog beds, scented candles, handpainted Tshirts, tote bags and cushion covers.

All of these are lovingly hand crafted and donated to ALL to raise funds.

Su Yean and Su Nin, lovely children with their songs of love for the Kennel Dogs and Cats

For those of you who attended, thank you very much for being part of this Dinner. We had much fun. And for those who couldn’t attend, there will be another Dinner ALL is organising late this year, sometime in December, and we will look forward again to your support. More details will be provided as we get further updates.

Glimpses of Blackie and Shadow
Yes, these two black elusive dogs have been spotted sporadically in the early dawn or late nights or after a downpour. It does appear they have become more fearful than before as the construction surrounding their hideout has
intensified. The trek to place food and water is becoming harder each day and week as lallang has become long and rain puddles make it hard for us to find access. We still persist every day, especially now that all the available drains have either been sealed or contaminated with insecticide, we not only provide food but fill up water as we worry where they will get their water source. The mosquitoes attack us in swarms and we wonder how our poor dogs are doing in this onslaught. If we are there for only a short while and already so badly bitten inspite of spraying insect repellent diligently, how much worse it must be for them, so vulnerable in the open forest. We know this place is infested with cobras and we also worry.

We wonder how long we can carry on this feeding for Blackie and Shadow. Nobody can go near them, they won’t come out even when they know we are around and weeks go by without any sign of them. How can we help them if they do not heed us. How we wish we can bring back the days of old when Blackie would come running out to us. Her friendship with Shadow has driven her further inwards and her pups are no longer there to help her socialise with us.

Blackie, our first feeding stray is the one we have failed to help. After all these months we have taken 3 steps backwards instead of two steps forward. The pain and worry for her is so hard to translate into words and we can only tear as we share with each other our fears. Poor sweet Blackie. Will we lose her despite our efforts. As we gaze into the only photo we have of her smiling at us, we wonder when we can see her smile at us again.

Oh God, Please keep our dear Blackie safe.

Still remains at large, wandering alone. We have heard from night shift workers that they see her at the bus stop, in the early hours of dawn, with not a soul in sight, waiting. Is Alsie just sitting there as she is familiar with that bus stop or is she waiting. We don’t know but the sight of a lonely beautiful cream colored dog sitting at a deserted bus stop is enough to make one cry.
Alsie seems to have lost her beautiful metal chain. What happened to it, we do not know but she appeared one day after a very long time, without her collar. This makes her so vulnerable to the authorities. Before she looked like an ‘owned’ dog, now, she is a typical stray. Poor pretty Alsie. We still can't find her in the normal hours and we can only hope she has found a place to keep herself safe and warm.
We have also sighted a few breed dogs running around in this area, a bedraggled Chow Chow, a short beagle, amongst others we see from far away. These dogs are not friendly with us, probably being chased by workers and distrustful now of humans after being abandoned by their owners. They will not come when we go near them. We leave food for them and hope that somehow they get the sustenance they need to survive.

Lambert, Sweet Lamby
Docile Lambert has been moved from his home to a foster home on May 11. J and her family very kindly offered to take Lambert in, after he was booted from his old home. As Lamb’s dental was in an extremely bad shape, he was bleeding from his mouth the first day at J’s home, we arranged for a dentist, Mr. M. to look at his teeth. His is an amazing new concept of dentistry in dogs, removal of plaque and tartar and scaling the teeth without anaesthesia. Important point to note as Lambert is a senior dog and we are not sure if can take the G.A.
We are thankful to Mr. M, who upon hearing poor Lamb’s condition did an emergency treatment and after 3 hours of painstaking and careful process, Lambert’s teeth are clean, there is no more bleeding and he can now eat without gulping down his food, as he used to in the past because of the pain. No wonder Lambert doesn't like to eat kibbles as he can not chew with such bad sensitive and bleeding gums. Mr. M said that Lambert is a really good patient. Although he struggled initially as he had to be held down, he later laid around docilely while they worked on his teeth. We can attest to that as we were there towards the latter half to see the procedure. And after the job was completed, we spent some time chatting with Mr. M while Lamby sat around and waited. Now, we didn’t know he had to go pee, he did not indicate, neither did he whined. When we took him down later, he ran towards the nearest tree and peed really long. Poor Lamb, patient Lamb, sweet Lamb, he was holding himself, waiting and waiting, as what he has been doing all his life without impatience for us to take him down to relive himself. We didn’t know that. Poor fella. And he didn’t want to dirty the apartment too, even though he could have, he chose not to.
And what a sweetheart he is in the car too, sat on the cushion we placed for him, strategically placed himself in the middle and didn’t move till we got back. But he was alert, kept watching the buttons on the dashboard and pricked his ears at passing lamp-post but did not jump around or make any noise – the perfect passenger, he needed no restraint, no basket, no leash.

There were kind responses to our posting on Lambert’s situation. They came in the form of Ms. H who sponsored Lambert’s grooming. He didn’t look too bad actually, except for his teeth but now he looks so shaved and neat and a proper little schnauzer. Ms. L donated towards Lamb’s vet fees. Ms. C and her daughter A who visited Lambert with gifts of treats and food. Yes Lambert has been receiving a lot of love and attention from these kind people and now at J’s place he is thriving on love and responding marvellously.

Here is an exerpt from J’s email about the latest Lamby is doing : “ Lamby's soooooooo cute!!!! Initially when he wants sayang, he'd sit infront of u & stare & stare. Then he learnt he can nudge yr hand to get u to pet him. Now, he'd lift up his paw for u to shake!!! …. I think Lamb's so cute~ exchanging his paw for a pat…”

Yes Lamby is very adorable and we are so glad he didn’t get dumped or sent to SPCA. He is actually older than what we had thought. Lambert is estimated to be around 8 years or so but he is in good health, the vet has done several tests and found no major illness except his poor dental must be maintained. Poor Lamby has bad gums from years and years of improper nutrition. Through the dentist's help, we have done what we could but from now on he needs proper diet as a dog his age should.

Lambert when we first met him, looking sad and neglected

Lambert's bad teeth. Bleeding gums, swollen and smelly

And the good news of all this? Ms. C and A will be bringing Lamby home for fostering on Friday. They have their own dog and if both of them can get along, Lamby can lay his head on a permanent pillow. Hurray! And the previous rescuer, the young girl, can also visit as they live in the same locality. Already Ms. C is planning on bringing Lamb to Sentosa on Saturday for a romp along the beach. We are so happy that now Lamb can enjoy treats like car rides and outings and not be stuck in an apartment locked up every day, just waiting.

Lambert after his grooming and dental, on the way to the vet. He is so happy and alert with light in his eyes
Thanks to J and her family for rehabilitating Lamby and getting him ready for a new future and thanks to you Ms. C and A giving Lamb a third chance in life. We hope things will work out for dear Lamb Lamb. Is his wait finally over?

Our RATS pack

We have 5 wonderful dogs with great pesonalities for adoption.
Milo, Horlicks, Junior, Mama Brown and Cara
our precious sweethearts
We invite you to view the individual dogs and their profile

Showcasing Playful Junior from the RATS Pack

Name: Junior
Gender : Sterilised Male
Age : approx 1 year
Size : Small to mid
Cross Breed
Health: Good
Good with children

Junior's Story
Our Junior still young and he deserves more than being in a Shelter. Can you give him the home that he has never seen, the home that remains elusive to him, the love that comes easily to most dogs, remains unreachable for our young Junior. Make that a dream a reality… give our young Junior a chance

If you would like to adopt Junior, pls contact 98383820 or email

More of our RATS pack is found in their individual links below:

Playful Junior - Neutered male

Devoted Cara - Sterlised Female

Classy Milo - Neutered Male

Gentle Mama Brown - Sterilised Female

Macho Horlicks - Neutered male

For Adoption – Female beagles rescued from breeding farm
Priority and Bean are two female beagle who are estimated to be approximately between 3 to 5 years old. They are both currently under foster care and responding and adjusting well. They also eat healthily and both are alert and friendly.Priority has just recenlty been sterilised and Bean will be sterilised soon. They both are undergoing heartworm treatment but otherwise the vet has declared them to be in good health. Heartworm is treatable.

Bean for adoption. Now beautiful, all filled up. This is not a recent photo

Priority for adoption, friendly and docile.

Interested parties please contact 98383820 or email to arrange for viewing.

For Adoption – Male and Female Bull Mastiff abandoned near a Pet shop
Dexter and Winter are two bull mastiffs who were found tied to a pet shop. They are big dogs and will need good homes with to go to. They do not need to be adopted together. Winter, the female will be sterilised soon and Dexter a little later but both these dogs are friendly, docile and sweet. Their coats are are well taken care of, and it is evitable that they have been reared and not strays.

Dexter, male

Winter, female

Interested parties please contact 98383820 or email to arrange for viewing.

If any of your friends or relatives are looking for a dog, please encourage them to ADOPT, DON'T BUY, help spread the word

A big thank you to Ms. D for your gift of jerky treats for our strays. Blackie and Alsie love this very much. We thank you on their behalf

Friday, May 8, 2009

Second Chances

The remaing beagles at the breeding farm have been rescued.
Some of you may be a little confused as it has been raining beagles since we started the beagle rescue.

To recap, on the onstart of Operation Beagles, we received an sms alert on 3rd April about five beagles being given up by a farm. When we finally traced back to the origin of the call, two beagles, a male and female had already been sent to SPCA. We thus had 3 beagles to rescue, foster or be adopted in 36 hours. It was a late Friday night when told the news so we had Saturday and were told that by Sunday afternnoon, the remaining three would also be sent to SPCA. Whether they would be rehomed by SPCA or put down, no one actually would know as the pound have their own assessments and criteria to fulfil. However, understanding that the dogs were not young ones and some probably badly maintained since they have been caged up all these years, we knew they might not pass the criteria standard for rehoming.

At that time, we were rehoming Polo, a beagle belonging to a cook, and his sad story had aroused many interested parties and for those who were interested in Polo, we diverted their attention to consider the farm beagles instead. By Saturday evening, even before the deadline given to us was up, all three beagles were taken home, rescued, two fostered and one adopted. At the same time, a little wire haired white/brown terrier was also handed to us, released from his imprisonment and one of our good friend took him home for fostering a few days later. These three beagles were later named Amber, Four and Sandy and the little terrier, Snowy.

When the breeder heard of how quickly the beagles managed to find homes, something they didn't expect, they called to tell us that they will be recalling the two that were sent to SPCA and by nightfall, Sunday night, they did return. Not only that, they added another beagle who they said were cripplied in an accident. Now we have a male and two females to rehome. These took a little longer as we found out later that they were in a worse shape than the first three, very thin and nervous. There were several viewings but the beagles remained in the farm. Things became desperate when we found out that the farm had stopped feeding the dogs, unknown to us. Two weeks ago, W and two sisters D and D who heard the urgent desperation, stepped in and that resulted in the final three who were rescued last week. These last three have been named Snoopy, (the lone male), Priority and Bean. Snoopy has gone with W an D and D took Priority and Bean.

All seven dogs from the farm, this includes Snowy, have undergone medical tests, one has tick fever and five have heartworms however they are generally doing well and adjusting fast to their new environment, love and care. All of them are very thin but Bean is much more emanciated than the others. When our rescuer friend saw Bean the first day she was pulled out, she said that not only was she was very thin (like an starving Ethopian child with rib cage showing) Bean's eyes were dull and sad and she was lethargic as well and if Bean was not rescued that day, she might not have survived a day more. When we saw her a week later at the vet's clinic, yes we did see a terribly thin dog but we saw her eyes light up with curiosity and alertness, a dog full of spirit and life, nosing her nose into every corner, checking out the other dogs and sniffing the air in high excitement. This is the power of love. Love from D and D and their family have given this little girl a courage and spirit to fight for life so that she will have a chance to re-live again.

Here are photos and short updates of the Operation Beagles plus Snowy:

1. Amber (female, has heartworm under treatment, otherwise in good health) - Doing very. Already toilet trained and adjusted well. Has 4 rabbits for friends and she sits watching them play, enjoying their antics. The rabbits are comfortable with her. Amber is not for adoption. The fosterer has indicated she will keep her forever. (Amber's story was published earlier)

Sweet Amber sitting pretty and ladylike in her lovely new cushion

2. Four (female, adopted, under treatment for tick fever, otherwise in good health) - Not for adoption. Already toilet trained and adjusted well. Has a canine Corgi brother. (Four's update was published earlier)

Active FOUR stands guard proudly in front of HER house

3. Sandy (female, fostering with view to adoption with current fosterer, has no known ailment as yet, otherwise in good health) - Sandy has adjusted well and has a canine Lab brother. Sandy is not up for adoption as the fosterer will most probably adopt her eventually. Sandy's update is found in the write up below.

Mischevious Sandy poses for the camera, safe and secure with her family

4. Snoopy (male, fostering with view to adoption with current fosterer, under heartworm treatment, otherwise in good health) - Already toilet trained and adjusted well. Has CHH brothers and sister and 3 cat friends. Snooy is not for adoption as the fosterer has indicated keeping him permanently. Snoopy's update is found in the write up below.

Handsome Snoopy loves his walkies and enjoys pats from everybody

5. Priority, (the bigger size female, fostering, has heartworm and undergoing treatment. She is already sterilised). Priority is up for adoption to good loving and committed home. Viewing has already started.

Lovely Priority all ready for a new home and new life.

6. Bean the thinnest female beagle, (female, fostering, has heartworm and undergoing treatment) We will fatten her up and make sure she is fine before undergoing sterilisation. Although Bean may be terribly emaciated now, she is alert, spirited and curious about her surroundings. Looking at her condition the first day she was rescued, we know had she not left the farm then, we would have lost her for good. She had dull eyes, lethargic, unmoving and uncaring but in a short span of a few days, with the love and care provided by D and D and their family, her will to live has perked up. She probably realises that she has another chance at life. With this new attitude, we know that Bean is on her way to recovery and will find a loving home just like her compadres - the breeding prisoners.

Spirited Bean, nothing will break her will, she is a brave girl

7. Snowy now renamed Snow - (male, fostering with view to adoption by current fosterer) - has heartworm, under treatment. Still learning toilet training but adjusting well. Has a canine Shitzu brother. Snow is not up for adoption as the fosterer will most probably adopt him eventually. Snow has grown very attached to his new Daddy. We will update with his story as soon as it becomes available.
Faithful Snow - looking handsome and at peace, adoringly follows his Daddy

Yes all the beagles and Snow are well and good. Yes, these are the fortunate few. Fortunate to have had their plight heard by PY and Y who rallied around for help to rescue these dogs from the farm and the fostering and adoptive families who stepped up to the challenge and gave these dogs a second chance knowing full well that these dogs may be sick or traumatised but still they did it. Fortunate that there were people like you readers who passed on their situation and together partner us in this mercy mission. These dogs are not alone in their misery. There are many still trapped in puppy mills, in backyard breeders or even legalised ones. The only way to help them is to stop supporting their trade. Stop buying dogs from pet shops, stop buying if you don't need to. Adopt instead. You do not need a puppy to teach new tricks. All the dogs rescued have proven they can learn and adjust.

From PL regarding Sandy (as extracted from email of April 29)
Yeah, Sandy is doing fine. Sorry, I am abit behind in technology....don't know how to post on blogs.....but will try to give you a short excerpt via email....... Well, it all started about 4 years ago when my daughter Z asked if she could have a dog as a pet. We (my wife and I) thought this will be a good way to give Z some experience in care and reaponsibility for a living thing and we said OK on certain conditions:

She had to meet her set target in school grades
The dog will be the family dog but she will be primarily responsible for its well being......i.e feeding, bathing, cleaning up the mess, exercise...etc
We will not buy but will adopt.

Adoption offers certain advantages vs purchasing a dog:
Being an older dog, you will be able to assess its suitability to your home environment. Most will already be trained in the basic sit, down, toilet/paper trained. Most owners will agree to a 'trial' period before deciding.....when you buy a dog, I don't think the seller will allow you a full refund if you find the dog unsuitable after a few weeks.
You don't have to pay exhorbident sums for a dog. Most of all, you are giving the dog a second chance...... Things settled early this year and we adopted a 5 yr old male Lab Retriever. Figo came to us as a real 'urban' dog. He didn't like walking and lying on grass; didn't know how to enjoy a swim, didn't know what to do with a raw lamb shank bone. Today, Figo enjoys his weekly outings which is a long walk and a swim; can go 'off leash' when situation permits, crunches thus his lamb bone.......and loves to play fetch the ball.

Then, we were asked to consider adopting one of the breeder beagles. My wife and I went to view her at the fosterer's place.....she was quite 'blur', curious, wandered around sniffing. Did not respond to calls, did not bark (fosterer said he has not heard her bark). We went home and discussed with Z and our sons the possibility of adopting her a second chance and at least make the next chapter in her life a happy one. They were all agreeable....and on 9 April, we brought Figo (together with Z) to meet the lady beagle. Understandably, Figo was not too ecstatic but he accepted her. We brought her home after about a 30 min 'getting to know you' introduction.

Sandy and her big brother, Figo. See how submissive and docile, sweet Sandy is, she is ever ready for a belly rub.

We decided to name her Sandy. Whilst there were some initial 'teething' problems, today Sandy is more responsive to her name, likes human touch and will come to us for a cuddle or a pat. She is very spritely, greedy and mischievious....always testing the boundaries.......and breaching them whenever we are not looking. Although Figo still does not play with her, he has accepted her and give in alot to her. He has allowed her to take over his sleeping mat and even play with his ball. As the rest of the family spoils her, I have to take up the role of the disciplinarian......and keep her on the right side of the house rules. She took to outings very well....although still abit excitable when in the van and recently, decided to take a dip in the water during our last walk. Sandy has come a long way since we first saw her, in interacting with people and we see improvements everyday.......and also new mischiefs.

From W on Snoopy (exerpts from several emails updates and photos) and she is still sending us photos, every other day, keeping us updated and letting us know every new adventure that Snoopy did.

From W (April 27, 2009 when she first took Snoopy home)

you know... i could tell you, I can foster Snoopy forever... only after 2 days... Snoopy has learnt where he lives... he always make the correct turn back to my condo... after only 1 accident... snoopy learnt that indoors, he will have to eliminate on newspaper, or he hold till his walks... Oh ya... the vet says he is only about 3years... either the farm breeder has made a mistake or the vet has... but to me... it doesn't matter... he is so full of life... love his walks... ABSOLUTELY adore his food. I have never felt like such a master chef.... he loves everything that I cook!!!! hahaha... even though they are separated as the vet advised.(as tthe vet said to quarantine for a week) ... the dogs stay close to each other... the chihuahuas on one side of the door, and snoopy on the other side.

I can't wait for the day they can play together without the barrier... just now while we were having our evening stroll... quite a leisurely pace... snoopy suddenly fall.... and sat on the floor... my tears fell.... but when i asked 'snoopy are you sick?' he looked at me and stood up again... tail wagging... i looked at him in the eye... and told him to give me a sign... to tell me if he is not feeling well.... i hope it's because his muscles are weak from being caged up for long periods.... i am monitoring him constantly. his appetite is good. no vomiting, no diarrhea. drink and pee normal. i will ask the vet about it when he goes for his check up on saturday... will be checking him for heartworms... vaccinate... i think he is happy... he wags his tail every time he realise someone is looking at him... and guess what... he could catch a treat in mid air! :)he is such a darling... it has only been 2 days... and it felt like forever... i was mentally prepared to do much more work.... clear up house, etc... but he is fine... really fine... he didn't even mess up the newspaper on thefloor for his pee. My chh were much worse when i started toilet training them!!!!! I pray that he will be a happy and healthy dog... always.... :)

From W (Email extracted from pril 28, 2009)

I can't believe they were actually sent to SPCA! No wonder they were nervous... together with so many animals in cages... prob all marked for putting down... it must have been a horrible experience.

Snoopy is anything but nervous. When he goes for his walks, he takes extreme interest in every single smell, every tree, every light pole... when big buses pass by, he doesn't even look up, when my chh will actually 'siam' one side. He greets every dog with a wag, look up at strangers with big round eyes asking for a pat.The only naughty thing he does is he gets very very excited when he see anyone eating. Haha.. but that is so understandable... considering that he was always hungry... Knowing his traumatic past only make us love him more... No wonder he was so scared to be left alone... behind a close gate... i switched off the lights to let him sleep... but the first night he barked and barked... until i went to take a stool and sat with him.. talk to him... he slowly fell asleep as he was so tired. But maybe he was reminded of his trama at the SPCA.. behind the cage door...I can't wait to get back from work to give him a hug.

My bf and I both agreed he has a wonderful dog. ... heard that he was hiding behind some flower pots... but look at him now... he is just so excited to see and play with everything... He accepted his place in the kitchen for the time being. We never had to catch him for escaping when we go in/out of the kitchen. After every walk, he will walk naturally to the kitchen by himself and drink water. He knows his place, and he is satisfied. Never ask for anything more. (Maybe more food.. haha.. but we are cautious not to over feed him) You know, thinking back.... i read about the beagles urgent foster 1 time... and said.. nah... i don't know if i can. But the thought kept coming back.

Everyday i went back to the thread to see if there are any updates on them... and after discussion with my bf... we decided to act on it... I am glad we did... and that it wasn't too late.... I am sure you will love Snoopy when you see him... coz his eyes are so endearing. He doesn't know his name yet... but he recognises my bf and i and come when we call him. much faster if we have treats in our hands.. haha... he will love you too... i have yet to see anyone that he doesn't want a pat from! :)

From W (Email extract April 30, 2009)

It is Day 6. We have had Snoopy for only 6 days, and he is 'so integrated into our lifes that we couldn't remember what it was like before he came.

Our daily schedule on a typical work day:
5.45am... wake up...breakfast... leash... go for walk to pee/poo.

630am... leave behind chew bone, say bye bye...

on the first day, i took half day leave to check how the doggies were at home alone on first day. All seems well. so... most of the time i reach home at around 7pm. Thats a whooping 10hr+++

Our dear snoopy holds his pee/poo EVERY SINGLE DAY! He will have a small meal and after that go for his evening walk where he will eliminate.After that will be another small meal for him. and preparation for sleep. I am glad tmr is holiday again! And weekend comes early for him. We will be going for a longer walk... perhaps to botanical gdn as it's near my house.

He is such an angel... I didn't tell him or even have to do anything, he just hold his bowels till we bring him out again. I am so touched... that he knows...and he cares.. i can't and won't claim any credit for his toilet training... he's all his own learning... we have laid out newspaper for him, but he seldom need to use them. Only on one day we were late.. he peed on the newspaper... nicely in one corner... we do make it a point to rush home immediately now to walk him... before we go for our dinners, or further appointments. That is our promise to him, and in return, he holds as long as he could, else eliminates on the newspaper.... somehow... the understanding was established automatically... it's like magic!We love Snoopy... Just want to tell you he has been a wonderful boy...I guess we are lucky... very lucky... never would i expect this from a dog that has been caged up and not toilet-trained...

That's something Snoopy do for us, for taking him out of the farm... :) and it touches my heart... i would like to think that is so... :)maybe he just have a bigger bladder den most dogs... but... i would like to think that he's a deliberate gesture on his part. :)

Good Old Snoopy! :)

Beautiful Snoopy in his happy, healthy glory. See how handsome he is.

Snoopy and his CHH siblings. He leads the way during walks. He is not the oldest but the biggest and bravest (smile)

Snoopy has CHH as his sibllings and 3 cats to play with.

Snoopy's favourite brother, is the youngest and tiniest CHH, shy Cotton, a most unlikely pair, Cotton is seen here perched on Snoopy's back. Big brother Snoopy is very gentle with Cotton and even allows Cotton to snatch away his treats, treats that the caged up always hungry dog absolutely adores, yet he never minds Cotton for doing that. Such is the magnitude of Snoopy's gentleness and love, it transcends beyond human understanding, this from an abused who never had enough to eat.

Yes all the beagles are doing well. We have visited all of them (except Sandy who will we visit soon), they look well with big smiles and waggy tails, and these rescued have taught us valuable lessons, they are more enduring than we can ever be. Inspite of abuse and cruelty in their past lives, they have learnt to love again, never forgetting that they are indeed Man's Best Friends. Do encourage your friends or relatives not to buy but to ADOPT. Somewhere out there, there is a little dog waiting to be rescued, waiting to be loved. Don't wait till it is too late to do anything, as W herself admitted, she took 2 weeks to consider and thinking back, if she had know the desperation of Snoopy and the other farm dogs, she would not have delayed.

Thank God that it was not too late for them, it was not too late to take them out, from a place where feeding has stopped, the HELL never ends for those in the farms... NEVER.


We do have a cross-schnauzer looking for a home, estimated to be 5 to 6 years old. A few days ago, we alerted by a call about a little cross breed schnauzer dog who now needs a home desperately. Apparently this little male dog was found abandoned in a park about 3 years ago. He was rescued by a young primary school girl (who is now in secondary school). She has tried to give as much as she and her family can, but with little money and resource, the dog unfortunately has not had much nuitritious food as the family can not afford it although he does get shelter.
The family is not doing well making ends meet and recently offered babysitting to supplement their income. This is when the story gets sad. The parents leaving the baby does not want the dog in the home together with their sickly baby. For the sake of making it through during this bad time and recession, the family has agreed to give up the dog, much to the protests and tears of the school girl. But how do we interfere when money, survival and family discontent is at stake. When the family has not enough income with 3 children to feed, school fees still must be paid and bills have to be settled, what decision should they make, what more can we say? After all a job is a job and the job buys food.
The family had intended to release the dog into the idyllic and seemnigly peaceful forested area as they know that if they surrended to the SPCA, the dog will surely be put down. When we heard of the dog's plight, we visited him and to our dismay, he is such a sweet docile and quiet little fella, we had no heart to suggest that perhaps the SPCA would be more humane because he will surely die as a stray dog. But with kennels so full and no recourse, we are appealing to home fostering or adoption for this little lamb of a dog. The decision that dog leaves has already been cast and there is not turning back. Now all we can do is to help find little doggy a home before he becomes a stray or surrendered to SPCA.

We have called him Lambert as he is as docile as a little lamb, doesn't bark and sits patiently to be taken out for walks, even as late as 11 pm he will hold his pee. He does not protest when he gets his meal late or when everyone forgets to bring him down for his walk. He just waits and waits.
If there is anyone out there who would journey with us on this mercy mission, please contact us at 98383820 or email Hell comes in different form, it may not be in a breeding farm but for this dog, abandoned once 3 years ago, now who sees a future of a straying life, with no where to go and the curbside street tar floor as his bed, it is hell all over again.
Will the third time be happier for Lambert? Can he find love and security this time around? Not for the next 3 years but till he calls it a day. If you can make it so, do it for Lambert. He's been waiting a long time for his heaven.


Our rescued dogs, The RATS Pack for Adoption

We have 5 wonderful dogs with great pesonalities for adoption.

Milo, Horlicks, Junior. Mama Brown and Cara

our precious sweethearts

We invite you to view the individual dogs and their profile

Devoted Cara - Sterlised Female

Classy Milo - Neutered Male

Gentle Mama Brown - Sterilised Female

Macho Horlicks - Neutered male

Playful Junior - Neutered male

Priority (rescued farm beagle)

Female beagle who is approximately between 3 to 5 years old. Priority is currently under foster care and responding and adjusting well. She eats healthily. She is docile and alert. Priority has just recenlty been sterilised and undergoing heartworm treatment but otherwise she is in good health. Heartworm is treatable. Interested parties please contact 98383820 or email to arrange for viewing.

Brother and Sisiter pups for Adoption (not necessary together)

Brother pup

Sister Pup

Here is a pair of lovely and bubbly growing pups, brother and sister.. They have been abandoned at a bus stop near Clementi Ave 6. Brother is adventurous and active, while sister is bubbly and submissive. But both are very happy, loyal and well-behaved pups, well-loved by foster family..Both have been fully-vaccinated and are approximately coming 6 months old.Fosterer is looking to find them a good, loving home who can train them to be well behaved family dogs. They are NOT HDB-approved, which is partly the reason fosterer is looking to rehome them. Interested parties please contact 9757 8118. Students please apply with parents' approval.

Animal Lovers League – Donations

Animal Lovers League (ALL) has an ongoing need for aid on food and cleaning supplies for those in their care, (besides many others), please visit to see their wish list.

If you wish to help and want to donate to supply their needs, Ms. A has very kindly offered a simple online avenue. Click on and partner with us so that the dogs and cats in ALL can stay healthy and happy.