Monday, September 12, 2011

Big Tom, the purr machine needs his own refuge

Big boy Tom is a sweet fella. Found with 4 other siblings on the road in a box, by a kind person, he wants to be as fortunate as his three siblings who have gotten their own abode.

Handsome Big Tom sits docilely and calmly as he understands how 
important this pose will be to potential adopters.

Tom Tom is 8 months old. He is big and fat and loves nothing better than to sit by your side, snuggled closely as he watches football together with you, cheering on your favourite team, or comfort you as you sob sob sob watching those touching K-dramas, or even enjoying the American Idol singers and David Blaine's magic shows. All Big Tom wants is to be by your side, never mind if it is a small flat or a mansion in a posh estate.

 Big Tom shows off his lovely markings and his fat tail.

Handsome Tom is vocal. His purrs can outdo those of a well-oiled Ferrari and he loves to meow meow meow as he replies when you talk to him. 

Comfy snoring upside down as he puts his trust in his 
current fosterer to keep him safe, even though they have a dog around..

Tom is neutered and currently undergoing kitty training in a litter box. He's previous fosterer has allowed him to use his own bathroom as it was more economical that way but we understand that not all adopters would like that and we have introduced this new toileting to him. He hasn't the full grasp of it yet but we are sure given time, he will adjust.

 Alert and smart fella, loves water and purrs when you bathe him.

Big Tom would love to go to a home with or without other cats, with or without children as he is a sweet big baby and just contented with the simple, basic pleasures in life. A docile and calm boy, he will not disrupt your life as he silently pads around the place.

 Big Tom looks pensive as he thinks about his siblings with their own home.
When will his come? Will he have to wait long?

If you can provide for our handsome Tom Boy that permanent refuge he so longs for, please SMS 8123-8345 email and we will arrange for a viewing as you meet our big gentle giant. 

Hear Big Tom saying his Good Mornings as he greets you with a smile.

There is no adoption fee requested, just your assurance and love for a forever, safe home for our handsome Big Tom.

Remember, there are lots and lots of pets looking to be adopted
Please do not buy
Lives should not be traded for dollars and cents

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Munchi the Silky Terrier is missing

Munchi the Silky Terrier is missing. Please help to share.

Our dear dog run out of the house after his bath, therefore he does not have a collar. He went missing since Sat afternoon on 20 Aug.

Type : silky terrier
Colour : black & brown
Age : 10 years
Location : Yishun St 61
Name : Munchi.
Contact : Christina @ 902 502 39
Please help keep a lookout. Thanks in advance.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kendalle, lovely 3+ yrs cross bearded collie

Email has since been corrected. Please email to ANATERRY@SINGNET.COM.SG if you have any enquiries or wish to view Kendalle.

Kendalle, the lovely three year plus cross bearded collie aka 'shaggy dog' is looking for a home. He is sweet and friendly with people and children and has a marvellously happy healthy appetite.
 Happy Ken-Ken, our darling bear dog, smiles for the pose

Ken-Ken, as we affectionately call him gets along wonderfully well with cats and can be seen licking little kitties just like a proud daddy would. Our shaggy boy also get along well with dogs, big and small as long as they do not challenge him because he is an alpha dog.  If the present dogs are mild mannered it will do Kendalle fine as he takes pride in his pack, just like a big Lion leader.
 "I may have a big mouth but all the more to love you my good friend."
as Ken licks Issac his good buddy.

Kendalle was found abandoned, a thin, boney sorry sight of a dog with lifeless eyes and when brought to the vet discovered to have heartworms.  He responded very well to treatment, the vet had full praise for him for his temperament and docility. He is now in the prime of health, has been sterilised and we discovered, Ken Ken is an awfully good jumper. 
 Listening to commands and obeying is what he does best, 
:)) having treats around helps

Ken simply loves jumping and we know if a potential owner has plans for agility classes, you have found yourself a champion hurdler.  Kendalle is also paper trained and contrary to myths that big dogs don't do well in apartments, Ken is actually pretty good in one as he knows how to behave indoors and outdoors.  Ken enjoys lying next to you watching the lastest K-drama or listening to Gold 90.5 as much as he loves a good walk. He is a good walker, sometimes in his excitement he may pull but retracts as he listens to your commands
 A gentleman always crosses his leg when posing for a shot and Ken is the epitome of a gentleman's dog

He is not boisterous but a well behaved, happy and friendly dog, with much zest for life and a great big appetite for food, treats and lots of cuddles. In return he gives you his big heart, his shaggy bear-like head and life-long loyalty and affection. At less than three, he has seen his share of misery and shed much tears at being left behind and left to die, so now he takes upon every minute to enjoy his life and endeavour make yours happy ones with his nudges for pats on his big shaggy head.

 Ah yes, Ken attempts to make you smile even when days are dreary and the sun seems downcast, Ken will never leave your side.

Kendall is not suitable for HDB as he is big in size, around a Retriever's but he will adapt well in a condo and of course a house with garden will be perfect, as long as there is no low gates and fences. Remember our young big boy is a champion jumper, of course.

Please email with full details of yourself, family, background, lifestyle, experience with dogs (if any) to 
Remember to think of Adoption first
Do not Buy.
There are many dogs and cats looking for homes.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Good looking Rusty, wired-hair fox terrier looking for a home.

Wire-coat fox terrier looking for a home. Rusty is unsterilised, approximately 6 plus years of age. He is paper trained and it preferable he finds a home where there are no other dogs and very young children as he is active and not socialised much with them.
This breed's fur is considered hypoallergenic and is good for allergy sufferers as they do not shed much.
Please email if you have a home for Rusty. Please provide full details of your background information, lifestyle, family and etc.
 Do consider Adopting first if you are thinking of a new pet.
Do not buy as there are many like Rusty, looking for homes.