Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Xiong Xiong For Adoption

Teddy Bear Xiong Xiong is still up for adoption - 31 Oct 2013

Two dogs were caught instead of one from our feeding site. Knowing this, we couldn't leave the other boy behind. This is the other boy, we have named him Xiong Xiong, like a Teddy Bear. 

This is how he looks when we first picked him up, he looks like he have been crying for days, perhaps since he was being caught. Poor boy. 

Xiong xiong knows commands like sit, paws, shake hands. He obviously have an owner! He might have been recently abandoned at our feeding site, not a surprise since he was so easily caught. He is short, chubby and fat. Despite his size and temperament, AVA refused to allow him to be HDB approved, thus only private properties can apply. (Condo or landed)

Fosterer has describe him as friendly and responsive, he comes when he is called and does tricks easily.

To adopt Xiongxiong, please call 97659951. We are also actively looking for his owner, if you do know who he belongs too, feel free to PM us. 

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