Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Visit to Noah’s Ark

During the weekend, some of us visited Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) in Pekan Nanas, Johore. We have been meaning to visit for a very very long time, as we have heard so much of it and we also wanted to visit with old friends.

All the talk about the land, the freedom, the dogs, yes, they are all true, all unprecedented, beyond imagination and truly a place where an animal lover should visit, at least once in your lifetime.

Picture a place where clouds are blue, land amidst land, green on brown, not a single car in sight, but dogs. Dogs running free, swarming with them. Dogs of all size, big, small, brown, black, beige, white, some breed, many of mixes, some four legs, others three but all bear the same distinguishable marks – waving, wagging tails (if no tails then wagging bums) and contented faces, such happy faces and eyes and long tongues. Happy and excited to see visitors, happy to mingle, happy for the freedom, just happy happy.

Joy is a nice mud bath
Freedom at Noah's Ark - Happily rolling in the mud.

Dogs in every available space.... they just want to be near visitors
A small glimpse of a bigger picture.
Dogs of all imaginable size, shape, color and breed.

But all happy happy faces and tails

If we described it like a place of bliss, it sure is, even to us humans, it truly is a paradise on earth. And we’re just talking about dogs here. Wait till you see the horses, beautiful beautiful glossy and contented looking horses. They were friendly, not nippy, not unhappy but well looked after, all well groomed and statesque in size and height except Melody the small white friendly little pony which all the kids absolutely adore as she is just like their height.

Yummy ! any more carrots or apples? Please? Please....

One of the several beautiful and friendly horses there. They would love your gifts of apples, carrots and fruits.

Friendly and sweet Melody - the children's perpetual favourite as she is just about their height.

Photographs courtesy of N. Carroll & J. Lim

Then there are the cats in the cattery and some in the main lodge but we didn’t manage to spend much time with them as we were so busy playing with the dogs. And there were the rabbits, still in their temporary abode and soon will have their own area where they run and play freely. We are looking forward to that soon. And the lone monkey who grabs each dog’s tail when they got too close. Oh yes, that one was hilarious and mischevious. And the turtles… and the fish.. and the… and it seems as if the list is never-ending.

Cats, cats, glorious cats. Sleek, glossy, tumbling cats

From the small creatrues to the big,

Unusual strays are welcomed. All are precious creatures at Noah'sArk

It does appear that Noah’s Ark is like a place from the garden of Eden where animals and humans live together and roam free – each with their own space, everyone is respected and important in their own right.

How wonderful it is, that in this day and age, one can still find a place where one can not only see but also experience and feel the love given to dogs and cats and all those other animals, tendered so carefully and with so much compassion not for publicity nor credit nor merit but "just because". Yes the ‘just because’ is important as it is unexplainable - it is love that only people who love their pets can understand. A love that does not expect anything in return. That is the heart of Noah’s Ark. The founder and volunteers have carried through the word ‘love and care’ to its fullest understanding. Mankind was given charge to be caretakers of this land and the animals created and Noah’s Ark exemplifies this.

It was a truly fulfilling and inspirational visit and opened not just our eyes but our ears, our hearts and our spirits that it is possible a sanctuary for strays can exist, that the dream is possible. We were filled with stories of dogs, stories that you’d think come from a book but no, true stories that would make you weep and wonder how the spirit of the dog can be strong inspite of the pain and agony it had gone through. Heart wrenching ones, brave ones, stories that man can interpret but who can really tell, through the eyes of the dogs how much more was left unsaid, how much pain and sadness the poor creature went through the rescuers did not or could not have known. We can only guess. Brave creatures each one of them, yet they seem to have overcome and conquered, gone through challenges and trials in their life with a wag and can still smile and love and trust. Amazing creatures, these, wondrously amazing.

We hear of Bobo who was tied at a cementary by a string attached to one of its hind leg. Bobo was left for a long time with no food and no water and no one around. In desperation, she wrenched off her leg and ran out to be later rescued with her leg still tied to the string. She is now 3 legged but she outran the other dogs when we saw her. She is fiesty and active and didn’t look any different from the other dogs except if you saw her on the side without the leg. Sad and aghast and completely angered at the cruelty, yes to hear of her ordeal, sad? But not her. She has got over it. She has a new life thanks to Noah’s Ark and she has survived. She doesn’t seem to feel sorry for herself but she thrives on the love they give her and she is just another happy waggy tail and long tongue we saw that day.

It mattered and hurt us more to see BoBo with three legs, what a cruel shame on mankind to subject such a lovely dog to do an act so desperate and agonising, but it didn’t appear to bother her now as she thrives in the love and care this sanctuary has give her. Here she is one of them, a new family where 2 or 3 or 4 legs does not matter.

Princess, a beautiful German Shepherd given up because she had a hip displacement and her owners abandoned her as she was ‘not up to standard’. She now walks and run normally and loves the children who visit the facility. She takes upon herself to escort the youngest child in the that group and ‘look after’ the child till the group leaves. No. She was never trained to do this. This is an instinctive part of her, to mother the little kids. It came so naturally one day that she had to shepherd the kids - and this coming from a dog once termed as "not up to standard. Never once did we see her leave her charge. Yes she misses having a family we are sure but she can still give love to others she can’t call her own permanently. Every visitor is important to her as she looks to see who is the neediest. What a terrific dog. This dog should have been a ‘Keeper’. People would die for a dog like that. Had the circumstances been different and Princess lived with her own family, a child would not need a body guard nor a best friend as Princess provided all that, giving all her love, her devotion and her protection.

We hear from the volunteers that sometimes when other dogs come near her young charges, she would actually defend them by pining down the intruder dogs. Not hurt them but just warn them to stay away. We were pretty blown away as she accompanied our youngest member everywhere she went. Even when the girl hid to see the reaction, we could see Princess anxiously looking for her, running to and fro.

This is lovely Princess - Loyal, Devoted, Faithful. Children who leave NANAs will carry her vision and love forever in their hearts. This was the ONLY shot of Princess on her own as all our other photos had her sticking close to the children and in this blog, only the animals are featured.

Wonderful place, amazing dogs. We know this will not be our last visit. We only talk of the dogs and we haven’t really met the cats, neither have we made much friends with the horses and rabbits. Yes we need to go back. We have seen a glimpse of paradise and we want more. Do visit Noah’s Ark when you get a chance. It will be a time and place you will not forget.

There is always something a volunteer can do and help. Noah's Ark can also do with more funds for those of you who may not be able to volunteer nor visit but wish to donate to a good cause, as they undertake more sterilisation and education projects. Kudos to them as they spearhead the sterilisation efforts of strays in different parts of Malaysia and Singapore and try change mindsets of people by educating them and transform the lives of the strays.

For more of Noah’s Ark Sanctuary and the work they are involved in, visit :

Humphrey’s little tale

Hi there!
I’m Humphrey! I’m a pretty good looking 2 month old, male chocolate cross breed! I’ve got a stunning coat and a brown little snout to boast of. Sadly, things haven’t always been this great! My mummy seems to have been so busy trying to take care of my siblings and I that she lost count of us all eventually.

It was raining heavily one night and my naughty little brothers decided to go off into the jungle without me. I chose to stay by mummy under some shelter. It was cold and I was hungry! The next day, none of my siblings came back. I was all alone. Thankfully, the next afternoon, I was picked up by a couple who feeds my mummy. Sadly, they can’t keep me for long, however, I definitely would like to have a home. Plus, I’ve got tonnes of kisses to share and loads of love to give! If you’re thinking of taking me home, please call @ 97937162 or christine_ravi@yahoo.com.sg

Teardrops for Adoption

Estimated 3 to 4 month old Teardrops

Teardrops so named so because she has the saddest look in her eyes with black vertical lines all the way down and a white coloured body with a brown head, so imperfectly mix match to be perfect. Poor, pitiful TearDrops found roaming alone in the western part of Singapore. Where she came from, her litter, her mom, no one knows.

Estimated to be three to four months old, she seemed out of place in an area where the big adult strays roam. She was crying and whining as she roamed aimlessly and as our feeder gave her some food, she accepted it but a little skittish and wary still of strangers as she has probably been subject to kicks. The adult strays there have tried their bullying on her, some even humping her and helpless Teardrops can only sit and whimper piteously as she can't run faster than them.

With no plans for now and no support yet, the feeder will carry on feeding Teardrops but it will be good if someone can help to adopt this pup onsite. For those who are interested in fostering, do email. There are no plans yet on how to approach this and the next few weeks will be spent on attempting to build a trust between Teardrops and feeder.

If you have a place in your home for pitiful Teardrops, please email: trlytru@yahoo.com.sg.

Tribute to Davee
As some of you may know, Davee passed away 16 February at 6.43 am after a brave fight and struggle with an aggressive form of cancer and tick fever. Though most of us have not met her, and the regret was ours, she was a lovely, sweet dog with wonderful and patient temperament. It was her beautiful eyes that captured her spirit and her wagging tail that embodies her brave soul. It is because of her happy tail that spurred her rescuers to fight on, that if she never gave up, how could they, how could we.
Recently it was discovered that Davee was a lot older than we thought. She was at least 8 years old, for a fact and maybe even more. We had always asked ourselves before, why, what reason can it be that a dog who is rescued for a better life, for a loving home to be adopted to, instead succumbed to a deadly illness leaving those who have grown to love her in tears and sorrow. Now that we know Davee’s age, we understand that Davee was indeed rescued, but rescued so that she could die in the arms of those who love her - that she would be loved in her last weeks, her last days, her last moments.

All of our dogs will die one day, our cats, our pets, even ourselves. But the question is not about the death but what happens at their end. It is not important about her beginnings and her sadness, whether she had enough attention or love during the major part of her life. Of course it hurts to think back how she must have felt however, what is important is that at the end of the race, there was someone there for her, to hold her and tell her that she is beautiful and let her feel so loved and precious, so that she would die with her head held high in dignity and respect.

Thank you N, J, R and Mum for giving Davee that pride. You have restored her self-worth and confidence. You have made her ending much more fulfilling than her beginning. Her race started sad and slow but it ended well - she was at peace and she was ready. So at the end, God is great. Davee was rescued for a reason. And so it is, in the fullness of time, God's timing, that man may not comprehend at first but God is always in control.

And the different people she has impacted during her illness is one quite unimaginable. People from different walks of life, from different groups, never meeting before coming together to show unanimous support to her, to N and J who have stood by her and fought this battle as bravely as they could. Their fight was not for naught but for a reason, that it is possible to unite for a common cause. That it is indeed love that has brought all together. It does not matter who Davee belonged to, neither does it matter that most of us never got a chance to meet her nor N nor J but what matters is that there is a dog community out here, a cat community (and other animals besides these) and the suffering of one does touch our hearts and that Singaporeans are not as uncaring as some make us out to be.

Davee was an exceptional dog,
in more ways than one.

Thank you Davee for gracing us with your presence.
You have taught us more than we have you.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Issue of Blood

Blood is vital for our survival. There are lots of definitions from science books to the encyclopedia but break it down to simplest form, everyone agrees, without blood we have no life. Without blood, we die. This is universal and applies to all warm blooded creatures - humans or animals.

Blood - life giving. The most precious commodity that money cannot buy. Blood was once shed a long time ago for our salvation and redeemed our lives. It was love that caused blood to be shed for us. And it was for love that Patches gave his blood for Davee. No, Patches did not know Davee. Neither did we, but we do know what it is like. We understand the love that Davee’s rescuers have for her. We can empathise with them how they would do all they can, to rush against time, against all odds to rescue Davee, the sweet little dog rescued for a better life, a better future.

There are probably many camps of thought on this, we know. But we are not here to argue, neither are we here to comment. All that is not important. What is important is that Davee not only need funds, she also needs blood. And she needs donor dogs to supply that. As far as we know, there is no blood bank for dogs, yet, in Singapore. Some big vet practices have their own pool and resource to draw from, while the smaller ones depend on volunteers, from friends or friends of friends to pass the word around, that a donor dog is needed.

Patches. Our awesome dog. Yes he is awesome, truly, in size, in looks and in character. There has yet been another dog we know that is like Patches. His personality is nothing you have ever met. He is big, yes he is, not just in size but in his whole demeanor. He makes us laugh.
Even in our dreariest and darkest hour, he makes us laugh. Nothing can be that bad when we look at Patches. He, of all would know. He’s been laughed at, criticized, spat at, screamed at, yelled at, sneered at, threatened with, you name it, Patches have seen and heard it all.

In the wild, people would run and scream in fear when they saw him. Even if he did nothing and just stood and looked at them with his wide open mouth, tongue hanging out and waving tail, people would turn and run. He must have probably been thinking confused, “Hey, why are they doing that?.. What’s happening… Where’re they going? I just want to be friends”.

Patches strikes an awesome pose

Yes, knowing Patches, that’s what he would have been thinking because he would never have believed that people would be afraid of him. “What!!! Afraid of who? …me????” Aw, our old goofy Patches, the perpetual clown and joker? If there’s one that you would call a clown, that’s our Patches, our funny boy.
Like we said, he never fails to bring a smile to our faces and a bright light in the horizon. He is our Mr. Sunshine. And all Patches ever wanted was to go home. Left behind abandoned by his owner, Patch only wanted what the next dog did, a home, a family, love, pets and hugs.
Poor Patch. It always looked like he didn't understand why he was left behind. When we fed him in the wild with the Pack, he never wanted to go back after he had his food. He always looked confused when we had to leave him. He probably associate us with his previous owners and would sit with a longing look that we would invite him into the car. Poor poor Patch. Yes, those days it was so hard to say goodbye to a dog who is chasing after our car.
That is why he is always try to grab the attention first when we visit the Pack. Our love and hugs are never enough for him. Patches always want more as his big heart craves for a family that is his, truly his. It does appear that our goofy boy tries to hog the attention for himself but we know that is not true. All our pack want attention, except because Patch is bigger, stronger and faster, he jumps on us first. We laugh and call him "Mr. Cheongster" because he always 'cheong' (dashes) first.

Patches out in the wild during one of our feeds

Patches and his best pal, Junior, when they were in the wild.
It is Patches who has kept Junior safe as he protects Junior
against the bigger dogs who bully Junior.

When we heard the call for blood donors for Davee (see http://maovellous.wordpress.com/), we took Patches down on Wednesday to the vet. Thank God that for all the days in the wild, he is a healthy dog and passed the tests although it must have been torturous for him. He endured the needle to draw his blood several times. Because he moved so much and he is quite a big dog, it was difficult to hold him down but eventually the clinic was successful in taking his sample blood for a test to match his compatability. Somehow, it was deemed then, that there was no match so poor Patches went back. But he did seemed happy to have had a fun day out, rather than being stuck in his kennel. He did enjoy the car rides, up and down. We are sure we have told you before how much he enjoys car rides - barking and growling at noisy motorbikes that passed by and big trucks that zoom next to the car. Woof Woof Woof, went Patches and zoom zoom zoom went our car.

What a tale he must have told his kennel mates, the rest of the RATS Pack. How enthralling it must have been for the rest to hear him tell his adventure to the vet and how those people in white jackets had to ‘poke’ him… ouch ouch, it hurts as he yelled and everyone said “Aw, poor thing. The best part of the whole adventure was he got to eat a few pieces of yummy duck meat from Davee’s kind mummy which was very good because poor Patches couldn’t have his lunch yet as the kennels held back his plate, to fast him before the blood donation. What a huge sacrifice for always-hungry Patch. Yes for that, it was a huge sacrifice knowing how much he does enjoy his meals ….. and the next dog’s too.

Surprisingly the next day, we received a call from Davee’s mummy and the vet that due to a slight ‘technicality’, Patches’ blood was actually a good match and so on Friday morning, it was back to the drawing board. Again, Patches had to be brought to the vet, but this time since we already knew he was really going to donate blood, we prepared nice treats for him, sausages, hard boiled eggs, liver and chicken meat so that after his donation, he would be able to indulge and we could completely spoil him. We even brought him a beautiful blue scarf, to reward him and show the world what a handsome dog Patches is… and he truly is, our awesome dog.

Handsome Patches with his beautiful blue scarf.
See how adorable our goofy boy is.
Doesn’t he bring a sunshine into your life and a smile
to your face?
This world need more Patches!!

Well, Patches sure remembered the vet who poked him the other day. This time the injection was to sedate him and he yelled very loudly ,just for all to hear how big a sacrifice he was making. Oh yes, our Patches is very good at vocalising his thoughts. The transfusion went well although it did break our hearts to see Patch being squeezed and moved around so that the blood would flow evenly. He was under sedation so he probably didn’t feel it but as an observer it is always not easy. No it isn’t easy to see the one you love suffering, and so we understand how Davee’s mummy must feel, even more.

Patches is sedated for the blood donation. Photo taken from maovellous blog (http://maovellous.wordpress.com).
We were too busy helping to hold down Patches and
taking a video of him that we had no chance to take a photo.

After the required 300 ml was taken, Patches was given a “wake up” jab but somehow his eyes remained closed and he did not respond. We called him several times to wake him up but he slept on. Then we waved a bacon treat in front of his nose, miracles of all miracles, Patches eyes opened up really big and stared at that yummy treat, much to our relief. We were not sure whether to laugh at this comical boy or cry with relief. We did tell you before that he is our clown, our joker. Oh yes, that is Patch. After that it was eyes open big for yummy treats and although he did grab at his treat, he just held it in his mouth for a long time, too tired and not yet out of sedation to eat his snack.

Patches, after the donation, is given nourishing liver and
chicken meat but he doesn’t like liver (sigh).
Instead he indulges in sausages and hard boiled eggs.

But the food is not wasted, Milo enjoys the treat instead.
“It’s okay, brother, you can have my liver (yucks) and chicken.”

We have visited him this morning (Saturday) and Patches is now well and back to his normal exuberant, active, boisterous self and telling and retelling his adventure to the rest of the pack. What a big sacrifice Patches has given, what a noble act – blood to save another.

Patches, as well as the rest of the RATS Pack is up for adoption. Somewhere out there, is a home for him. He was rescued for a reason, we know and we believe his time will come. There will be someone with a heart as big as Patches, and will love him for what he is and how he looks. Someone will look at this lovely Brindle coloring and black Patch and say, "Wow what a beatiful dog and great personality." because he deserves it.

Patches' message - "Take me as I am because I will love you as you are. If I can see beyond your looks, can you not do the same for me?"

He is a big Hero. We feel good. Yes we do.

How ironical that the one most despised and callously called 'diseased' dog would be the one who could give his blood to save another. Yes, we are very proud of him. We are proud to know him, to have fed him, been there for him all those months and to finally have rescued him. If we had not done what we did then, he would have been picked up and put down. That much we know. The people at the bus stop where he used to run to, the canteen he used to sniff for food and the joggers in that area had their eye on him. It was a matter of time. If those people know that Patches had done what a lot of people do not do, donate blood, they would be ashamed.

Giving blood, donating blood, that is something that is free yet the blood is priceless. It is through love that blood is shed. While we do not know how compatible Patches’ blood is for Davee, we do hope it does not cause any side effects for her but this act was done in love, and for that Patches is our hero. Our Patch, awesome indeed.

Precious blood for a precious dog.
This is Davee who needs help with funds, blood and prayers

The rest of our rescued dogs are not suitable as they are too small. Horlicks might be a potential candidate in the future should he attain his right weight gain. Yes, we would be proud if Horlicks is also a donor because we ourselves are blood donors and we know that through this act, people’s lives and another dog’s life can be saved. We just thank God that all our rescued pack are healthy. Out of the six we have taken from the wild, only one has had tick fever and another has heartworms which can be treated, how marvellous is that. The rest of them are very healthy. God is indeed good. He has kept them safe and healthy during the whole time they were in the wild.

If you have a healthy dog, less than 7 years old that is over 25 kilos, free of tick fever or heartworms, we encourage you to consider the next time you hear of a call for blood donors. With the current restriction on those living in HDB to own big dogs, the number of dogs that can donate are already small, taking into consideration that out of these, some may not be well or may be too old. What we have left is a very small percentage who can actually donate and if your dog can and you choose not to, there is no dog left.

There are many myths in giving blood – No, one does not become weaker after giving blood. No, one does not get the disease when donating blood. No, one does not become anaemic after donating although it is good to feed them nourishing meals after to speed their recovery. And no, during the transfusion one does not feel pain as the dog is sedated. But what is true is that the red blood cells will generate more blood, fresh blood and it will be another three months before one can donate again. It is the same for dogs as it is for humans. And it is for the greater good – to save another’s life.

Dogs are the most giving of all animals. They have a love and devotion that surpasses others. There are many stories of dogs who would sacrifice their life for their masters or those they love. With their great capacity for such great love, what do you think they would choose if they could understand? Would they give their blood to save another? We are sure they would say YES. So dog owners out there, do think about it. Do not let your fear hold your dog back of this noble act. Do not deprive a dog that needs that precious blood a chance at life. Do think about it. It is a good and selfless act.

Call us for adoption of our beautiful, healthy, beloved Rat Pack,
Milo, Patches, MamaBrown, Cara, Horlicks, Sissy and Indy

email : anaterry@singnet.com.sg or call 98 38 38 20

We are helping to put this on behalf of a friend:
Cute Mixed Breed Puppies found

These two cute puppies (Brother and Sister) were found in a bush behind a bus stop at Clementi Avenue 6 and the rescuer is trying to rehome them. They were probably abandoned. If you are interested to adopt or can foster the puppies, please email to dcdiana@singnet.com.sg or anaterry@singnet.com.sg or call 97578118

Unfortunately, the current licensing ruling restricts ownership of mid-sized dogs in public housing, and as much as we would love for these pups to go to homes who will love them, regardless of the type, regretfully, we need to inform that mid size dogs are not on the HDB approved list . This does not apply to fostering.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


God is good. Amen. The weather has held. There has been little rain but no storms that we would be too concerned for. Thank God. The pups, Blackie and Shadow live in the open. There is no shelter although the foliage is thick, God does provide when we can’t. We still cannot find the new nest. Blackie is a smart dog. She changes her nest frequently. We cannot tell where it actually is. One day we see them run out from the east and another we see them head out from the west. Blackie and pups sometimes enter and exit in different directions. She is a very good strategist, whether it is from instinctive survival, we can see she is doing a good job of doing her best to protect her nest, unless the people trailing are adamant in their search, most will give up.

The undergrowth is much too thick for us to venture in. Besides we are a little afraid as the place looks daunting. They are brave dogs, so much more courage than us, the pups have no fear. We see them run into the forest and we try to follow but we dare not when we see how we will need to crawl in. What if there are snakes, there probably there, in such dark and thick forested area.

As reported in the previous
write up, Sissy running
away with the packet of
Cute Sissy

Sometimes Sissy and Indy sit at the edge at the top of the hilly path where they usually sit and observe quietly. They would look at us as if in anticipation that we will follow them Come in and play and I can show you my home..” but we can’t and we won’t. That is their safe place, Blackie has decided and we will respect her privacy. They look so sweet sitting there. Life is a game for them. They do not know the dangers yet as they have been cocooned in the safety of their mommy and Shadow. They do not have to roam the streets for food for we keep piling it in front of them. We leave food every morning and evening. Puppies need to eat more so we leave a lot of food and bread which they love. Besides we are trying not to give reason for Blackie to roam. She will roam to look for food if she has not enough to eat. The birds there are very happy too as they get to share and most importantly, leaving more means more remnants and that means that when Shadow eventually comes, if it does come, it will get to eat something, we hope.

Impatient Sissy barks “Why are you late?”
I am so hungry. I’ve been waiting so long!!!

We will never forget them perching on the hilly slope
observing us quietly while we prepare their food.

Indy barks “Come, come and visit us,”
as she bids us up slope into their nest.

We still cannot see Shadow clearly. It hides whenever it senses our presence. We wish we can say Thank you Shadow for keeping Blackie company and the pups safe but we can’t. One of our feeders managed to see that Shadow has ears that prick up and a docked tail, unlike Blackie but that was it. As she was feeding one evening, Blackie and Sissy came out first. A long while later, Indy ran out from somewhere else and there was a rustling of leaves behind her. A face peeked out and it was Shadow – shyly and apprehensively, with ears up but laid back as it was afraid. It wanted to follow Indy out to the food but fear held it back. What horrors Shadow must have gone through one can only imagine. We suspect that Shadow previously had an owner who must have dumped it and it is not from around this area. For one, it is a big sized dog, for another, no one has seen a black dog this big with ears pricked up in the residences around here. We do know this area and the kind of dogs they used to own and nobody has ever seen Shadow.

This is our artist impression of Shadow.
We cannot photograph it but we can see it’s
outline in the shadows.
Poor Shadow.

We feel very sorry for Shadow. Very very sorry. Because it has come at a time when we are planning to relocate Blackie and her pups to a safe place. The area where they are hiding is being demolished soon. Horlicks too has no more home. His old haunt where he used to play with the guards have been completely demolised on the weekend. It was as shock to us as we had thought we would still have a couple of months or maybe weeks but when we visited on Saturday (Feb 7), we saw workmen removing the old shed and worst, they were burning trees around that area. So old Horlicks can no longer be released back to the wild although that was our original intention as we have no space in the shelter for him. (sigh)

We most probably can find a temporary place for Blackie to stay with her pups, been given enough time to sterilise her, vaccinate and treat her while we try rehome her pups. Long term plans for Blackie are still in discussion but at least, this is a respite we need so that we do not have to split up the pups from their mom, and at the same time also pull them out from the wild. However, it is a different story for Shadow, there is not enough place for it. We cannot jeopardise Blackie and her pups’ relocation for Shadow. Our hearts break as we know especially since Indy is very close to Shadow. Each time we see Shadow, Indy is with it. Sissy is close to Blackie but it is Shadow that Indy stays close to. Sometimes looking at them together, one will wonder who is the mother. How we wish we have space for one more, just one more but one more space is never enough. There is always another one waiting, will always have another one that comes along…. when will all this end. When will people stop abandoning their pets.

Shadow and Indy, photo from a distance. They love each other like
parent and pup but they are not blood related.
Poor poor Shadow.

Poor Shadow, another case of abandonment. That explains why it suddenly appeared with Blackie’s pups and family, the least threatening of all dogs and puppies are always friendly and least judgemental. Owners always think they are doing the right thing by letting their dog go rather than have to decide its future when they have to leave them. Some want to play the good guy and not make the decision to bring it to the SPCA where they know it will be put down. So they become the nice guy and let them go, leaving them in a peaceful area - they think their pets will have freedom. Freedom? What freedom? It comes at a price, a high price but who pays. Pet dogs cannot survive. They do not know how. For one they will miss their family, for another they do not know how to find food. It is already hard enough for a stray like Blackie born in the wild to keep alive. She has gone through an ordeal that most strays all over has. Whether it is a stray in an industrial area or by the beach or at rustic countryside-lookalike Seletar, the dangers are there, food is scare and most people don’t care. We do not mind it so much when people don’t care because we can’t expect everyone to share in our love for the dogs or the cats but do some of them need to be cruel? Being cruel is different from being thoughtless. Cruelty is a choice and man can choose to be or not to be.

Alsie is another dog that has been abandoned. We call him Alsie as he looks like an alsation. Alsie used to have a family. A young chinese, seemingly educated couple who would walk him during their strolls. Alsie is very devoted. He would always wait at the bus stop where the couple would alight and they would walk home together. What a lovely picture, can you see it like we did? A perfect family. That picture shattered for Alsie when his mum and dad left. Why, when and how, we don’t know. We see the house they used to live being occupied by another family. It does not look like his. But Alsie? Someone forgot to tell Alsie. He still waits at the bus stop every evening for his mom and dad to come back. He does not understand why they haven’t come home. Sweet devoted Alsie is probably worried something could have happened to them. It does not cross his mind that they will never come back. It has never occurred to him that he should give up as they will never return. The word ‘left behind’ is not in his vocabulary, nor does it exist in any pet animals. They would never leave us and they do not expect that we could and would do the same. So Alsie is still waiting.

How do you tell him to stop. How? If we could, we would. But perhaps it is just as well he does not understand, for his little heart will be shattered if he had the intellect like us. His whole world had evolved around the loves of his life and they are his heroes. No one would be able to replace them. So "heroes" (bah! can you hear the deep cynicsm and sarcarsm here!!), if you are reading this, your devoted dog is still waiting. He is waiting for you to return never thinking you could be that cruel to do this. How misplaced the trust of dogs to their owners, shame on us, shame on the human race. But it is not too late. If you are out there reading this, please come and pick up Alsie. He doesn't want our food, he eats but he is not interested. He is more interested in the buses that stop at the bus stop, eyes hopeful that it is you who is coming back to pick him up.

Do you know there was an occassion when he went intently to look at each passenger alighting from the bus. One man was so irate and bothered by a dog standing and blocking his way, he took his umbrella and hit Alsie. It was reported that Alsie ran away whining and crying, not expecting to be hit. Do you cry when you read this? We cried when we write this. We teared as we share with others, "Look out for Alsie at the bus stop and try feed him as he look so thin now. He is so sad." It is still not too late for now but it will be soon, as they are slowly removing everything here, one by one and Alsie will be one of those removed. Come. Don't wait till it is too late. This is devotion people will pay for, but since the devotion comes from a dog, it has been much much discounted in your eyes but not in ours. We will never never forget faithful Alsie. He is the true HERO.

Abandonment has no eyes, sees no breed, knows no age nor color nor sex. It is at the whim and fancy of the owner, who are the whole lives to these dogs. All our rescued Rat pack are abandoned.

The only true stray is Blackie which is the reason why she is still uncaught and very timid and unfriendly.

Patches, MamaBrown, Junior, Milo and Horlicks were all abandoned as they appeared already an adult from nowhere, were fat once and became skeletal and are used to human touch and were friendly.

The Rat Pack together with Cara are the fortunate few we managed to rescue and at that time, there was some space at the kennel. We are very grateful to have found a place to house them. The dogs and cats at the kennels are well fed and well cared for. Our rescued pack has become fat with wagging tails and loud voices.

Even shy MamaBrown is no longer as timid as she mixes around with the dogs and volunteers.

And Horlicks, even though his stay at the kennel has been so short, already we can see his rib bones are not sticking out like they used to. Apparently he has been given a little more food because of his thinness, a norm that the kennel feeders do, they give a little more to those who are newly rescued and skeletal. We are so grateful to them for that extended care and love.

And at the kennels, even Milo has a few found love. Milo has a girlfriend. Her name is Lily. We sometimes see Lily sitting side by side next to Milo in his kennel, a space he is so protective of, and no dog can venture in, except, lately Lily. The first time we saw her we were wondering what a white/brown patch dog was doing sitting in Milo’s cell. Knowing how neat and tidy he keeps in, he doesn’t even pee in it, we thought it might be an intruder and that Milo wouldn’t like it. But he later came in to sit next to her with a wag and a happy grin. Oooh, so Milo has finally found a friend. It has been hard for him initially and he was bitten many times by the bigger dogs and he had grown a little thin and unhappy. But now we can see he is slowly adjusting and making friends with Lily is the first step to his new adjustment.

Animal Lovers League (http://www.animalloversleague.com/)
Animal Lovers League (ALL) is doing a great job in their rescue and aid to the strays in Singapore. They need more awareness and publicity as many people are not aware they exist and the work they do. The kennel, Pets Villa, officially has been open since 2004 but ALL has been involved in animal welfare and rescue long before this. There are some dogs who have been brought in for boarding at the kennel, due to circumstances that the owners cannot keep them, but some of these owners have not fulfilled their commitment. They do not pay for their charges. Some no longer visit the animals they have brought in. These dogs and cats are already pathetic that they have been abandoned once, by neglecting and ignoring them at the kennels now, means they are being abandoned yet again, betrayed one more time.

Then there are also many rescued by the shelter workers themselves, maimed, injured and abused dogs and cats, who have no sponsors and so slowly, all these expenses add up. Some of these dogs rescued are so badly injured physically or abused mentally that it is no longer possible for them to be adopted or rehomed. These will probably stay at the kennels for the rest of their life. If the kennel had not taken them in and giving them a place to lay their head, they would have died miserable, sad and all alone. But now they are happy that they have warm shelter and a plate of food. We really salute ALL and their volunteers (who are never enough as more leave than stay, but for those who faithfully serve week after week, they are godsends for nobody will be there for the animals if not for their love, care and devotion) for their painstakingly restoring these dogs to health and even if they do not look as they once did, they are eating well and are loved and cared for wonderfully.

Surely you and us can do more to help the kennel who has done so much for the welfare of the animals. These animals are innocent, they mean no harm and all of them never chose the patch they had to take. If they could choose to be born children, they would have, surely they would crave for that. Instead they were born cats and dog, who have no voice, who cannot make themselves heard. Do they deserve this hard life they lead? Surely not. Yet we are the ones who make them the way they are. Can we not do more for the Kennel dogs and cats, can we not extend our hand to the Kennel who have opened up their doors where many have closed it shut.

Some of the rescued handicapped, old and
abused dogs, now safe and secure at ALL

If there are any of you who are thinking of doing something for the strays but may not have time to volunteer services, you may like to consider donating to the kennel - either aid in way of cash (which is the most important as it buys medicine to treat the sick or injured), food (kibbles, cans, dry, wet, fresh, rice), household appliances like fans or even towels, previously used dog/cat collars, leash, harness, newspapers. We even collect aluminium cans whenever we visit as these can be sold for cash at the recycling center. Nothing is wasted.

Donate to Animal Lovers League for the Kennel Dogs and Cats. The animals in their care really need your help. If you need our help to collect your donation, please email to anaterry@singnet.com.sg or call 9838 3820.


Call us for adoption of our beautiful, healthy, beloved Rat Pack,

Milo, Patches, MamaBrown, Cara, Horlicks, Sissy and Indy

email : anaterry@singnet.com.sg or call 98 38 38 20