Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mercy Call

Forest Pups - An old man's worry
As many of us know, it has been raining for the past few weeks in Singapore. The wind and rains are particularly strong in the forested areas. One day, an 80 year old man was taking his routine walk when he heard a yelp – sounding like a piteous cry for help from a far distance. He was curious and began walking through the difficult wood to search for that cry. It resulted in 45 mins of tedious hunt in a heavily forested area, hurting himself through dead trees, snagged by pricky thorns, thick undergrowth and multilayered canopy dominated by large trees and accumulations of dead leaves and rotten wood.

The forest - where no man dares tread.

The kind old man finally saw a lonely mommy dog with her 8 pups trapped by dead logs in the dense forest. As there was no way for him to remove the logs, he went home and brought along a chisel, an axe and trowel to start removing the logs and making small pathway for the mommy and pups to walk. As he is old and did not have help, the old man spent one full day removing all the obstacles to rescue the family. He carried the pups and made a makeshift shelter for them to rest and went off to cook a simple meal for them to eat.

Hungry mommy

Mommy watching over her pups in the makeshift nursing room

Makeshift shelter, a boon during the rain 

Nursing mommy and her remaining pups

As age is catching up, the old man suffered a terrible backache and fatigue; he was sick for many days and was unable to get out of bed. As he lived alone, there was no one to care for him, much less cook for the dogs. The mommy was hungry and started bringing her pups to the deep forest to search for food which resulted in 3 deaths as they were either starved to death or crushed by the falling dead trees.

        Mommy carrys her pup
out in search of food

The old man carrying the pups back to safety - his daily routine as the pups are hungry and roam blindly for food.
The old man is pleading for kind souls who have the space and love at home to give the puppies a chance in life to call it their home as well. Right now we are trying to help him rehome them since they are very young and when time is right, we will have mommy sterilized, if we can get near enough her to catch her. Many have suggested to the old man to bring the pups to SPCA as there are so many others out there also looking for home, the chances for these to find one will be dim. We are as torn on how to help him but we will try this avenue first.

Spare a thought for the innocent Forest Pups
If anyone is able to help and wishes to view and adopt the puppies, please call HP: 9765 9951 or email to alim0703@yahoo.com.sg.

These are the Forest Pups. There are now five left.  Please note that these pups will grow into medium size thus they are not HDB approved breed

Please Help Cat with Half Her Face Gone!!!  
Open Appeals


Lara was found with half her face missing, rotting and smelling very very awful. The smell was so bad that the vet had to put on vic's vapourub on her mask while in surgery and still the smell seeped through.

She was missing for 2 weeks before she appeared when the feeder went on her feeding rounds. She was very skinny and hungry, trying to eat, but was unable to as the pain must be terrible. Managed to trap her and sent her to the vet. She has been a cat at Little India for many years and was only recently sterelised about 2 months ago. Its not fair that she has to end up this way. Seeing that she is still trying to eat and has such strong surviving spirit, decided to bring her to the vet and see how it goes.

The vet had to do 2 surgeries to take off the dead skin on her face. Half of her nose is gone, her lower eyelid and some part of the mouth. After the first surgery, she began eating on her own the third day and has gone on from strength to strength. For the second surgery, the vet put a tube through her oesophagus directly to her stomach so she can be tube fed and her face wouldn't be dirtied which may cause further infections.

She would need multiple surgeries to reconstruct her face. Parts of it which do not have skin for the new tissue to grow will will be vulnerable to infections. She also need daily cleaning for her face, which she is tolerating quite well! She also needs to be indoor after this, so she would need a home too. So far the hospital bill is coming up to $1000 and she will still need to stay there for quite awhile. The vet estimate that she would need another $1000 at least and more for the reconstruction of her face.

I'm looking after many cats at the Little India area and has already brought many of them to the vet. If you could help with Lara's medical bill, or a home for her, please contact me at 9397 8890, or you can email me at vik_pet@ymail.com. I don't have regular email access so may be slow in my reply.

Lara is currently at Animal Docters, Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Blk 108 #01-96 Tel: 6451 4531

Thank you.
Cat Welfare Society

DOGS for Adoption

Name: Babette
Gender: Sterilised Female
Age: 12 months
Cross Breed
Good and gentle with people, children and cats too

Babette is very outgoing, lovable and alert girl.  She gets along well with cats and dogs alike, and enjoys a good game of 'catch-me-if-you can'.

A strong will to live, Babette is the only one in her litter of nine puppies to be rescued from the sandpile. 3 others have passed on due to malnutrition, the other surviving siblings including her mummy and daddy rely on stray feeders on their daily meals.

Name: Papi
Gender: Sterilised Female
Age: 9 months
Cross Breed
Good with people, children and cats too

Papi is one of two pups from a litter of four rescued from a rubbish dump. Her sister was adopted and is coping well with the new family.  

Dear Papi is a bit shy but gets along marvellously well with cats and dogs alike.  This lovable girl enjoy snuggling up with you during bedtime.
If you have a home do consider these two sweethearts. Don't let Babette and Papi's survival be in vain.

9781 8596

If you are looking for a pet,
do consider Adoption First.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome back Gracie Grace

Hurray, Thank God,
Gracie Grace is back!!
Late late last night to early hours of this morning, a call came that a dog resembling Grace was spotted at Redhill. The saga came to an end with verification that it is indeed Grace and she still sports the blue collar and the joyous reunion it must have been for dear E and M who have relentlessly continued their search for her since she was lost.

We were not there to see their expressions but we can imagine the tremendous joy and relief, not just for our two wonderful guys but for all of you who have followed this case. The many who have helped in the search during the early days, passing on her "Lost" message, postings on forums, blogs, sites, making posters, pinning up at various locations, following leads, praying and upholding each other in comfort. Yes there were many out there rooting for Grace to be found, safe and alive. 

As for us who are posting this blog, we never gave up that she was out there waiting. We kept her 'Lost' notice up every week, long when others had stopped because we felt it was important she does not become a memory lost in the many new updates or stories that flood in each day. We knew we had to keep her face imprinted fresh in our minds and blog in the hope that someone might copy and post or email to a friend of a friend of a friend.  And to our joy and relief, after 47 long days, Grace is finally back.

47 days of wondering if she had food to eat, 47 days of worry if she any water to drink and the extremely hot weather lately has not helped, 47 days of torturous 'what ifs?' haunt us now and again but we never gave up hope and continued to rally and pray and so the saga ends and everyone is happy again. 

Thank you dear four kind strangers who spotted her and held on to her till help came. We do not know you nor your names but we thank you. You will always know that you helped a lost dog be found, helped her return to those who love her so and save her from a life of wandering and hunger and probably eventual death.

Grace is back at the place where she has been much missed and very much loved and there she will stay. She probaby has lots of stories to tell and a tale that would wow her canine friends but for us, all we can see is her happy tail and joyful barks.  She recognises her old friends and marvellously, thank God for keeping her safe, does not seem the worse for wear except tired and thinner than we last saw her. 

And it goes to show that nothing is impossible if one has hope. We hope and pray that for those of you who have lost a pet and still waiting for their return, may Grace's return inspire and encourage you.

Dogs for Adoption

- small frame mid size dog
- Sterlised male
- Excellent health
- Age - one year plus
- Happy, friendly, active
- Good with people and children
- Playful with other dogs

Young Lucky has the looks of a small German Shepherd, and the cutest and friendliest in the litter of orphaned pups, protective of his siblings.

After a series of unfortunate events, Lucky was finally adopted by a family and just when everything seems to be turning out right for him, the grandmother of the house fell very sick. The family had no choice but to board him out while the situation was critical but now it appears that the temporary solution then most likely will stretch much longer than they had anticipated.

Granny is now under full time nursing care at home. The doctor has advised there be no pets as she has breathing difficulties so poor Lucky has lost his home and the love of his life. The family, face with such a state is opening Lucky up to another home if one can be found as it would be fairer for him then in limbo at boarding.

Lucky is a small frame medium-size dog and not suitable for HDB as licensing rules apply. Viewing will be at the fosterer's home at Punggol if you are interested. Please call or sms 9830-8822 or email anaterry@singnet.com.sg if you have a home and heart to help poor young unlucky Lucky.

If you are looking for a pet
please consider Adopting first.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help for Tigger and Friends

The quiet was too good to be true.  After the Chinese New Year, there are many dogs looking for homes.


Little Tigger Cub looking for a home

The Tigger Song
A wonderful thing is a Tigger;
A Tigger's a wonderful thing.
Their tops are made out of rubber,
their bottoms are made out of spring
They're bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,
fun, fun, fun, fun, fun,
The most wonderful thing
about Tiggers is:
I'm the only one!
Lyrics : Robert & Richard Sherman from
"The Tigger Movie under Pooh and Friends"

Little Tigger is our sweet and lovely 2 month plus orphaned brindle male pup. During a recent "clean up" raid he became separated from his mama and siblings and thankfully, escaped death by running in a different direction from the others. Fortunately for him, he ran towards a kind man who would later be his rescuer. The rescuer is not a dog lover per se but he felt sorry for the little pup as the gruesome operation took place, before his eyes and he took Tigger home, away from the authorities.

As far as we know, sadly, Tigger is the only one of the litter not caught. He lives on to carry the legacy of his mama and siblings and bears his beautiful and unusual stripes bravely and boldly. He has been to a vet for a check up and vaccination and declared healthy. Tigger is well behaved and docile with a great temperament.

Unaware of his near demise, little Tigger sleeps in perfect contentment and plays with gusto at his fosterers' home. We pray for a good home for brave little Tigger that he may see only happy days for we owe it to his mama to ensure his future, being the only survivor of his litter.

For more information please email us at alim0703@yahoo.com.sg or send an SMS to 8128 9792 if you wish to view our little tiger cub look alike. Please be mindful that Tigger is not HDB approved as he will grow into a mid size dog. 

Romeo the Westie

West Highland Terrier,

Sterilised Male, 6 yrs old

Romeo was given the death sentence as owners had no time for him due to his fungal and digestion problems. The fungal infection was so bad, it made Romeo partial blind. With twice daily wash and medication, Romeo now can see a little, though he still occasionally bumps into things in his way.  Romeo is currently put on homeopathy for his skin condition, bilberry for his eyes, echinacea to boost his immunity.

Romeo is looking for a committed owner who is able to keep up with his ear and eye washing to keep him in best form. Please call 6289 9273 for viewing at Serangoon Gardens.

Beautiful Terra Rosa

Our beautiful Terra Rosa escaped death twice in a month! She was cruelly abandoned by her irresponsible owners who vacated their home without taking her along. She was left wandering alone to fend for herself, confused, hungry, frightened and worse of all, was hounded and chased by the authorities.

After the first escape, she hid in the bushes, however, she was not lucky the 2nd time round. She was caught while taking a nap beneath the bushes. Doomed for death, she was redeemed by a group of caring individuals, at the eleventh hour and immediately sent to the vet to be spayed whereupon the vet informed that 5 puppies were aborted.

We call her Terra Rosa - which is the name for the lovely color of red clayish earth where grape vines thrive and flourish best. This best describes our beautiful dog for her colouring is unusual and she glows in the sunshine. Just as lovely is her temperament and personality for she is gentle and sweet.

Terra Rosa or Rosa as she is affectinately known is a one year old Mixed Breed, sterilised and fully vaccinated. She is temporarily staying in a boarding home and is ready to be adopted. According to the caregiver, Rosa is a wonderful girl. She does not bark, gets along with the other dogs and and is non aggressive to anyone. She spends her days watching and following the caretaker around. Her favorite pastime is napping away in the warm sun, smiling at the birds and enjoying the cool breeze.

If you are able to provide a home for Terra Rosa so she can indulge in the warm glow of your love and bring you great joy, please send a text message to 9066-1999 and we will call you back or email to anaterry@singnet.com.sg. Rosa is a medium size dog and is not a HDB approved breed.

Cute Chocolate Muffin
Chocolate coloured Muffin was first discovered 2 months ago by her rescuer who was on her way to work. The rescuer saw a puppy being run over by a truck and was lying on the road yelping and shivering in pain. The driver did not stop to see the damage and Muffin would have been left to die, another result from road kill. Fortunately for Muffin, angels were watching and without hesitation, the resucer rushed Muffin to the vet for treatment and now she is recovering well from her leg injury. The vet did not perform any surgery on her as being a puppy, he left her bone to heal naturally with love, care, medication and proper nutrition.

Muffin is currently under temporary foster care. Her fosterer has this to say about her: Muffin is such sweet little cutie girl, who is attention seeking and is a fast learner too! She seems to understand human language very well and has learnt the words Sit, Come and No command naturally. Muffin has also started paper trained and has potential for much more as she is a very intelligent little pup.

Muffin is now five months old and fully vaccinated. She is ready to go to a good home with a loving and understanding owner who has the time to care and love her unconditionally.

If you wish to view Muffin, please send a text message to 9066-1999 for us to get back to you or email to anaterry@singnet.com.sg

Please note that Muffin will grow to a small medium sized dog and is not an HDB approved breed.

Shiny for Adoption (on behalf of rescuer)

Shiny, a mongrel found abandoned last year, is looking for a good home. A foster home in the meantime would be ideal too while we continue finding him a suitable place. There's an urgent timeline cos the current owner's house is undergoing major reno really soon and they don't think that Shiny would be good around "strangers", i.e. the contractor & workers.

Shiny is a sweet and affectionate boy who definitely deserves a second chance. Further details about Shiny are as follows.

1) Shiny needs space to run around and his new home must have high fencing 'cause he can jump well;
2) Best if home has no children 'cause he seems to react to certain actions somewhat aggressively and no one knows his background or bad experiences prior to this;
3) New owners must be patient and tolerant;
4) Shiny is sterilised, young (definitely less than 3 years old and healthy

Pls feel free to contact Yvonne @ 97225777 or Ros @ 97910609 if you can offer Shiny a good, loving home. Despite his size (not suited for HDB flats), bark and exuberance, he has an amiable nature if not treated with animosity. With care and obedience training, he will make a loyal friend and watchdog.

Happy Isabella

Name: Isabella
Gender : Female
Age : 1 year +
Size : Medium
Sterilised - Labrador Cross

Isabella’s story
Isabella is a beautiful year plus Labrador-cross female dog looking for a home. Friendly, Active and Intelligent, she is healthy and get along with people and loves to play with other dogs. She enjoys a good run with you. Is there a home where Isabella can live forever and bask in the sun, play to heart’s content? She is smart and a fast learner if you have time for her.

Regretfully, Isabella would not be suitable for HDB dwelling. Please contact us 9115-3067 or anaterry@singnet.com.sg  to arrange for a viewing.

Lost Dog - Grace
Grace is a mid size dog. She looks like a small brown German Shepherd as her nose (muzzle) area is blackish. Grace has brown body with four white paws, a white chest and a long bushy tail.

Grace responds to her name so if you call her, she will come to you. She will be hungry and very frightened.

Gracie Grace, where are you?
Do you know we are still waiting? Come home soon dearest, come home soon.

Please call 97845370 (Eddie) or 96708052 (Mohan) if you see a dog resembling her. Grace was last seen wearing a blue nylon collar. Thank you for your help.

If you are consider having a pet as an addition to the family
Please consider Adoption first.