Friday, June 24, 2011

MeiMei with the unique smile is looking for a home

Lovely Mei - Up for adoption

1 yr old sterilized female as of Feb 2011
Good natured, affectiona...te, clever, non barkish and outdoors trained.
Medium sized

MeiMei was rescued just in time before the local authorities caught her.
She has been scared by dog catchers attempting to catch her hence she is extremely shy and needs time to warm up. She greets with a unique smile which might come across as fierce but she is in fact as gentle as a lamb.
When she was first rescued, she didn't know how to eat or drink from a bowl, food had to be scattered across and she drank water only from leaves and muddy water in the pot.

Neither did she know how to rest her tired body on softness of bed or pillow. That is the life of a stray. Please have a heart, she has been through so much, some of her friends in the wild have not been so lucky.
They have been caught by the local authorities.
The place where they used to call home is now nothing but concrete roads, humans bustling with families, bicycles and kite flying.
Not a single stray has been spotted since.
Would you be able to show her the difference between breathing and living?

Sincere adopters please email to or call 9799 6676.

It would be greatly appreciated if infomation such as experience with dogs, main caretaker etc is included.
Adopter(s) to microchip, license her and sign an adoption form.