Thursday, November 21, 2013

Soccer family for adoption - 20 March 2014
The soccer family is up for adoption. The construction site is moving early next year and said they will only be bringing two along. This means that they will only take their two favorite boys. We have decided to go ahead and try and rehome all, not leaving any one behind for them. The mummy and aunty were brought to this area by them, when we wanted to sterilize the mummy, they did not allow us, resulting in the birth of 12 puppies.
                                       The family playing together when the puppies were younger.

We still helped them to rehome 7 of them and eventually sterilized the mummy. Out of all these, the dogs are the unsuspecting victims. We had found very good homes for the three puppies, but the workers there refused to give them up. We didn't want to pursue it as we still wanted to be allowed access to feed them, before that they had threaten to call the police on us if we trespass. Missy, too, was promised a home by the boss' son, claiming he lived in a landed house, had plenty of space for her to run about and would keep her at home to be treated as a pet.

After months of tracking Missy down, we finally found her at a construction site in Clementi. It so happened that due to complains in that area, she was caught by SPCA and eventually bailed out, she was then thrown back to this construction site to be reunited with her family. (Her so called owner, did not care if the pack there would gang up against her as she was considered foreign to them) Empty promises made, one after another, we are sick and tired of hearing all these.

                                          Missy was promised a home by the boss' son -  But it never happened
Next year they will move to Tuas, and there, there are even more dogs and we won't be able to go and feed them. What will become of them? They are super friendly, super tame and clever. You wouldn't think that they are strays!

Apart from their dirty coats, they love other people and other dogs, will make the perfect companion to anyone. This family consists of the Mama (long-coated brown female), Aunty (Short-coated black female), Miss (short-coated brown female), Big Ben (Brown/white male) and Didi (Black/white male). They are all up for adoption; we will not leave anyone behind.
Contact Details: 97659951 if you are keen to adopt.

                                             Didi, he is more of a follower in the pack.
Aunty used to be best friends with Mama, their favorite past time would be to follow the workers there to work. As soon as Mama had given birth to the little ones, the little ones grew up and bullied her. They did not allow her to eat or drink with them.

 Please ADOPT and do NOT ever get your dog at a pet shop!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Xiong Xiong For Adoption

Teddy Bear Xiong Xiong is still up for adoption - 31 Oct 2013

Two dogs were caught instead of one from our feeding site. Knowing this, we couldn't leave the other boy behind. This is the other boy, we have named him Xiong Xiong, like a Teddy Bear. 

This is how he looks when we first picked him up, he looks like he have been crying for days, perhaps since he was being caught. Poor boy. 

Xiong xiong knows commands like sit, paws, shake hands. He obviously have an owner! He might have been recently abandoned at our feeding site, not a surprise since he was so easily caught. He is short, chubby and fat. Despite his size and temperament, AVA refused to allow him to be HDB approved, thus only private properties can apply. (Condo or landed)

Fosterer has describe him as friendly and responsive, he comes when he is called and does tricks easily.

To adopt Xiongxiong, please call 97659951. We are also actively looking for his owner, if you do know who he belongs too, feel free to PM us. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Putput and mummy, Xuanxuan for adoption

Putputs and his mummy is looking for a home. Rescued from the wild after being dumped. They are safely in a foster home but would appreciate a permanent home separately or together. His mummy has been named Xuanxuan. 

Both are sterilized! Both are outdoor trained! Both get along great with other dogs! One is quiet and calm, one is playful as a puppy should be. What kind of dogs are you looking for? This family can offer the best of both worlds. 

Call 97659951 if you are interested to adopt!

Please adopt
Do not buy
There are too many homeless
Innocent victims due to man's folly

Sunday & Jolie for adoption

4 months old puppies for adoption.  

Sunday and Jolie are up for adoption. They were formally known as Jiejie and Meimei. Being very quiet in nature, they did not manage to catch the attention of adopters at the recent adoption drive. They just sat quietly in their corner sleeping or quietly observing people. They are really quiet puppies, perhaps they know not to misbehave so that they will find a good home. 

Sunday is the blue/grey puppy, she has a gorgeous and unique coat of color. (It is not black like what it seems, you have to meet her to understand this) Despite being the Jiejie of the family, she is much smaller than her Meimei. She is HDB approved. 

Jolie is the light brown puppy, she has a coat of a light shade of brown and giant ears. Her giant sized paws makes her unsuitable to be HDB approved. She is a calm and gently puppy, she will do well in homes with children. 

To adopt
either Sunday or Jolie or both, do direct all adoption enquiries to 98189728.

Please adopt
Do not buy
There are too many homeless
Innocent victims due to man's folly

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Looking for a place to call HOME!

On behalf of a rescuer,
A Stray's Life is having our first ever adoption drive!  

There are 16 puppies up for adoption. Some HDB approved, some not. So spread the word, gather your friend. Do come and visit the puppies, get to know them.

Currently there is a kind sponsor who is sponsoring their boarding for only ONE month. Thus we do have a deadline of ONE month to find the puppies new homes.
Paw Pet-radise Cafe is kindly lending us their venue for 2 days. Please 'like' their page @

Please 'share', feel free to download the image and WHATSAPP, SMS or EMAIL your friends and families.


Save a Life.
Adopt an Animal. Do not Buy Animals




Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1. A Gorgeous Black Beauty with a Gorgeous Heart

This is Coco, a mere 6 months old puppy. That was given up by her owner because her owner said she 'bit her kids'. She had no young children and all her 'kids' were grown up. And her idea of ...'biting' was just a puppy, being a puppy, they play-bite. She does not bite excessive at all and stop as long as she is given a firm 'no'. 'Biting' was just a very lame excuse to give the puppy up. Maybe she has lost interest as she is no longer the cute little puppy that sleeps all day. Very irresponsible thing coming from an adult like her.

Words from her fosterer: A submissive puppy that is grass-trained, she is good with other dogs and people and even kids. At night, she sleeps in her crate and waits for her fosterer to bring her down to the garden to pee and poo. She is also great on the leash and does not pull on the leash while walking. She knows how to respect other's dogs space and will not get into fights with them. She loves to cuddle but however, being a puppy she is still playful. She is not possessive of her toys or food and will walk away when other dogs tries to take them.

She is only 6 months, thus new adopter must continue with her obedience training that she is currently undergoing with her fosterer.

2.     If you are keen to meet this beautiful girl, please call 97659951.