Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to feeding

We haven’t talked about our feeding for a while. Some of you may be wondering. The situation there remains bleak. It has been a long time since we saw Blackie, we are pretty sure she has passed on, the blood wound on her head as recounted by one of our feeders seemed too serious for her to pull through without human intervention. We scoured the whole area in search of her body so we can lay to rest Blackie’s tale, unfortunately it was not to be. We are puzzled over what could have happened to her body - if she had died at the car park where she was last seen looking miserable and sad, and her body was removed the next day by environmental people or did she wander off somewhere to leave this world where she never really belonged, too distant, too afraid to fit in.

Blackie's litter of joy. We are glad to have been there for them.
We won't forget Blackie because her pups are her legacy.

Happiness for Blackie was always beyond her reach, only her pups and her friendship with Shadow actually brought her any semblance of joy, if we could call that. Even during her time with the original RATS pack, she was like wall paper, for her it was mere existence as she never really fitted in, preferring to isolate herself.  Yes, Blackie left us the way she came, a little black dog with much sadness, a little tortured soul. We are just glad that we were able to be there for her when she needed us the most, not that she would ever ask for help but for her pups, she probably dropped all caution as they required food to survive and she knew she couldn’t provide enough. As we remember her taking our 6 slices of bread in her mouth for her pups during every feeding, we know at those times, she did appreciate us and probably felt loved, if not then briefly.

We still remember her happy face, although no wag, each time she waited far away, while we prepared her food. Never once impatient. No Blackie was not like the other dogs who would bark or pounce on us while waiting eagerly for food. She would sit quietly, nonchalantly, almost disinterested, while we busied ourselves. She had all the time in the world and had good manners never to hurry us.
What we have left of her are video clips and photos from the first time we met her, to her pregnancy and birthing of the Ebony pups, and towards the time when all were rescued leaving her with Shadow. Yes we are left with many memories, bittersweet.

Her pups look much like her. They are almost 10 months old now and in excellent health and temperament.
They are all very beautiful dogs, with much spirit and exuberance and bring much happiness to all who who have met them. They are very different from Blackie in their behaviour, none are shy or timid, and we are glad. They have not encountered the pain and sorrow she did, nor the betrayal of men and each day is another day of adventure and fun. We know that if Blackie was alive and understood, she would be very pleased and proud. The pups had a strong mother who, against all odds, produced a lovely litter of Ebonies, our precious Ebonies. Yes the Ebonies have inherited Blackie’s strength, no wall paper amongst them, none whatsover.

Shadow has also disappeared. For a long time we would call his name as we visit the feeding area. Sometimes we would hear rustling of leaves but we can’t be sure if it was Shadow. When the new pack of 7 to 8 dogs arrived, Shadow tried to fit in but we think it was difficult for him as he is shy and extremely timid. The only dog he was ever close to was Blackie as she was just as timid and shy. A week after the new dogs came, Shadow moved from his usual haunt to another, further afield and subsequently disappeared all together. We still leave food at his old spot everyday as we know there are other dogs hiding but these only come out at night.

Surrogate dad to Blackie's pups,
Shadow did get along very well with the Ebony pups,
especially Indy.

We hope that Shadow is among them, those who come out at night. We have also been told by residents that our food are sometimes consumed by owners with dogs on leashes and we are very upset but what can we do, our purpose was to feed Shadow and his friends and we are not there to appeal to them not to take their food. We can only pray that the genuinely hungry get some nourishment and are aghast at these selfish humans.


And then there is Teddy. One of the 7 who migrated to our feeding area. Teddy is a lovely, collie/huskie look alike. She seems to have some breed in her as she is furry and big in built. Upon first sight, she looked like a teddy bear, hence the name stuck. Teddy has become what Blackie used to be, our resident stray, except she is happier and not as shy. She would be waiting at the same spot each day for us, one call and she’ll appear, with a happy smile and wag.  When we first saw her and found out she is a female, our first thought was to catch her and sterilise her. That was just a few weeks back and our plans became awry when a week ago, she disappeared to be found under a container some several metres away…. with her litter of pups. Sigh. Oh no. Not again. Not Blackie all over again.

One black sweetie

Three brown to sandy ones
The place that Teddy has chosen to birth is a terrible one. It is in an island surrounded by cross roads, busy with heavy vehicles. She hides under a makeshift office and though we have not seen workers when we feed, we note that a dustpan which was never there before, suddenly appeared and poor Teddy’s face had bloody scratches. Did the workers beat her? We do not know but we do know she has 4 tiny pups. Three sandy to brown and one black. They are very small and their eyes are unopened and Teddy stands guard, a forlorn sad sight.

Teddy, this photo was taken a three weeks ago, the day before she gave birth. A very handsome collie/husky look alike.  Friendly and happy.

Teddy, photo taken a few days ago. Stress and worry, and injury shows on poor Teddy's face. What could have happened? What a transformation in three week. Her face is scarred and an eye is unopened. Was this inflicted by someone?

Teddy is very hungry. When we drive past, we always see her waiting, as if waiting for us to appear with food. She should be, we suppose as she is nursing four young babies. Poor pups, poor Teddy, what future do they have? Will they be able to survive this time with workers around. Will they even grow up to be able to run and play. And even if they do, the roads surrounding their ‘home’ is dangerous. A wrong step and any one, much less a innocent pup will be crushed by the big wheels.

Teddy is defensive. She is no longer friendly, she is afraid, worried and cautious.. Did the bloody scratches have anything to do with her distrust? She doesn’t allow anyone near her pups. Our hope is time, precious time that they will be able to remain here unharmed, and that they may get a chance to grow a little bigger, stronger so we can relocate them to a ‘safer’ place, if there ever is one, and provided she will allow us. We need to find these pups homes and bring Teddy away as she desperately needs medical help. The scratch marks and a close infected eye concerns us, very very much.

The four Teddy Pups need help very badly. We are looking to rehome them as soon as we can take them away. Are there any of you reading this able to adopt a Teddy Pup? to give one of them a home so they can grow just as big and strong and handsome like their mother however not abandoned like her, but much much loved as part of the family. They are not ready to be separated from their mother yet as they are still too young but we are hoping for responses that when the time comes, will there be a safe place for the Teddy Pups?  Let us know if you will and can wait for them at, for the Teddy Pups.

Yes it is Blackie all over again.

Labrador Cross, Darling Coco for Adoption

Coco’s story

Coco is a beautiful jet black glossy coated 8 month old Labrador- cross female dog, looking for a home. Loyal and faithful, Coco enjoys gallops and play. She has been sterilised and healthy, very good with people and children. Is there a home where Coco can live forever and bask in love? She is much too young to stay in a Kennel and cries to come out as she loves human interaction. Regretfully, Coco would not be suitable for HDB dwelling.

Please contact us 98383820 or email to and we can arrange for a viewing.


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Friday, September 11, 2009

A.L.L. at the 2nd FCI International Dog Show

Sunday last, 6th Sep saw us at The Serangoon Community Club, helping at the ALL’s booth for the Companion Dog show selling merchandise, speaking with visitors and having a jolly good time at several dog contests.
The main sponsor of this event is Eagle Pro Pack and winners of the various dog events walked away with packs of Eagle dog pack. The booth for ALL was also donated by Eagle Pro Pack and we are grateful for their generous offer.

There was a special promotion of basic grooming at $10 by groomers from Holistic Pet Care Pte Ltd. They very generously donated $5 to A.L.L.’s Pets Villa while the other $5 was donated to Serangoon CCC Comcare funds. That means their efforts for the day was totally pro-bono, both volunteering their time and expertise. What great people they are! Many took the grooming session for their dogs, clipping nails, cleaning ears, owners left happy but from the faces of those dogs, they didn’t quite share share the same sentiments. haha

A couple of our dogs from the shelter went for the ride, golden Milo and pretty Marshmellow. Marshie had a lot of fun interacting with the small dogs and with the kids. She is up for adoption and we are looking for a good loving home for her as she deserves it.

Our many volunteers and friends came to join us and had a great time with their dogs, getting to know each other and taking part in the fun events.

As seen in the photos below, the day was a lot of fun.

S with Marshie,  M with Yaki and M from A.L.L. taking a photo with the Mascot of the event

Our merchandise for sale, fund rasising in aid of Pets Villa, the place where some 300 dogs and 500 cats call home.
Prince, with his loving mommy J is in charge of the accounts today.
He used his front and back paws to calculate the change.

Our booth had many things to sell

ALL teeshirts, animal postcards, notebooks, ALL car decals, collars for
dogs, cats, even guinea pigs.
View our online shop as some of the products
are featured there


Jabby is our poster boy. He is wearing one of our doggy teeshirt.
“Does this shirt make me look FAT?”

Guess who came to a-visiting…
Our good pals from Noah’s Ark came to support, another great AWG. We are in the same
efforts for the good of our furry friends.  


Pretty damsels all in a row
Our volunteers and friends who came to support
with their lovely dogs. what a great time the dogs had,

sniffing butts, pulling ears while their proud
mummys exchaged small talk and tips.

From our kennels, pretty Marshie represented A.L.L.
A perfect example of ALL’s mission, of a dog who was abandoned,
hurt in an accident. rescued by A.L.L.,

recovered and now up for rehoming.
The ever happy Marshie smiles for the camera


Marshie came with Milo, another dog rescued from a gruesome noose.
Doesn’t Milo look as good as those taking part in the Dog shows.
The best part, he is our own home grown Singapore dog.
Cheers to our Singapore dog ! Hip Hip Hurray


The two kind groomers from Holistic Pet Care Pte Ltd. who donated
the day’s proceeds. Truly inspirational use of their time and talents
to aid those in need. Kudos to them.

However, not all were appreciative of the grooming services.
No prizes for guessing who didn’t enjoy.

Look at Ben Ben and Wa Wa's faces.  Hilarious!

We had time for fun and our dogs participated in many contests

Our young volunteers with Super Girl (Vivi) GI Joe (Prince), Wonder Dog (Marshie)
In the Superheroes contest.

Unfortunately nobody won but who cares, we had fun!

At the Fastest Eating Contest.

Vivi, daintily licks and smells while Milo gulps down his share.
He came in 4th, oops no prize, just missed by one.


Marshie, (no photo) not only finished her food, proceeded to eat her neighbour’s as well.
What a laugh.

It was funny to watch. Yes the dogs did enjoy this contest. 

Santa came to support and watched intensely at the contests, probably
picking up tips for future use.
Santa, is a special boy, recently adopted from A.L.L. is one
Happy Ending Story thanks to his adopter Daddy A who
absolutely adores him.

Clover also came to support her doggy pals.
She is another happy ending story as she was found
wandering in a carpark in the North, cruelly abandoned in a

car park but now much loved in  B's family fold.

Clover is all dolled up ready to party.

Another rescued dog Choki, a handsome and docile girl.
Who would believe she was rescued from a dump,

such a beautiful and gentle girl.

Not all contest were for the dogs, some of our
Volunteers won prizes in the Lucky Draw too.
Look at the smile on J, she looks like she won a million
dollars but it was more than that, wow, a hamper
of chocolates.... yummy!!!
The dogs, and us were zonked out at the end of the event.
Yes, it was tiring but it was fun.

Sure, we were tired, and thirsty and our bodies ached the next day, but if our volunteering efforts help Pets Villa to continue their mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome, it is all worth it.  Would we do it again? In a heartbeat, yes, you'll see us there!!
Thank you to all to came to volunteer, visit and support.  We need your partnership to make this work. 

Special Thanks to Weely and Mee Yin for the lovely photos we have “borrowed” from their blog

Till we meet again at the next event organised by the :

Golden Retriever Club
On 20 September, Sunday at
Pet Movers,
Pasir Ris Farmway
(this is next to Pets Villa so do come and visit our booth, purchase our merchandise and support our fund raising cause for the dogs and cats at Pets Villa)

Remember, if you are looking for a new furry addition to your family, think of adopting first, like our lovely Marshmellow and Lucky in the posts below: They are healthy, happy and make great pets for the family.

Marshmellow is a smooth coat cross terrier who is looking for a home.
In our previous blog entries, we had mentioned how little Marshemellow survived a double blow, first from being hit by a car and then rolled over by another.She sufferered abrasions, cuts and had a fracture to her pelvic bone. A spunky dog, she bore her pain well and has now completely recovered from her mishap. She can run and jump with glee.

Marshie, as we affectionaltely call her, looks like a small fox terrier with her sleek fur and colouring. She is estimated to be around 2 years old or so. A very gentle, sweet and mild dog she is super with dogs smaller her size and you can see her licking and grooming them as a mother would her young. She has an excellent temperament and will fit iwell nto any home as the perfect family dog in a HDB apartment.Will you be able to offer that to Marshmellow?

Please contact or 98383820.  

Lucky - Sterlised male
-Excellent Health, less than a year old
- Happy, friendly, active
-Good with people and children
- Playful with other dogs

Lucky has the looks of a small German Shepherd, and one of the first few pups rescued from a temple. He was in a litter of 3 pups and the cutest most adorable male dog protecting his two sisters. Although the smallest in size, he was the bravest and very protective little dog.
Lucky was fostered by a family with a dog, and feels now that Lucky is ready to be adopted out to a family willing to give him a forever home to call his own.

If anyone has a home for Lucky, please email us at or call us at 98383820.


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