Thursday, December 14, 2017

Year End Adoption Drive - 17 Dec 2017

We are coming to the end of year 2017, the year has passed so fast and we still have more than a handful of dogs waiting for a home. Our Christmas wish and hopes would be for some of our long-term dogs to finally find a home. A share will definitely go a long way into helping all these wonderful well-deserving babies get one step closer to their forever home. 

We have both HDB approved and non-HDB approved dogs for adoption. We have puppies and adult dogs of various ages for adoption. All dogs above the age of 10 months would have been sterilised, microchip and fully vaccinated. We also ensure that they are in all healthy and loved in their various homes/shelters. 

Feel free to share this album, download or repost any of their photos!

Date: 17th December 2017
Time: 1pm to 6pm
Address: Paws n Pans. 327 Joo Chiat Rd, S(427584). 

Thank you Paws n Pans for supporting adoption and allowing us to use their venue once again.

See you then!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

ADOPTION DRIVE DETAILS -11th & 12 March 2017

Date: 11th & 12 March 2017 Date: 1

Time: 1PM to 6PM 
Venue: Paws n Pans, 327 Joo Chiat Rd, S(427584)

Come and meet the sisters at Paws n Pans THIS WEEKEND! 

The sisters are rather bonded so it would be a bonus if a family could take the two of them together. Han Han especially is much more confident around Che Che!
Hannah/ Han Han is one of the few dogs we have that is HDB approved.
Hannah was rescued from a car workshop with her sisters Che Che and Sa Sa after their owners' business folded and left the 3 girls behind.

Hannah is an easy going dog, she is happy to stay at home while you are at work and causes no issues. She is best in a home with another adult dog that is calm like her. She is shy at first, because she hasn't live in a home for the first 3 years of her lives, many things that seems common, like lifts or people playing basketball in the court or bicycle, can be daunting to her. 

Her new owners must be very patient. She however depends on her owner for confidence and support thus if her owner is confident outside, she in turn would be too. She is fully outdoor trained and will need to go out to pee/poo.
Che Che is a very quiet girl and was recently transferred to a foster home where she gets along with everybody and every dogs. The fosterer could not stop raving about how well behaved and sweet this girl is. She is also very sociable and friendly and goes up to anybody she meets. She is fully outdoor trained and is happy to wait at home for you till you get home. 

Suitable for working adults able to take her out 2-3 times a day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Adoption Drive 25th & 26th February 2017


We are only a small group and can only do so much if not for wonderful people out there who give our puppies a forever home to call their own. We are once again looking for more wonderful families, ready to add a Singapore Special to their pack and love them for the rest of the lives! 

Date: 25th & 26th February 2017
Time: 1pm to 6pm
Address: Paws N Pans 327 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427584. 

To answer any queries you might have: 

Yes, we have both HDB and non-HDB approved dogs. 
Yes, we have puppies of various ages. 
Yes, we have both male and female dogs. 
Yes, they are all Singapore Specials, will grow to medium size! 

Adopters will have to sterilise them strictly when of age, for puppies that have yet to finish their 3 puppy vaccinations, adopters will also have to bear the cost, for licensing, likewise. 

Dogs at the adoption drive that are 8 months and above are all sterilised. If you are looking to bring a furry friend home or maybe considering an addition to your already wonderful home, feel free to come on down and meet them! 

Please 'share', feel free to download the images and WHATSAPP, SMS or EMAIL your friends and families. You never know that you 1 share might seem like nothing, but it could find homes for these puppies and change the world for them!  

Alternately call for viewing: 9765 9951

Thank you Paws n Pans for graciously lending us your venue once again!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ai Ai for adoption / Fosterer needed

Ai Ai was rescued a few months back and have been in a foster home. She was one of the stray that we were regularly feeding and we decided to rescue her because she is so short and small and always like to sleep under the containers. Her sister has already been rolled over by a container truck. 
Ai Ai is less than 15kg and have a statute of a Dauschund, she is half the size of the a normal mongrel and is super cute. We are looking for a fosterer for Ai Ai because although she is sweet, however we are having a hard time getting her to walk on a leash. She will suit an experienced family who is able to have more patience to slowly teach her how to walk on a leash and it will be good if the family has 1 other dog.
Ai Ai is a very cheerful and calm girl with a great personality. About 2 years of age, she is perfectly healthy and has been sterilized. Ai Ai is great with dogs and is currently outdoor trained. She takes some time to warm up to new people, but once she does, she has proven to be sweet and loyal to the humans she is familiar with. Ai Ai has a healthy appetite and is not fussy with food. This gentle girl is easy to care for, hardly barks, and will sleep quietly at home while she waits for you to return. 

Please help us share to find a foster home for Ai Ai, it hasn't been easy for us to find more fosterer to help our dogs! 

If you are able to provide a home environment to help us train Ai Ai or is thinking about a foster-to-adopt situation, it can be discussed! 

Please give us a call at 97659951

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Farewell our Beloved Junior

To the best friend Junior could ever have. 
Its been a hard time for all of us, these months of anticipation, waiting. 
Its been harder on you Val. Just doesn't seem fair that the youngest of the pack would be the first to leave. It just seems like yesterday when he was a frisky pup, playing tag with his lovely bright eyes, ever so curious and inquisitive, his antics many in the loop would remember.
Alas, that flame of brightness snuffed out, betrayed by his own body. No matter how advanced technology can be, some things we cannot but accept that its time for him to rest his little body, so tired after fighting so hard. 

Thank you dearest Val for being there for him, with him, carrying him. 
You were his legs when he could no longer stand, you were his will, when his was weak. You were his strength when his could no longer support. We could not ask for more and we know, neither could he. 
I had prayed that when we let him in your life those years ago, it would be a long, comfortable, lovely one for him full of adventure and walks, and he did have all of them except perhaps it wasn't as long as we had planned. 

Who would have known that then, but now, knowing that in such short time, he would fly back to God, we would not have wanted any other because he had the best friend he could ever wanted. 
You always said he was your Brave Knight but really Val, you are his Brave Knight. You shielded him and kept him safe, thought of him first before all else. 
At his weakest, you stood strong like a tower. So if we had to do it all over again, knowing the end result, it would have been the same. He would still have been yours. It was meant to be. 
The Rats Pack bid farewell to one of their first. It is apt he was cremated at Seletar for that was where he found his pack of friends. Junior would have wanted you to have this. Just as the HomelessInSeletar blog always told their story, so too the same blog sends you his love and his thoughts.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Singapore Special waiting for good homes

On behalf of a rescuer, 
We have too many Singapore Specials up for adoption and no adopters!
Please help share our FB page:
to reach out to more people in Singapore
in hopes that all these dogs will find a new home! They all have lovely temperaments.. 
Check out their individual albums for more information. 
All adoption esquires can be directed to 97659951.

First Row from L to R

Lei Lei-----: 10 weeks old. Female. []

Rhody-----: 20 weeks old. Male. []

Princess---: 1 year old. Female. Spayed. []

Ben Ben---: 2 years old. Male. Neutered. []

Second Row from L to R

Missy-----: 2 years old. Female. Spayed. []

Pom Pom-: 10 months old. Female. []

Aunty----: 3 years old. Female. Spayed. []

Kai Kai---: 3 years old. Female. Spayed. []

Third Row from L to R

Di Di-----: 2 years old. Male. Neutered. []
Danny---: 1 year old. Male. Neutered. []
Xiong Xiong---: 4 years old. Male. Neutered. []

Beanie---: 14 weeks old. Female. []

Fourth Row from L to R

Peanut---: 14 weeks old. Female. []

Fatboy---: 14 weeks old. Male. []

Lady-----: 14 weeks old. Female. []

Oreo-----: 14 weeks old. Male. []

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Soccer family for adoption - 20 March 2014
The soccer family is up for adoption. The construction site is moving early next year and said they will only be bringing two along. This means that they will only take their two favorite boys. We have decided to go ahead and try and rehome all, not leaving any one behind for them. The mummy and aunty were brought to this area by them, when we wanted to sterilize the mummy, they did not allow us, resulting in the birth of 12 puppies.
                                       The family playing together when the puppies were younger.

We still helped them to rehome 7 of them and eventually sterilized the mummy. Out of all these, the dogs are the unsuspecting victims. We had found very good homes for the three puppies, but the workers there refused to give them up. We didn't want to pursue it as we still wanted to be allowed access to feed them, before that they had threaten to call the police on us if we trespass. Missy, too, was promised a home by the boss' son, claiming he lived in a landed house, had plenty of space for her to run about and would keep her at home to be treated as a pet.

After months of tracking Missy down, we finally found her at a construction site in Clementi. It so happened that due to complains in that area, she was caught by SPCA and eventually bailed out, she was then thrown back to this construction site to be reunited with her family. (Her so called owner, did not care if the pack there would gang up against her as she was considered foreign to them) Empty promises made, one after another, we are sick and tired of hearing all these.

                                          Missy was promised a home by the boss' son -  But it never happened
Next year they will move to Tuas, and there, there are even more dogs and we won't be able to go and feed them. What will become of them? They are super friendly, super tame and clever. You wouldn't think that they are strays!

Apart from their dirty coats, they love other people and other dogs, will make the perfect companion to anyone. This family consists of the Mama (long-coated brown female), Aunty (Short-coated black female), Miss (short-coated brown female), Big Ben (Brown/white male) and Didi (Black/white male). They are all up for adoption; we will not leave anyone behind.
Contact Details: 97659951 if you are keen to adopt.

                                             Didi, he is more of a follower in the pack.
Aunty used to be best friends with Mama, their favorite past time would be to follow the workers there to work. As soon as Mama had given birth to the little ones, the little ones grew up and bullied her. They did not allow her to eat or drink with them.

 Please ADOPT and do NOT ever get your dog at a pet shop!