Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Born free?

Elsa and her four handsome sons

Life is hard for an abandoned dog, harder for bitches and hell for the pregnant ones. Where they wander to during their advanced stages determine the fate of their pups.
Construction sites, boon or bane? Sometimes the dogs are lucky and they get leftover scraps from the workers' pack meals. Sometimes all they get is the boot, some even doused with boiling water. Life is harsh on the road and depending on which nationality the majority of the workers come from, the dogs' fate are pretty much sealed.

Recently in a housing estate up north, a mommy dog was left abandoned by her owner. We say abandnoed for she had the looks of an owned dog, wasn't too scrawny then, was not afraid of people and had a wag in welcome.

She was heavily pregnant by the time she arrived at the estate and was completely tired, confused, lost, hungry and puzzled. A nearby construction worker had compassion and pity and took her to his worksite for shelter and provided her food. God' is Good and in the safety and security of the site workers, she gave birth peacefully to four exceptionally lovely and beautiful male puppies. We call mommy, Elsa for we believe God is bountiful and it is through His grace and mercy, the pups have survived.

All good things never bodes well in the wild no matter how much we wish or hope otherwise, and although lovely Elsa and her sons thought they finally had some permanancy and love, the boss of the worksite discovered the family staying at his site and he was unhappy. He called AVA but the workers took pains to hide the mommy dog and her beautiful puppies. But as we all know, they can’t hide them forever and they negotiated with the boss for the dogs' safety. We now have a date line to remove the dogs from the work site or he will call AVA again.
We are trying to help the site friends find homes for the Elsa and her babies. It will be wonderful if we can find a home for Mommy as well but we know realistically, her pups will stand a better chance for everyone prefers to adopt a pup.
Elsa is a lovely lovely lady with beautiful grey blue eyes. She is small frame. She is extremely docile and mild mannered and her pups have inherited her temperament, and a couple of them have the same grey blue eyes. In desperation, even if the site workers can just rehome one from this family before AVA steps in, they will be thankful for one life saved is better than 5 lives perished. Such is the situation we have all come to expect for every shelter is full and there is not enough funds to board another, even if we can find the space.

Elsa is small frame and light brown in colour with grey green eyes.

The pups are young, less than two months old, extremely healthy for they have been nursed by a healthy mom, thanks to the site workers' contribution of food and love.

One is light brown with brown eyes

One is dark brown with Grey eyes

One is furry darker brown with Grey eyes

One is furry brown with yellow golden eyes

This is an urgent appeal for anyone who is living in a private residence and looking for a pet, to adopt Elsa or one of her pups. if any is keen please email anaterry@singnet  or call HP: 9765 9951 for viewing, please do note the puppies are not HDB approved.

Moodle for Adoption
(On behalf of Rescuer)
Name: Moodle
Breed: Cross Poodle
Age: 3 year old, unsterilised male
Moodle was found by a rescuer tied to a tree and a resident in the area informed that the dog was tied up for almost a week! He was dejected, hungry and thirsty - subjected to the harsh environments of scorching sun and cold rain for days. 

He is temporarily under foster care but need to find a home soon as the caregiver is unable to keep him for too long. Moodle has been badly treated in the past and as such, really need a patient and loving family to shower him with love and care to regain his confidence again.  
For viewing of Moodle, please contact: 9765 9951 for the arrangement. 

Tigger for Adoption

The wonderful thing about tiggers
Is tiggers are marvelous chaps!
They're loaded with vim and vigor

They love to leap in your laps!

They're jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy 
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is

I'm the only one
Lyrics : Robert & Richard Sherman from "The Tigger Movie under Pooh and Friends"

Little Tigger has grown handsome and taller but still a sweet little boy. He loves playing with his chewies and chasing his foster kor kor Princy around. Just like korkor he also likes to look at hamsters and guinea pigs without hurting them. His ears have stood up, or rather, one is up and one is still floppily down. He does look goofily cute with one ear up and one ear down as if beckoning us to take yet more photos of him, before they fully become upright ears.

Tigger is such a goody with people and during a recent gathering among friends, he was the soul and life, as he was passed from hands to hands, everyone oohing and awwingg at him and queuing to cuddle this docile little boy who is so very mild and even tempered. He stands proudly to guard his home when kor kor is not around, then hides below a table to sound his barks, supposedly not sure if he should or should not, mmmm. What a laugh ! It is hilarious to hear 'wuffing' from below the table and yet cannot see the dog. And when kor kor is around, he stands a step behind to give support and encouragement when kor kor barks, but not a sound from little Tigger, just egging on as a bystander - looking.

He has learnt his toileting habits well and has a marvellous appetite. Everything is appreciated by him, no remnants left as the food bowl is licked clean Once we went visiting with food for an impromtu mini party and much later, found comical little Tigger sitting patiently and quietly all alone at the back with his eyes fixed on his empty bowl, as if waiting for us to remember him in our jolly repast. This is the kind of joy and laugher Tigger brings his fosterers each day. Yes, he is loved dearly and if the fosterer could keep him, they will but they can't and the next best thing is to let him go to a home who loves him just as much.

If you have room for a little 3+ month brindle male boy, please email us at alim0703@yahoo.com.sg  or send an SMS to 8128 9792. Viewing can be arranged for our little tigger cub. Please be mindful that Tigger is not HDB approved as he will grow into a mid size dog although his frame is very small.