Thursday, June 25, 2009

Animal Lovers League Online Shop

Animal Lovers League is very pleased to showcase beautiful pet products for your precious pets.

Cute tee-shirts, comfortable beds and doggy carrier bags are on sale at affordable prices. These items are not only nice to look at but they are of good quality, easy to maintain and washable.

Other items like Notebooks, Car Decals and Animal Postcards are also available.

Please visit for prices and more information on these products and how to order.

Through the kind support from our Sponsors, revenue generated from these sales will be donated to ALL for the cats and dogs at Pets Villa.

To verify the authenticity of this Online Shop Blog, we invite you to visit and send an email to ALL at to confirm our legitimacy.

Thank you for your kind support to the Kennel Dogs and Cats

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ALL at ClubPets and Beneful Events

Yes we have been busy. Yes we are tired. Two events back to back helping out at the ALL booth raising funds for the dogs and cats at the kennel the last two weekends, but it was time well spent and for a good cause. Besides we had a good time too, we had fun working alongside the other volunteers, meeting the other AWGs, watching our dogs play and taking part in some of the events. Sharing with you some photos from the two events.

Clubpets @ Kranji

Getting the booth ready bright and early A breifing from our 'Fearless Leader" before we begin

A happy customer. Thank you for your support.

Please note : We are selling the same bags online and proceeds go the ALL. Visit our blog in the next week to see online sale of merchandise to aid ALL's kennel dogs and cats.

The early bird catches the worm. Browsing through the cute doggy tshirts selection. Pet Tshirts will be sold online as well.

The mascot at ALL's booth, dear ole Dale. Some of you may remember Dale who was rescued from his previous owners. He is now happily adopted and came to lend his support.

Taking his duty seriously, (see how corporate he looks with his business tie on) Dale did a marvellous job, the perfect PR manager, always with a happy grin and welcoming wag. What a hoot he was as he would plonked his huge paws into the drinking bucket each time he passed by, leaving his pawprints as if saying “Dale was here!!”

Never too young to care for the homeless and less fortunate, thank you, young supporter for your kindness to the Shelter dogs and cats.

Beneful Event at Fort Canning

Overview of how the tents were set up. What a picturesque sight.
Each tent was shared by two AWGs...

We had the privilegeto share the tent with our good friends from Noah’s Ark, and boy did we have a great time with them.

ALL’s booth had a lot of things to sell, mostly through the kindness of our supporters and all proceeds were pledged to the kennel.

Not only did we have a lot of fun, our dogs did too. This is the lne of dogs getting ready for the "Fastest Eating Contest"!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go.....

Coco from the kennel taking part in the Fastest Eating Contest. Dashing to the food

Getting some help.... Eat quickly, Coco. You're almost there..

Yummy Yum Yum, she said.

Yes Coco, you must finish every little bit. She happily came in 2nd place

Our beauty, Coco, a 7 month old sterilised Labrador cross is up for adoption. Call us if you wish to view her.

To the delight of our volunteers dogs, they also took part. Prince eating a little more daintily here, eyes watching you know, must have glam shot for the blog.

Guess who won the ‘Dog/Owner look alike contest’… hurray!!!

So, did we have a good time? No we didn't... We had a GREAT time. As you can see from the photos, volunteering isn't just about sale of merchandise or raising awareness, although that is the whole crux, but it is also having fun while doing it, getting to interact with like minded people, playing with the dogs and making more friends. And the best part of it, all for a good cause, and it comes straight from the heart - not for personal glory, nor achievement but always always for the Kennels. It was two great weekends, time well spent. See you at the next event.

A message from Noah's Ark Cares...


Dear Friends of Noah’s Ark,

On behalf of Noah’s Ark CARES, we would like to invite you to support us in our maiden Fund Raising Dinner on Friday, 17 July ’09.

All funds raised from this event will help defray part of the running costs of Noah’s Ark Sanctuary – that currently houses our 800 dogs, 500 cats, 5 horses and many other small animals in Johore. Part of the funds raised will also be allocated to our on-going sterilization projects in Singapore namely Project Industrial Dogs and Project Catsnip. Since the launch of Noah’s Ark CARES in June 2005, we have sterilized close to 500 stray dogs and cats gathered in the Industrial Estates as well as housing estates.

Do seriously consider supporting this worthy cause by buying either seats or a table at this dinner. We look forward to seeing you at this event, your presence will be much appreciated by both our animal “recipients”.

Details of the Fund Raising Dinner are as follows:
Venue: Pontini Italian Restaurant
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road
Singapore 169663

Date: Friday, 17 July 2009
Time: 7pm – 9.30pm

A table of 10 will cost $1,500/-, or $150/- per seat. To make your reservations, kindly email the number of seats/table you require to

Please do pen down this date - it will be a memorable evening you would not want to miss!! Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at our Fund Raising Dinner.

For more detail and make your reservation, visit :


Cloud was found early one morning in the middle of lonely road with not a soul in sight. Imagine a tiny little dog shivering in the middle of road where heavy traffic would ply. Thank God for early mornings when the traffice is light but for this particular morning, he was all alone, waiting.

It is speculated he was dropped off in a car and there he stood waiting hoping the same car that dropped him will return for him, what sad misplaced trust this little dog has. We will call him Cloud as we e envision a white fluffy cloud that brings joy to the hearts of those around, which is what we hope for him.

It has been a confusing and tiring journey and Cloud has not 'come home' yet. The vet estimates him to be near 9 years old but in good health. What we do know is that he is thrown out an age when he should spend time sleeping and do nothing more than dream of sweet chasings in a park, he ended up on the streets, high and dry with no collar, no leash, no microchip, no name, no dignity, no respect. How much sadder does life get for old dogs.

Cloud is unfortunately not toilet trained, he has never learnt to and needs patience, but otherwise a sweet merry little fella with an even disposition. He learns to do his pee and poow outside.We hope that someone out there can open their doors to tiny Cloud and let him live his remaining years in serenity.

If you can help, please call us at 98383820 or email at so that little Cloud can come home at last. His tiring long journey can finally bring him some peace.

Darling Beauty Coco for Adoption

Name: Coco
Gender : Female
Age : 7 months+
Size : Mid
Lab Cross
Good with people & kids

Coco’s story

Coco is a beautiful jet black glossy coated 7 month old Labrador- cross female dog looking for a home. Loyal and trustworthy, Coco is already sterilised and healthy, very good with children and other dogs. Is there a home where Coco can live forever and bask in love? She is much too young to stay in a Kennel forever. Regretfully, Coco would not be suitable for HDB dwelling.

Please contact us 98383820 or email to and we can arrange for a viewing.


Our rescued dogs, The RATS Pack are up for Adoption

We have 5 wonderful dogs with great personalities and temperaments for adoption
Milo, Horlicks, Junior. Mama Brown and Cara our precious Sweetheart

We invite you to view the individual dogs and their profile :

Please call us if you wish to view them or get to know them better.

Playful Junior - Neutered male

Devoted Cara - Sterlised Female

Classy Milo - Neutered Male

Gentle Mama Brown - Sterilised Female

Macho Horlicks - Neutered male

Remember to help pass the message,

ADOPT, Do not Buy

There are many dogs looking for homes, young and old of different sizes and colors

Friday, June 12, 2009

Left Behind

He was sitting in the middle of road when the car drove up. He looked so out of place. A tiny little dog in the lonely stretch of road. The passerby was on his way to visit the Kennel early morning, before the hour when office workers reported for duty. Not a soul in sight, no cars around but to the left, the entrance to a factory where a security guard stood watching carefully. He was a small shaved little dog. He looks like he is white but with no fur, it was hard to tell, but one could clearly tell he was scared, very worried, sad and old.
Thank heavens it was early morning as this stretch of road would be busy with cars a little later on. The car swerved slowly around doggie so as not to startle him. He got up to run away as soon as he saw the car door open. Afraid, he bolted towards the factory but the guard was ready and chased him away. Little dog ran back to the road where the car was waiting. This went on for a while, ding dong, up and down the little dog ran. He didn't know on one side there was lifeline waiting but he knew on the other, the guard refused to let him in. Food was used to coax him but he wasn't interested. In the end it was the guard who chased him straight towards the car and he was grabbed and held down. He was fortunate, a fosterer opened her doors to him immediately in an emergency but she could only take care of him for a while. He is now with another fosterer but this is for the next few days. We need a longer term fosterer for him whilst looking for an adopter.
Sad little Cloud

He has been called several names as in a space of a few short weeks, he has lost his home, been in two fosterer's and now waiting for a permanent home. It has been a confusing and tiring journey and he has not ‘come home’ yet. He is a senior dog, probably a maltese, can’t really tell as he is very shorn. The vet estimates him to be near 9 years but in good health. What is true is he was left on the road, dumped from a car and left to die. He was sitting in the middle of the road looking ... waiting and hoping that whoever left him there, would come back. Poor little dog, what crime did he do to deserve such verdict. There could be none we can think of except he grew older and not as cute as he once was. That was his crime. They took away his youth, his looks, his charm and left him shrivelled and withered. Sucked him dry and left him to die. Where is the justice for this little one. Where can we report, who can we tell?

Some of us suspect he could be dumped from a breeding farm as that area has many of those around. If it is true, he has outlived his usefulness, goodness knows how much profit those unscrupulous people made off him, and now the next convenient thing to do would be to toss what becomes a burden. That explains why he is all shaved down, a typical breeding dog stereotype. We do not know, we cannot confirm. All that is known is that he is old and to be thrown out an age when he should spend time sleeping and do nothing more than dream of sweet chasings in a park, he ended up on the streets, high and dry with no collar, no leash, no microchip, no name, no dignity, no respect except mournful tears. After years of being locked up, giving and giving, he was left nothing in return. To them he was nothing from the start except a stud, a money making machine, and he was left nothing in the end. How much sadder does life gets for old dogs, especially old breeding dogs.

Grateful thanks to first fosterer Ms. E who took him the morning he was found as there was no where else to place him in an emergency. And also grateful thanks to second fosterer coincidentally another Ms. E who is currently taking care him now. The decision to rescue was a split second one but perhaps he is small in size, HDB approved, it made the decision easier. Realistically speaking, if he was mid sized would he have been? We don’t know. There is no easy answer to a hard question and there are many like that.

Like we said, he has been called a few names but we will call him Cloud here. We envision a white fluffy cloud that brings joy to the hearts of those around, which is what we hope for him. Cloud is unfortunately not toilet trained, he has never learnt to and needs patience, but otherwise a sweet merry little fella with an even disposition. We hope that someone out there can open their doors to tiny Cloud, for fostering or adoption and let him live his remaining years in quiet serenity.

Yes it is raining dogs, recently, the few dogs that need our help for rehoming have all been senior dogs.

Snow is looking for a home. His current fosterer have kept him for a while as they wanted to nurture him to full health before they release him for rehoming. Contrary to updates and reports in other forums, Snowy was never officially adopted. We knew the fosterer has another dog and now that Snowy is fully treated for his heartworms and skin ailments, they feel it is time for him to be rehomed permanently.
Snowy needs a family who will love him and give him time for him to know them. He bonds very easily therefore finds it hard to let go or say goodbye. We hope to find a family who has someone staying at home to keep Snow company, to arrest those anxieties and fears but the key is patience and understanding. In time when Snow realises that disappearance or out of sight does not mean abandonment, he will regain his confidence and get better. Love is returned with love and given time Snow returns his love for yours.

Snowy, looking confident and cheeky

Snowy is the result of long term abuse and neglect in a breeding farm locked up probably since the day he was born, with never enough food to eat. He was probably beaten and left for long periods of time not knowing when he will see a human or a friend or even a feeder. This explains why he doesn't like to be left alone and becomes clingy to his adopters. Snow is 5 plus years old and urgently needs adoption.

If you can open your home to a permanent home these dogs, please let us know. Call us at 98383820 or email at They come from different walks of life, from different backgrounds but all ended up the same in their senior years, they all need homes. Homes who will take them in and love them, cherish and protect them. Is that a lot to ask? It appears to be.


Our rescued dogs, The RATS Pack are up for Adoption
We have 5 wonderful dogs with great personalities and temperaments for adoption

Milo, Horlicks, Junior. Mama Brown and Cara our precious sweethearts

We invite you to view the individual dogs and their profile :

Please call us if you wish to view them or get to know them better.

Playful Junior - Neutered male

Devoted Cara - Sterlised Female

Classy Milo - Neutered Male

Gentle Mama Brown - Sterilised Female

Macho Horlicks - Neutered male

Showcasing Macho Horlicks for Adoption

Name: Horlicks
Gender : Male
Age : 1 year +
Size : Mid
Cross Breed
Good with people & children

Horlicks’ story

Handsome Horlicks – Our Macho dog with a soft heart.Horlicks was found abandoned, left behind by his owners. He socialises well with people and children. He loves to play and is very intelligent.

Horlicks took care of his friend, Blackie and her pups during the days when they were strays together. He is the only dog we know understands sharing and giving in need, a concept that even people have difficulty grasping. In the wild, Horlicks was seen carrying food (ta pow) to the pups, Blackie's pups. This is something totally unheard of in male stray dogs but then again we are talkig about Horlicks, who is a unique dog. He is unusual in his looks, his personality, his behaviour. He is one dog who has changed the mindsets of several people who once regarded dogs as pests and dirty animals into respect and awe. Such his Horlick's influence. His macho looks belie his sweet and docile nature.

He makes an excellent family dog who will protect and guard them. He is quiet and well behaved, not boisterous. The vet suspect that Horlicks may have some Golden Retriever blood due to his coloring & excellent temperament. During injections and checks, Horlicks impressed the vet with his docility that even the vet commented that this dog need no muzzle nor restraint, such is the trust he had of Horlicks.

If you would like to view Horlicks for adoption, pls contact 98383820 or email

Help us help those who have no voices.

Help pass the message around,

ADOPT, Please Don't Buy

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beneful's "Bark in the Park"

Animal Lovers League (ALL) is participating in BENEFUL's "Bark in the Park" event in their aid to help raise awareness and funds for homeless dogs.

Merchandise such as ALL's notebooks, cute dog tee shirts, doggy beds, doggy bags, scented decorative candles, animal postcards featuring our very own Kennel dogs and cats, beautifully hand-painted dog and cat T-shirts / tote bags / cushion covers, mugs, toys, dog figurines as well as other interesting items will be on sale to fund our welfare activities for the dogs and cats in our facility.

This event promises to be a family, picnic like fun-filled day, with much entertainment for one and all, two legged or four and great value goodie bags from the Organiser. Activities on that day include, among many other things, dog tips, tricks and demonstrations from a renowned dog trainer as well as games for owners and dogs alike.

Support our cause by buying our merchandise to help us help the pets in our care.

Come hear that distinct 'Bark in the Park' with the family on the 14th of June 2009, Sunday, between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm at the Fort Canning Park, Fort Canning Green.

A long awaited picnic with the family it will be.

Admission is free and open to everyone.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's a Small World we live in. We discover kindred souls in the least likeliest places. A couple of weeks ago, we received a call from Ms. J who introduced herself as a resident in the vicinity of where we feed. She had never read our blog, nor seen us feed but a casual conversation between her mother and a friend about this sorrowful little black dog they know and feed some nights led to a series of discoveries. Her friend, finding their stories about the black dog seemingly familiar, mentioned having heard about them in the internet and after a few investigative searches, J found our number.

Yes, to both our delight, the little black dog in question is our dear Blackie.

Blackie apparently has been coming out from the forest late at night when no cars or people ae in sight. She sleeps near the place where we first met her with Milo and J's parents, when driving past will stop at the car park and leave food for Blackie. Dear Blackie is so trusting of them that she recognises the car and she will walk towards them in anticipation. But these are the good old days, as lately she has not been seen. Just like us, J's family are concerned. We found out during the last sighting they had of Blackie, whom they fondly call Miss Black, was several weeks back, when she looked extremely thin, just skin and bones and had a wound on top of her head. She looked sick and did not eat the food they offered.

Oh dear, our hearts sank at this discovery. How can she be skin and bones with the huge amount of food we have been leaving in the forest for her everyday? How can she be tired, weak and lifeless when she is still so young. We cried when we heard about the wound. Recently many crows have been sighted in the forest, which doesn't bode well. Crows are scavengers and like vultures, they attack weak or sick dogs or pups, kittens, unable to defend themselves. Can Blackie's wound on her head be the work of crows attacking her now that she is sick, she's weak and can't run away - she has no respite in the forest, no place to hide from them. And Blackie has always been afraid of crows, that much we know. Perhaps she has seen the damage they can do or they must have attacked her when she was a pup. Our poor dear Blackie. It is heartbreaking to know she is going through so much pain and misery, all alone and we are unable to help her. Does she know we care.

We mounted a search and rescue a few evenings ago with some good friends, and again on a weekday when some of us took time off from work but alas, to our sorrow we found no Blackie nor Shadow, no trace of dogs, no body, no smell. We even took along Indy, her favourite little ebony pup, the last rescued from the forest, but although Indy appeared extremely excited and sniffed in high anticipation in the places where Blackie was last seen lying on, she is not a tracking dog and could give us no indication. Blackie did not appear. We had hoped, unrealistically but hopefully that Blackie and Shadow with their keen sense of smell would come running out because Indy was around. We didn’t dare venture deep into the forest with Indy, much too afraid to lose her in the dense forest.

Poor Indy got bitten very badly by the mosquitoes even though she was only there for a short while, and we can only imagine how much poor Shadow and Blackie suffer with the blood suckers. But we are very grateful for S who volunteered his much loved dog and accompanied us on the hunt for Indy's mummy. We wish we had a happier ending to the little adventure for Indy, who we are sure will be delighted to see her mother again.

We left the search as empty as when we first came, a sliver of happiness with a hope that she might be still be alive hence no stench of death, sad that we didn't see her lying inside injured and ready for our rescue and definitely worried that our worst fears might have come true that Blackie could be gone forever from us, choosing to leave the forest where she grew up, a place where happier memories with her five precious pups, our darling Ebony Pups, forsaking all in her pain and misery to a lonely desolate place to pass away.

We tear as we write this. Our hearts are very heavy because it doesn’t look good. She has never been sighted this sick before and she has never disappeared from us this long before, not only from us but from J's family as well. Even when she stopped coming to us because of what we did with her pups, she would acknowledge when J's parents visited. Deep in our hearts, we carry a fear that dearest Blackie has already gone from us forever, without saying goodbye. Even if she is still around, she needs medical help desperately. We suspect she may have heartworms, tick fever and on top of that, her wound needs to be addressed immediately or gangrene and infection will set in. Since we have gone into the forest twice and not found her, our back-up plan is for J to activate us when and if they spot Blackie at night, no matter how late it is, they will sound the alarm for us to trap Blackie. The hope is fading slowly as each night slips by with no call from J.

Strangely enough, J's family has never seen Shadow. We do think Shadow is still alive as the plate of wet food is licked clean, and this is not the work of the birds. The birds eat the kibbles but not the wet food.
Now having found a friend in J and E, we set out to meet with them over the weekend, to fill in any blanks or questions they may have, and vice versa for us. And what an enjoyable time we had that day. It was like a meeting of old friends - anecdotes and stories were shared, of Patches, MamaBrown, Horlicks, Junior and even Milo, all Blackie's old friends and theirs.

Now we understand how Horlicks disappeared for so long and reappeared suddenly without any harm. And they were delighted to hear about the ebony pups, the ones they had seen in the forest scampering around witth Blackie and puzzled why one by one each disappeared. They had been very upset and thought the worse of the pups' fate but that turned to excitement as we told them of how Blackie's pups, save for White Tip, have been rehomed and are now in their teens. J, E and their family will come visit the RATS pack and the Ebonies, touch and cuddle them, all of them once thought dead and now discovered alive safe in the kennels and some with new families. Yes it will be a reunion of old friends again.

We will even visit Patch, now renamed Forest in his new home as they remember with much love the big brindle, goofy dog. J's father has always been especially fond of this big boy as he loves brindles, and he is eager to see big Patch again.

Yes, it is a small world indeed, and while we were talking, they asked if we know of "another dog in the area, a cream colored.... ", we finished the sentence in excitement for them "... with upright ears !!! ALSIE !!!"

Beautiful Alsie.. yes, yes, we do know her we shouted in glee, "Have you seen her? Is she around?" What news awaited us, what delightful news, Alsie has been living in a home for the last few weeks, rehomed by this wonderful couple who has been looking after her ever since Alsie's old owners left her behind. Yes they know of the sad story and feeling very sorry for the once owned dog, have been feeding her, trying to win her trust. No wonder Alsie does not look thin when we see her, and is always seen in the odd hours. She always seemed more interested in our treats than in our food because she is not hungry, she has already been fed by this couple and their neighbours, everyone feeling very sorry for this beautiful dog. Recently, a family took her in after she got into a fight with another dog, which explains the scratches we saw on her and the blue ointment on her toe. But Alsie is very naughty, she loves this area she grew up in and loves running out from the house, even though she receives love from the current family, she still remembers the bus stop where her first owner would alight and she still sits there waiting. Her first owners had taken her in as a little puppy and first loves cannot be forgotten even when that beloved first love betrayed, a dog sees nothing but that pure innocent love of sweet memories.

So Alsie, also known as Heidi (because she was first seen hiding) would dig a hole under the fencing, barrel her way and escape from home. The owners have done everything they can to stop her, re-done the fencing, higher gates, even tying her up sometimes but she always manages to squeeze out for a short stroll and gallop around the estate. She is still seen once in a while visiting her favourite feeder for her familiar jerky and treats but now that we know she has a home, we just make sure she does not run into the foreign workers site and inform her owners of her escape.

Alsie gets to eat her favourite jerky. She returns her thanks. It was a million dollar kiss for us. A dog we thought we had lost, has come back.

We had the sweet opportunity to visit Alsie with J and E and it was so good, felt wonderful to pat her, to cuddle and stroke her. It was almost surreal to be actually there next to her. She was so happy to see J and E and you can tell how much she trusts them. She went belly up straightaway. Remembering the last time we tried to touch and catch Alsie, she had snarled at us in fear, it was a transformation that was hard to believe if we were not there to see her first hand again.
Is a a coincidence J's paths and ours crossed? Or is it a Miracle. We’d like to think it is the latter.

ALL at ClubPets' Carnival @ D'Kranji Farm Resort - a fund raising event
Animal Lovers League (ALL) will be participating in ClubPets Carnival at D'Kranji Farm Resort on June 6 and 7, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. along with other Animal Welfare Groups.

The event is two days of education, fun and relaxation for the whole family with games, activities and goodies to keep you thrilled and occupied.

View Clubpets webpage for the events listing :

We will have a booth selling merchandise such as notebooks, hand-painted T-shirts, tote bags, cushion covers, toys, dog and cats greeting and post cards, dogs' t-shirts, scented decorative candles as well as many interesting items to fund our welfare activities for the cats and dogs in our facility.

Come join us at the carnival and visit us at the ALL booth and let us get to know you. Support our cause by buying our merchandise. Help us help the dogs and cats in our care. We will be there and hope see you and your furry friends. Admission is free and open to everyone.

Directions if you're driving.

Via the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)

Head towards Woodlands. Use Exit 8 to go onto Turf Club Avenue and drive straight on to Kranji Road. At the Kranji Road/Loop junction, turn left into Kranji Way and connect to Neo Tiew Road. Continue along the road for approximately 11 km and then turn left onto Neo Tiew Lane 2 and head for D'Kranji Farm Resort.

Via Jalan Bahar/Choa Chu Kang

Connect to Lim Chu Kang Road and turn right onto Neo Tiew Road. Turn right onto Neo Tiew Lane 2 and look out for D'Kranji Farm Resort.

Free Shuttle Bus Schedule

From Yew Tee MRT to D'Kranji Farm Resort: 8.30am, 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm

From D'Kranji Farm Resort to Yew Tee MRT: 10.15am, 11.15am, 12.15pm, 1.40pm, 2.40pm, 3.40pm, 4.40pm, 5.40pm, 7.15pm, 8.15pm.

Our RATS pack

Our rescued dogs, The RATS Pack are up for Adoption

We have 5 wonderful dogs with great personalities and temperaments for adoption
Milo, Horlicks, Junior. Mama Brown and Cara
our precious sweethearts

We invite you to view the individual dogs and their profile :
Please call us if you wish to view them or get to know them better.

Playful Junior - Neutered male

Devoted Cara - Sterlised Female

Classy Milo - Neutered Male

Gentle Mama Brown - Sterilised Female

Macho Horlicks - Neutered male

Showcasing Gentle MamaBrown from the RATS Pack

Name: MamaBrown
Sterilised Female
Age : 1 year+
Size : Mid size
Cross Breed
Good with people
children and dogs

MamaBrowns’s story
A gentle, sweet and docile female dog.
Sweet MamaBrown with her beautiful soulful brown eyes need a home who would love her forever.
A real sweetheart who gets along with everyone - dogs, pets, people, children.
She is quiet and hardly barks except whimpers in love and joy when she sees you.
She needs no reprimand nor cross words for she always try to please those she love.
Totally obedient and gentle dog
Everyone’s favourite

If you would like to adopt MamaBrown, pls contact 98383820
or email

View her story at

For AdoptionFemale beagle rescued from breeding farm
Bean is the last beagle rescued from the breeding farm. Estimated to be approximately between 3 to 5 years old, she is smaller than the other beagles we rescued, total of 6 and she was almost not saved as the breeder forgot about her. She was the thinnest and most starved one (as the farm had by this time stopped feeding the dogs they wanted to give up), but now she has blossomed and gone back to her normal size due to love and care.

This is an old photo of Bean taken a week after her rescue. Her fur is shaved down in this photo.

She was literally saved from the brink of death because the day we rescued her, she was lifeless, too weak and tired to even move. If she was not rescued that day, we know in another couple of days, she would have starved to death. Currently under foster care, she is fully recovered and responding and adjusting well. She is also eat healthily and very alert and friendly. We are all very proud of her, her will to live is very strong, her desire to live life to the fullest is very great.

Bean will be sterilised soon and currently undergoing heartworm treatment but otherwise the vet has declared her to be in good health. Heartworm is treatable.

Interested parties please contact 98383820 or email to arrange for viewing.

Help to pass the message to everyone you know - ADOPT DON'T BUY