Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Ties

Chinese New Year isn't just about Hong Baos and nice food that is associated with this grand occasion. Rather it is a time for getting together with relatives we hardly have a chance to visit, meeting up with good friends and exchanging the latest news. During reunion meals or visitations, good news of additions to the family are often shared, people, babies, pets. 

Our beloved Sandy and Gluucky are among the few who are proud additions to their families whereupon their new owners proudly shared them with visiting relatives and friends, promoting the adoption cause strongly instead of purchases and how happy we are for them.
Reunion after a long while is a joy to behold as Cara and Zen can attest. 
Yes, dearest Cara had some 4-wonderful-day mother/daughter time with her much loved pup, Zen, now a big, beautiful, healthy and intelligent dog.

Zen's owners went on vacation and left her at Cara's and the two black beauties had a great time, chasing each other, terrorising the other dogs and cats, cuddling up to each other and exchanging small barks and whines.

Of all of Cara's pups, Zen is the most like her in terms of looks and character and it was very sweet to watch them both together again. We couldn't tell who was happier, mother or daughter or us.

Guess who is who?? 

Who says CNY reunion is only for the humans. Zen was pretty sad to say goodbye but fortunately for her, she'll be back at the next holiday, and the two lovely girls will once again re-live their love bond.

We have some lovely dogs also waiting for their chance to be united with families, so that at the next Chinese New Year, they can be part of the CNY reunion fest. Do remember them if you are looking, or if you hear of any relatives or friend looking for a new addition.


 Beautiful Terra Rosa

Our beautiful Terra Rosa escaped death twice in a month!

She was cruelly abandoned by her irresponsible owners who vacated their home without taking her along. She was left wandering alone to fend for herself, confused, hungry, frightened and worse of all, was hounded and chased by the authorities.
After the first escape, she hid in the bushes, however, she was not lucky the 2nd time round. She was caught while taking a nap beneath the bushes. Doomed for death, she was redeemed by a group of caring individuals, at the eleventh hour and immediately sent to the vet to be spayed whereupon the vet informed that 5 puppies were aborted.

We call her Terra Rosa - which is the name for the lovely color of red clayish earth where grape vines thrive and flourish best. This best describes our beautiful dog for her colouring is unusual and she glows in the sunshine. Just as lovely is her temperament and personality for she is gentle and sweet.

Terra Rosa or Rosa as she is affectinately known is a one year old Mixed Breed, sterilised and fully vaccinated. She is temporarily staying in a boarding home and is ready to be adopted. According to the caregiver, Rosa is a wonderful girl. She does not bark, gets along with the other dogs and and is non aggressive to anyone. She spends her days watching and following the caretaker around. Her favorite pastime is napping away in the warm sun, smiling at the birds and enjoying the cool breeze.

A special note from Terra Rosa: Thanks to all the kind aunties and uncle who redeemed her from death.

If you are able to provide a home for Terra Rosa so she can indulge in the warm glow of your love and bring you great joy, please send a text message to 9066-1999 and we will call you back or email to  Rosa is a medium size dog and is not a HDB approved breed.

Cute Chocolate Muffin

Chocolate coloured Muffin was first discovered 2 months ago by her rescuer who was on her way to work. The rescuer saw a puppy being run over by a truck and was lying on the road yelping and shivering in pain. The driver did not stop to see the damage and Muffin would have been left to die, another result from road kill. Fortunately for Muffin, angels were watching and without hesitation, the resucer rushed Muffin to the vet for treatment and now she is recovering well from her leg injury. The vet did not perform any surgery on her as being a puppy, he left her bone to heal naturally with love, care, medication and proper nutrition. 

Muffin is currently under temporary foster care. Her fosterer has this to say about her: Muffin is such sweet little cutie girl, who is attention seeking and is a fast learner too! She seems to understand human language very well and has learnt the words Sit, Come and No command naturally. Muffin has also started paper trained and has potential for much more as she is a very intelligent little pup. 

Muffin is now five months old and fully vaccinated. She is ready to go to a good home with a loving and understanding owner who has the time to care and love her unconditionally.
If you wish to view Muffin, please send a text message to 9066-1999 for us to get back to you or email to

Please note that Muffin will grow to a small medium sized dog and is not an HDB approved breed. 

Shiny for Adoption (on behalf of rescuer)

Shiny, a mongrel found abandoned last year, is looking for a good home. A foster home in the meantime would be ideal too while we continue finding him a suitable place. There's an urgent timeline cos the current owner's house is undergoing major reno really soon and they don't think that Shiny would be good around "strangers", i.e. the contractor & workers.

Shiny is a sweet & affectionate boy who definitely deserves a second chance. Attached are updated pics of him. Further details about Shiny are as follows.

1) Shiny needs space to run around and his new home must have high fencing 'cause he can jump well;
2) Best if home has no children 'cause he seems to react to certain actions somewhat aggressively and no one knows his background or bad experiences prior to this;
3) New owners must be patient and tolerant;
4) Shiny is sterilised, young (definitely less than 3 years old and healthy

Pls feel free to contact Yvonne @ 97225777 or Ros @ 97910609 if you can offer Shiny a good, loving home. Despite his size (not suited for HDB flats), bark and exuberance, he has an amiable nature if not treated with animosity. With care and obedience training, he will make a loyal friend and watchdog.

Happy Isabella

Name: Isabella
Gender : Female
Age : 1 year +
Size : Medium
Sterilised - Labrador Cross
Isabella’s story
Isabella is a beautiful year plus Labrador-cross female dog looking for a home. Friendly, Active and Intelligent, she is healthy and get along with people and loves to play with other dogs. She enjoys a good run with you. Is there a home where Isabella can live forever and bask in the sun, play to heart’s content? She is smart and a fast learner if you have time for her.

Regretfully, Isabella would not be suitable for HDB dwelling.

Please contact us 9115-3067 or to arrange for a viewing.

Lost Dog - Grace

Grace is a mid size dog. She looks like a small brown German Shepherd as her nose (muzzle) area is blackish. Grace has brown body with four white paws, a white chest and a long bushy tail.

Grace responds to her name so if you call her, she will come to you. She will be hungry and very frightened.

Gracie Grace, where are you? Do you know we are still waiting? Come home soon dearest, come home soon.
Please call 97845370 (Eddie) or 96708052 (Mohan) if you see a dog resembling her. Grace was last seen wearing a blue nylon collar. Thank you for your help.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hong Baos to share

Happy New Year
Xin Nian Kuai Le
Wan Shi Lu Yi
Xin Nian Zhing Bu
Gong Xi Fatt Chye
Hong Bao for Sandy

Unlike for most kids, it came a week earlier for Sandy, and no we are certainly not complaining.

Yes, last Sunday a lovely famiy, came to visit Sandy and took her back for trial fostering with an intent to adopt. By the third day they texted us that she brought such joy to them and they wished to keep her permanently.

Cindy has a quiet moment in HER garden.

Hurray. Sandy has found her home, Praise God. Little Sandy, just turned 5 months, the last of Teddy's litter, the small little puny pup with an oversized appetite but skinny weeny because of her poor skin condition finally belongs. She has two girls to play with, a bond we know will grow thick with time for Sandy has a big heart and lots of licks and love to give. She has been renamed to Cindy by the cheh chehs and now thrives on kibbles with meat, brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and has big lamb bones to crunch on. She has a garden to run and investigate, tweet tweeting of birds to entertain her, toys to play with and watches over her new family proudly like a much loved family dog.

When we visited her on CNY eve, she greeted us with her usual upside down belly rub posture and looked stunning with her coat of shiny fur and flesh filled body. In just 6 days she has transformed into a beautiful, confident, obedient and totally alert watch dog, barking at strangers warning them off.  How proud we are of how well she has taken on the role as guardian and protector. Chinese New Year will be a great one for Cindy as she joins her family to welcome friends and relatives.

Sandy's fur all lovely and gleaming. Body filling up nicely.

Her mother Teddy has also recovered from her skin ailment and now sports a full growth of lovely fur. Teddy is also smiling and happy in her new home, contented and no longer needs to search for food and run from people, finally.

Teddy the new diva in her home, smiles her approval her pups are all in good homes.

Dalmy, the dog abandoned in front of the ALL shelter is also smiling his approval and looks forward to Chinese New Year from his new home. Now renamed Gluuky (Lucky in German), he enjoys car rides and ice cubes, milk in the morning, leisurely baths and frolicks in the garden as his new family indulges in him and his antics. He is a much loved and a clownish addition to their lives.

Gluuky looks out from his home, a nice parting photo shot.

We thank all these wonderful and generous families for opening their homes and adopting these lovely dogs and giving them a new chance at love.  You will find them the best of friends, loyal and faithful to the end.

While these are just some nice stories to share, there are still many dogs out there, waiting to be rescued or looking for good homes.

We pray that
- a Hong Bao of love and family will be upon all the dogs looking for homes,
- a Hong Bao of food and water for all who are still out there, wandering
- a Hong Bao of freedom and life for those who seek refuge as they wait their turn to be rescued.
- and finally and especially for those who have been looking and praying, a Hong Bao for us as Grace is kept safe and protected as we wait for her safe return.

Lost Dog - Grace

Grace is a mid size dog. She looks like a small brown German Shepherd as her nose (muzzle) area is blackish.

Grace has brown body with four white paws, a white chest and a long bushy tail.

Grace responds to her name so if you call her, she will come to you. She will be hungry and very frightened.

Gracie Grace, where are you? Do you know we are still waiting? Come home soon dearest, come home soon.

Please call 97845370 (Eddie) or 96708052 (Mohan) if you see a dog resembling her.  Grace was last seen wearing a blue nylon collar. Thank you for your help.