Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet boy, Beagle for Adoption

Beautiful 1 year old unsterilized sweet boy, he has a happy family for a good 1 year till his daddy and mummy separated recently. The daddy and mummy decided since the home sweet home is gone, there is no point for either the daddy or the mummy to keep this sweet boy also.

However, daddy and mummy does not understand that in Sweet boy’s mind his daddy and mummy are his only next of kin and he loves them dearly. Sweet boy has been waiting anxiously for daddy and mummy to take him home unfortunately, that day will never come. His heart has been broken as he sits and waits.

After the separation, Sweet boy was then boarded and from freedom to sudden cooped up in a small area in the boarding, the trauma was too much and he developed depression and seizure attacks. The vet has said this is from stress and unhappiness and not a genetic ailment as Sweet boy has been visiting him since a puppy and is a healthy, happy little dog in the past. The vet also said that given love, stability, security and a new home, Sweet boy's fitting will eventually go away and he will recover however the vet said he may have to be on lifelong medication.

Sweet boy needs his medication twice daily to prevent the seizures from deteriorating further. Sweet boy is still young, he is handsome and extremely gentle in character. He hardly barks and sits sadly waiting for his family to pick him. We know how to tell kids about separation and divorce but tell me, how do you tell this sweet boy that. We try but he sits by the door looking sad and paces around with no smile and no wag. He needs a home so he can have the love and hugs he once had when he had a home. Human issues and their fall outs does not concern him and should not but ultimately the casualties of these are the dear pets who suffer.

We are desperately appealing for the right owner who is willing to give Sweet boy a chance smile again and we hope, given time his seizures will be a thing of the past.
Sweet Boy does need a home where there is someone to accompany him as he might stress if left alone, his old fears haunt him. He does not bark but he gets very anxious. In time he may learn to be left alone but it will be good if he does not have to be alone for long periods of time during his first few months in a new home.

If anyone who has the big heart to take Sweet Boy home, please email or call HP: 97659951 for the arrangement.

Please do not buy
Do consider ADOPTION first

Monday, April 25, 2011

Oreo (cross Boxer) and Pidan (beagle) for adoption

On behalf of Fosterer
PIDAN, male beagle
Sterilised, healthy, fully vaccinated
3 years old

Pidan is looking for a home. Sold as a pure beagle in a petshop three years ago, he has shorter ears than most beagles, but he has the characteristics, temperament and  the typical beagle yodelling of ooo ooo ooo.

His current owners have no time for him and travel frequently and have said they can't take care of him anymore. His time is running out.

He is sterilised and around 3 years old, healthy and active and a good boy, gets along with other dogs, cats and children. He just needs a place to run around because he is always cooped up at home in a flat. Pidan is toilet trained and will not pee and poo in the apartment and wait patiently for his owner to return so he can relieve himself.

Unlike typical beagles who can be a little stubborn, Pidan learns willingly and is trainable. His shorter ears make up for his fantastic temperament and cheefulness.

Is there a home for Pidan, someone who can see beyond his looks and short beagle ears?

Please email if you are one special home looking for a very special dog.

On behalf of rescuer
Name: Oreo
Breed: Cross Boxer  (Father: Pure Breed Boxer, Mother: Mongrel)
Age: Estimated 9-11 mths old

About Oreo:

Took him in from the wild when he's a puppy (estimated 2 mths old). Is fully vaccinated, de-worm and spayed now. Oreo is a very intelliigent dog but quite alpha. Thats the reason why I can't handle him though I would love to keep him. 
Is active, alert and high energy dog. Has guard dog attributes. Will bark to alert when sees stranger or hear noises. Loves to play with soft toys, squeaky toys and run around. Adopters preferably to be staying in private house, so there is more space for him to roam. He loves to run and jump thus if adopters are keen, can send him for Agility training. He will fare very well in that aspect.   
Know basic commands like Sit, Down, Hi-Five, Paw, Stay and Off. Reason for saying he's intelligent is because he use a day (only 2 hours) to learn 3 command and he knew it after that! 
Is Pee-tray and outdoor trained. Did not train him myself, he knew it when I first brought him home. Automatically went up onto my Golden retriever pee-tray and pee. I guess he smell and sees my golden doing that.
Brought him to swim every Saturday thus if adoptor is keen, Oreo had his membership paid. Owner just have to pay $6 entrance fee each time you bring him to the pool. It's for unlimited hours and use. Can bath him there as well. Will pass his membership information to you.

Reasons for unable to keep him:
- Not suitable for HDB
- He needs space to burn off his energy
- He needs more attention

Would really hope he goes to a good home. Please do not send him back to the wild.
Please email : to get to know Oreo.

If you are looking for a pet, 
Remember there are many looking for homes
Please ADOPT, Do not Buy

Monday, April 11, 2011

JoJo, little shih tzu is missing

Jojo is a shih tzu and was last seen in Pasir Ris. Last heard from friend’s neighbor that she was seen bleeding quite badly. She apparently was frightened by the heavy rains, thunder and lightning.

Please contact the number  93678561 if you see a dog resembling JoJo. 
Thank you for your assistance.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fluffy the Lovely Mini Schnauzer for Adoption

Due to unfortunate changes in family circumstances, Fluffy. the lovely mini schnauzer is looking for a home. She is 3 years old,  not sterilized.

She has all the vaccinations up to date and is microchipped.
She is happy, active and good with kids and other dogs.
Fluffy is very lovable, playful and very intelligent.

We will sterilise Fluffy and provide the receipts as owner has to settle this as part of the adoption procedure.

Please email of your interest and to help us know you better, we would appreciate if you can provide us full details of yourself, your family, lifestyle, and etc.. We will arrange for you to meet with this adorable girl