Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mr Tobey smiles his Hello

Mr. Tobey, smiling black/tan Papillion (cross?)

A smiling, happy fella, Tobey is a lovely young black/tan Papillon (cross?) who was found wandering near an MRT for days. Many people passed by thinking he was lost and left him alone but after a few days with no sign of the owner returning, a compassionate lady took him in. Poor fella was so hungry and thirsty and relieved help came, he immediately sat down solemnly and gave her a "Paw" to thank her.

We call him Tobey or Mr. Tobey as he has such perfect manners, offering his paw to everyone he meets as in "How do you do, Kind Sir". Tobey is an unsterilised papillon, estimated to be between 3 to 4 years old, and with his lovely butterfly ears and smile, he makes such a welcome sight that a first instinct would be to pick him up and hug him tight He is docile, gentle and a meek little boy, still rather shy as fresh from his rescue but has settled in very well with the fosterer's dogs. He is thin and his fur condition is not as sleek nor shiny as it should be, probably from neglect and poor nutrition but nothing that love and time won't heal.

Mr. Tobey raises his paw when this photo is taken. can you see his paw?

We are looking for a home, preferably with experience looking after dogs (small breed) for Tobey, with a condition that the Adopter will bring him to a vet for his vaccination, checks and sterilisation. Alternatively we can arrange to do all the necessary but adopter will cover the expenses (receipts provided).

Please call HP: 9765 9951 or email to and provide us with as much information as you can so that we can get to know you better and a contact for us to get back to you. The more the background information you provide, the less we need to ask.  Tobey is suitable for HDB dwelling.

Make today a Tobey day - Mr. Tobey to be exact.

Update on the Forest Pups

The forest pups have since been relocated into fostering as they were being attacked by rats and bitten by big red ants. Their tails were reportedly chewed and found to be full of holes and maggots. Because of the dire situation, there was no choice but to pull them out, even though the mother dog ran away and refused to be caught. It was a hard decision to make, with mommy howling in anguish as she saw her pups being taken, but if that was not done, we were not sure if the pups would survive in the damp and rot.

The vet took immediate action and gave medication. One of them had a bit of her tail amputated as her injury was very bad and the vet was afraid of further infection. They have all since recovered well and very cute and fat little pups.

We have named them, for adoption distinction for we couldn't keeping saying forest pups or brown pups one two or three. There is only one male pup and we have called him McCoy. the other girls are Alphy, Pinky, Bearie and Rocco. The photos shown below were taken two weeks ago.

Group Picture of Forest Pups
Left to Right,  Rocco, Alphy, Pinky and McCoy

 McCoy (male)
Alphy (female) 

As of today's blog posting, there are only two pups left for adoption, McCoy the male and Alphy the female. The others have been adopted into loving homes. They are extremely cute and playful, full of mischief and will now look forward to a rosier future than their unfortunate mother.

Please contact HP: 9765 9951 or email if you are interested to view a Forest pup for adoption.   Both McCoy and Alphy will grow into medium size dogs and not suitable for HDB.

If you know of any friend thinking of a new pet,
Do encourage them to consider Adoption first

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More about Tigger-cub and Friends

The wonderful thing about tiggers
Is tiggers are marvelous chaps!
They're loaded with vim and vigor
They love to leap in your laps!
They're jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is
I'm the only one
Lyrics : Robert & Richard Sherman from "The Tigger Movie under Pooh and Friends"
Little Tigger has grown handsome and taller but still a sweet little boy. He loves playing with his chewies and chasing his foster kor kor Princy around. Just like korkor he also likes to look at hamsters and guinea pigs without hurting them. His ears have stood up, or rather, one is up and one is still floppily down. He does look goofily cute with one ear up and one ear down as if beckoning us to take yet more photos of him, before they fully become upright ears.

Tigger is such a goody with people and during a recent gathering among friends, he was the soul and life, as he was passed from hands to hands, everyone oohing and awwingg at him and queuing to cuddle this docile little boy who is so very mild and even tempered. He stands proudly to guard his home when kor kor is not around, then hides below a table to sound his barks, supposedly not sure if he should or should not, mmmm. What a laugh ! It is hilarious to hear 'wuffing' from below the table and yet cannot see the dog. And when kor kor is around, he stands a step behind to give support and encouragement when kor kor barks, but not a sound from little Tigger, just egging on as a bystander - looking.

He has learnt his toileting habits well and has a marvellous appetite. Everything is appreciated by him, no remnants left as the food bowl is licked clean Once we went visiting with food for an impromtu mini party and much later, found comical little Tigger sitting patiently and quietly all alone at the back with his eyes fixed on his empty bowl, as if waiting for us to remember him in our jolly repast. This is the kind of joy and laugher Tigger brings his fosterers each day. Yes, he is loved dearly and if the fosterer could keep him, they will but they can't and the next best thing is to let him go to a home who loves him just as much.

If you have room for a little 3+ month brindle male boy, please email us at or send an SMS to 8128 9792.  Viewing can be arranged for our little tigger cub.  Please be mindful that Tigger is not HDB approved as he will grow into a mid size dog although his frame is very small.
Handsome Lucky for Adoption

- Small frame mid size dog

- Sterlised male
- Excellent health
- Age - one year plus
- Happy, friendly, active
- Good with people and children
- Playful with other dogs

Young Lucky has the looks of a small German Shepherd, and the cutest and friendliest in the litter of orphaned pups, protective of his siblings.

After a series of unfortunate events, Lucky was finally adopted by a family and just when everything seems to be turning out right for him, the grandmother of the house fell very sick. The family had no choice but to board him out while the situation was critical but now it appears that the temporary solution then most likely will stretch much longer than they had anticipated.

Granny is now under full time nursing care at home. The doctor has advised there be no pets as she has breathing difficulties so poor Lucky has lost his home and the love of his life. The family, face with such a state is opening Lucky up to another home if one can be found as it would be fairer for him then in limbo at boarding.

Lucky is a small frame medium-size dog and not suitable for HDB as licensing rules apply. Viewing will be at the fosterer's home at Punggol if you are interested. Please call or sms 9830-8822 or email if you have a home and heart to help poor young unlucky Lucky.

Happy Isabella
Name: Isabella
Gender : Female
Age : 1 year +
Size : Medium
Sterilised - Labrador Cross

Isabella’s story
Isabella is a beautiful year plus Labrador-cross female dog looking for a home. Friendly, Active and Intelligent, she is healthy and get along with people and loves to play with other dogs. She enjoys a good run with you. Is there a home where Isabella can live forever and bask in the sun, play to heart’s content? She is smart and a fast learner if you have time for her.

Regretfully, Isabella would not be suitable for HDB dwelling. Please contact us 9115-3067 or to arrange for a viewing.

Cute Chocolate Muffin
Chocolate coloured Muffin was first discovered 2 months ago by her rescuer who was on her way to work. The rescuer saw a puppy being run over by a truck and was lying on the road yelping and shivering in pain. The driver did not stop to see the damage and Muffin would have been left to die, another result from road kill. Fortunately for Muffin, angels were watching and without hesitation, the resucer rushed Muffin to the vet for treatment and now she is recovering well from her leg injury. The vet did not perform any surgery on her as being a puppy, he left her bone to heal naturally with love, care, medication and proper nutrition.

Muffin is currently under temporary foster care. Her fosterer has this to say about her: Muffin is such sweet little cutie girl, who is attention seeking and is a fast learner too! She seems to understand human language very well and has learnt the words Sit, Come and No command naturally. Muffin has also started paper trained and has potential for much more as she is a very intelligent little pup.

Muffin is now six months old and fully vaccinated. She is ready to go to a good home with a loving and understanding owner who has the time to care and love her unconditionally.

If you wish to view Muffin, please send a text message to 9066-1999 for us to get back to you or email to

Please note that Muffin will grow to a small medium sized dog and is not an HDB approved breed.

If you are looking for a pet,
do consider Adoption First.