Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Urgently looking for a home - Xing Wang, the lovely golden girl

Posting on behalf of a compassionate Vet Assistant :

Lovely curious Xing Wang strikes her best look.

Xing Wang was picked up someone when she was about 3 months old and weeks later she was adopted. But her fate changed when she had some skin issues. The owner brought her in to the animal hospital where I worked and tried to treat it but the vet said it required about 3 weeks or more for treatment. Because it took so long, the owner thought the skin could not be treated and he wanted to put it down. I managed to dissuade him coz the dog is still young ...and after weeks of treatment she got well n she's in good health now with beautiful healthy fur.

 Pensively thinking of what her future will bring.

She is a loving dog, a little insecure because of the circumstance in her life and being left in boarding for so long at such a young age. She needs a bit of warming up before any stranger get close to her and I try to bring her out for walks. Recently I  brought her to east coast to let her be exposed to more strangers n surrounding. I cannot board her for too long at the hospital and really, really hope someone can adopt her soon as she can be a great companion to be with.

Xing Wang, the golden girl strikes a "Cleopatra" pose for the camera.

I have taught her to sit and she is a fast learner. Xing Wang is now 8 months old, sterilised, microchipped and healthy, having received all her vaccinations, given a clean bill of health. She is small frame for a cross breed and is a lovely shade of gold and yellow. If you know of anyone who is looking for a good companian, please consider Xing Wang.

How can I afford the boarding? sighs Xing Wang

I can be contacted via SMS or call 97459770 or saucer73@yahoo.com.sg if you can help give her a loving home.

Xing Wang means New Hope. That hope is still burning inside. Can you fulfill her hope to live contentedly and securely?

Thank you.

Remember to consider Adoption first, 
when thinking of a new furry family addition. 
Do NOT buy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Introducing affectionate young KY, the beagle

His name was Milo and he was left behind by his owners who said they didn't have time for him. Young Milo is only 1.5 years old but already he's been given the boot. What then is time? No time to walk him? No time to throw him a ball? No time to cuddle and kiss him? It seems then that time is akin to love for this is all Milo is asking for.

Handsome KY posing for the camera

Fortunately for him, he was left behind at a market centre where some workers took pity on him and took care of him. They also changed his name to KY and much as they took pains to care for him, as we all know this was not an ideal place where he could stay for long, nor a home that dear KY can call his own, with no cuddly bed to jump nor snuggle into, or watch his favourite programs on the telly with his head on a soft lap. He has since been rescued and is living with his dear fosterer who wants to find him a loving and committed home. 

KY shows his side profile. What a handsome beagle nose.

KY is about 1.5 years old, and is neutered and micrco-chipped. He is healthy and according to his fosterer, he has the nicest demeanor towards people and is totally non-aggressive. He loves food and is deemed easy to train, if you have time (aka, if you have LOVE for we already said that time = love).  He hasn't had that in a long long while which is why he is such a 'sucker' for affection, touch and cuddles. Is that enough to melt your heart already?

KY is slightly shy towards other dogs. He will sniff them and all that but other than that, not much interaction as he has probably never been socialised with dogs before. If there's a loud bark from a strange dog, he retreats with his tail between his legs. We know he just needs time to get to know everyone and everything. 

KY loves tummy rubs.

Our wish for dear affectionate KY is a loving home with time for him and overflowing love. Time to train him, teach him, throw him a ball, run with him, walk him, just be with him and never ever deem him 'too much trouble'.  

Although he is pretty small sized for a beagle, this breed is unfortunately not on AVA approved list for HDBs, we are looking preferably for a home in a private apartment or landed.  This request is for the sake of KY's security and the adopter's peace of mind.

.. and he loves treats too.

Please email to anaterry@singnet.com.sg if you have a home that KY is looking for and send us a detailed background of yourself. The more information you give, the faster the reply from us. Kindly do read up about beagles and their needs, if you have never owned this breed before.

Please consider ADOPTION before all else if you thinking of owning a pet.
There are many pets looking for homes. 
Please Do NOT BUY.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poppy, the lovely 3 year old Golden Retriever

Posting on  behalf of Rescuer and Fosterer

The current owner severely neglected the dog, leaving her to suffer with a tick infestation. She gets little to no human interaction, let alone brought out for walks. The parents of the owner have had enough and wanted to send both dogs to the SPCA. Upon knowledge of this, I offered to take the dogs off their hands and find them new loving owners.
Details on Poppy:

Name: Poppy
Breed: Golden Retriever
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years old
Weight: ~30kg, medium sized. 
As you can tell from the photo (which was taken when she was last shaven down) next to the Westie, Poppy isn't very big. 
 For comparison of size next to a Westie, Poppy is a small sized GR
Health: Fur shaved and de-ticked. Will require a visit to the vet for a thorough check up.
Vaccines: No idea on this. Most probably had her initial 3 done as a puppy but not the yearly ones after.
Microchipped: No idea on this.
Sterilized: No
1. Very very friendly, gentle and lovable dog
2. Loves being cuddled and stroked
3. Perfectly fine with other dogs
4. Never barks
5. Knows simple tricks like sit, stay, paw etc
6. Fine with children
Excretion manners: Pees and poops during walks.

If you have a committed loving home for Poppy, please contact email kiantay@gmail.com or SMS to 9856 3229. Kindly furnish as much information so as to help get a speedier reply. Thank you.
Please note that Golden Retrievers are not an approved in AVA's list of dogs kept in HDBs.

There are many pets looking for homes
Please make ADOPTION your first option
Do not buy