Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ebony Pups – Two went home, and now there are TWO

Our Ebony Pups are doing well. They are eating well, drinking lots and playing happily with each other. They are not like mummy Blackie as they have become used to us feeding them every day and associate us as their friends. Three of the pups, their face look like their father, a yellow lab, with their broad Lab face while one has more pointed, sharp feature of their mom. They also inherit their mother’s black coloring but all of them are good natured and friendly.

We are so happy to inform that Whitie has been adopted yesterday, January 23, by a family living in a landed property with another dog sister and 3 young children to play with. The kind lady Ms. J corresponded with us and arranged to pick Whitie up almost immediately as the family loves black dog with white markings.

When Ms. J came to see the pups, all four ran out to greet her and she exclaimed how cute they are. She also saw Blackie sitting a distance away. According to Mrs. J, Labs are prized for their good nature and temperament as well as their ‘soft’ touch. In fact, in UK, they accompany pheasant hunters to retrieve the birds and with their ‘soft touch’, the birds are not ravaged nor bloodied when these dogs carry the birds in their mouth. Blackie on the other hand has always been timid and docile. She has always been bullied by the other dogs and would never retaliate against them when they steal her food, she does not even chase away the birds. With both sides of the pups’ family and their good temperament, we do know that these pups are non-biters and non aggressive.

It was demonstrated so when Ms. J picked up Whitie. There was no aggression nor barks but a peaceful happy serenity that one was going to a good home. Whitie seemed to enjoy the attention. In fact two of her sisters followed along and we had to lure them back with food so they wouldn’t get into the car as well. Ms. J will keep in touch with us and let us know how Whitie is progressing as well as her new name. According to her SMS today, Whitie has been called with several different names as no one could decide which is better, but she has reported that everything is fine and Whitie is doing well and their other dog has taken to the new addition well.

Just this afternoon, January 24, Friendie has been adopted by a family living in a house with a garden, with a 12 year old daughter, dogs and cats. They had seen our poster and contacted us immediately. Upon seeing the pups, they couldn't decide which as all of them were cute and friendly. In the end, they took Friendie, who just like Whitie, was quiet while being carried by her new best friend, the little girl. Friendie basked in the attention and our last looks of Friendie is of her sitting happily in car, with her head on the little girl's lap. Yes it was a beautiful sight. The family fell in in love with all of them but could only take one. They were concerned for the remaining two and will ask around for homes for them. They too will keep us in the loop of how Friendie is doing.

Keep a look out for our blog on more pictures and stories of Whitie and Friendie and their new homes.

We are very glad to meet such nice people like Ms. J and believe it or Friendie's new mommy is also Ms. J... And the best part of these two families is that they were interested in the these pups not for the breed they carry. In our earlier posters which we had circulated, we had only put them as Ebony Pups. We did not let people know their father was a Lab, although we had seen him with Blackie when she was on heat, because the first few people we had approached for the pups were apprehensive in adopting a pup from a big sized dog. When these two ladies contacted us, all they wanted was a little black female pup they could adopt to fit into their household, they did not ask, neither did they care the breed of the Ebony Pups. They just wanted a local cross dog who would fit into their family. This truly exemplify their love for dogs as breed had no bearing on their adoption interest. The rehoming was done quickly, with no hesitation as the families were prepared having discussed thoroughly about a new addition.

Thank you, Ms. J (Whitie's mum) and Ms. J (Friendie's mum) and your families for extending your love to Blackie's pups. Both of you had asked us what we will do for Blackie after her pups are rehomed and we are very touched that you not only cared for her pups but for her as well. The best you can do for Blackie has already been done as you have welcomed the pups into your homes. What you can give them now is all your love and a home for as long as they live. If Blackie could talk, this is what she would have said. She never had what they have, love, a family and a home and she would not want them to travel the same journey she took. On behalf of Blackie, thank you for giving her precious pups a chance at love.

These two adoptions are a big boost for us as we have been very worried for them as there had been a lot of queries but no confirmed takers. Whitie and Friendie going to good homes is a huge, happy and special Chinese New Year Ang Pow (Red Packet) for all of us.

We have also received several calls for fostering these pups and we are grateful for the kind families who have offered. For now we think it best the last two sisters stay together as fostering will mean splitting them up with no definite plans. We are still looking for on-site adoptions first and these fosterers will be activated should we come to the crunch. Should the third pup be adopted, we may take the last pup and put her in a foster home as we don't want her to be alone. That is the time we will need the foster home.

Cara’s family – togetherness
Cara met all her babies, for the first time since they were adopted. As some of you who have been following her story may know, Cara has been an extremely devoted mother. When we first rescued her from the site where she was found and decided to relocate her family to the Kennels, she had allowed us to pick up her pups but very anxiously followed us as we gathered them up. She had followed our footsteps as we took each pup and into a box in the car. The last small pup was wedged tightly in between heavy planks and Cara had nosed us anxiously when the pup had yelped in anger while we pulled it out.

Cara and pups just before and after their rescue

Throughout the journey in the car, Cara insisted on climbing into the box which was only big enough for her 3 pups, yet she had squeezed herself into the box, half sitting, half standing, as if protecting her pups during the ride there. Her love and concern is amazing when we have seen other mother dogs react differently.

After the first pup, Zen, left first for her new home, Cara was very protective of the last two, Silver and Raven. Each time we took them out to bathe, she would be circling anxiously in her kennel while waiting for their return. Eventually Silver and Raven had to leave for their new homes too and each time we visited Cara after that, she clamored to get out of the kennel, scratching furiously at the gate. She would refused treats and avoided cuddles and instead howled at us as if asking us to let her out so she can look for her pups.

When we took her for her sterlisation, there was a little puppy at the vet who was whining away. Cara was very interested in that pup. She stood there unmoving for a long time, with her ears cocked and head to one side listening carefully. We figured she was wondering if it was her pup. Yes, it has been a long, difficult time for her and heart wrenching one for us. How do we tell a mother that by removing her babies, it is for their and her best. Which mother would understand, certainly it is hard enough reason for a human, much less a dog.

On December 31, Zen came to visit Cara. The first time these two met was very touching. Zen as you know is very active and frisky. Cara as well, is no better. But when they both met face to face, there was a pause, they were both stock still in the tracks. We were not sure at that time if Cara and Zen still recognised each other, but what they did next answered our question. Cara stood still looking and Zen approached silently half crouching, with her ears back and whimpered softly. Then Cara approached and as they neared each other, Zen looked up at her mom, half lying down on the floor in a submissive pose, her face full of anticipation and love while her tail wagged furiously. Cara with a tail waving slowly, licked her gently, all over and nosed her from face to her tail as if searching for wounds or bruises. It was strange to see Zen so quiet and submissive. She has never behaved like that with other dogs or even with her owners, being so Alpha in behaviour. That lasted for a short while before they both got up and started romping with each other, sentimentality all forgotten.

Cara and Zen, they look so alike, can you tell who is who?
Hint : Cara is in the blue collar

Then a week after that, we managed to arrange for a visit to Silver and Raven’s new home. Together with Zen, we took Cara to their place. Their first meeting was not as solemn as the one when Cara met Zen as two frisky pups running all over couldn’t recreate a quiet moment. But we did see Cara again nosing both these two while they crouched in front of mommy with their tails wagging furiously. When Zen later joined the gathering, ooh, what a ruckus it was. It became a little chaotic as Zen reminded her sisters who the big sister was. She chased both the smaller pups and Raven went to hide, reminiscent of the old days when she was always hiding in between the heavy planks.

Silver and Raven have each other for company and their owner have said they are good with visitors and children. Silver is the more docile and obedient pup and much treasured by the adults as she listens and behaves, while the kids love Raven as she is active and playful. Throughout the visit, we could see how much Silver and Raven would run to their owner to give him a kiss. He has given them much love and security and have renovated his patio to accommodate these two pups to give them a safe place to play. They are both good watch-dogs too and bark at strangers but it is Silver who is brave and fearless and stand guard (just like Cara) while Raven hides (haha) after barking.

Silver and Raven. Silver has pointed ears.

Yes all the three pups are doing well. They have adjusted well to their new families and paid back for their rescue with their love, loyalty and devotion to their new families. We cannot ask for more. Zen has grown big in size, much like when she was just a baby, the biggest and alpha and that has not changed much. Zen looks the most like Cara. Silver is fearless and brave like Cara and Raven is the active pup like Cara too. Yes, we can see her in all three of them, they truly are Cara’s beloved pups. They have inherited her traits and goodness and we are very happy for them. Although Cara can’t talk, we are sure she feels much like us. She had done a good job protecting and nursing them when they needed that and their new adopted families have carried on that love and protection and now they are on their way to adulthood, giving their hearts to those whom they love.

It remains for Cara to be finally adopted too but for now she is happy with her new Pack, her kennel friends and she is eating well. In fact she looks plumb and is always ready to greet visitors with her usual effervescent self. In fact since we ran the story of Cara in our blog and how much she had protected her babies, a kind lady (Ms. J) has been sponsoring for Cara's boarding and full medical. Cara is the first sterilised and most fully vaccinated dog in our Pack such was her sponsorer's kindness. Sweet Cara, Devoted Cara, Loyal Cara, Mia Cara. We sure are thankful we chanced upon her when she needed us most and very glad she chose the right path to take - follow us to safety. God had His eye upon her and led us to her.

Zen’s story (as told by Zen’s new family, L and J)
We love dogs, of all shapes and sizes, breed or no breed. Some people have "psychological doubts" about BLACK dogs, but we certainly LOVE them. By past encounters with them has told me that black dogs/cats are actually among the most intelligent and loyal group of animals.

We were at ALL visiting during a regular weekend when our friends, i.e. the rescuers' car arrived with a mother dog and her 3 pups. We set eyes on a black pup, the one that actively looked up to explore the human faces and touches. She was always the first to explore and come forth. Her siblings would then follow. We decided to adopt her, and begun to prepare the house for her arrival.

First visit to the vet at 4 weeks old, everyone at the clinic said "oh how cute this black labrador pup look-alike is, so tiny, so sleepy". We told the humans that they could adopt such lovely pups at ALL too! :-) She yelped very loudly when the vet touched her, inspected her and did the checks and jabs on her. The other animals waiting at the clinic must have waited in agony.

We took her home from the shelter when she was 6 weeks old. She had to leave her mum and siblings for a brand new home for the first time, without any dogs around, and she was the first brave puppy to leave the family. I remember that during the journey home, she climbed out from her tall Ikea box and stood in the middle of the car, looking on, curious nose sniffing around, standing boldly trying to balance like on a surfboard in the moving world beneath her.

The first night at home was long - for us humans. She cried the whole night long, as if crying for her mother and the warm company of her siblings. It was "cruel" to hear her cries, but we had no choice but to let her get used to it. On inspection, she was sitting and crying beside her food bowl. What a sight! Awww hungry pup must be longing for her mother's milk! Among the siblings, she was the biggest and the great mum has done the best job in bringing up her pups well.

Zen is coming to 5 months old now, she is looking a lot like her mum CARA. About half Cara’s size, and she is still growing. Being the Alpha pup in Cara’s litter, she is super active (just like her mum). She has been with us for 3 months now and boy, she has grown - tremendously. We are happy that she is eating very well, and has the most lovely coat of black, soft satin hair now.

Zen is all BLACK, with soft brown eyes, and she is among the most intelligent dogs that we have ever encountered. Basic commands like SIT was mastered in 2 days, SHAKE HAND in 4 days, walk up & down the stairs on first sight. Very amazing. She is highly-alert, active and loves to play. People that do not understand may think she is very rough and being a big bully to their dogs. But hey she's only a little puppy! We know she is definitely not a bully, but rather just being herself, alpha and playful. Humble Zen would not mind if you barricade her in an area, so long she has a toy to play with.

Smart and beautiful Zen.
She looks like seal with four legs such is the beauty of her fur

The area where she lives looks like a mini war zone everyday and our common view. Well, we guess that this is the little compromise we accept until she becomes a mature adult. We realise her natural house-guarding instinct recently. Woofing at the Bangladesh workers, barking at earthworms on the floor, pouncing on the birds that steal her food. She knows when we are almost home and waits eagerly at the gate, when the owner's bicycle reaches the roundabout without sight or sound, when the owner is near the door step. No matter how quietly we creep towards her, she can always smell us out. Wagging her tail or should i say, whole body in excitement and happiness.

Our message to all out there is - PLEASE ADOPT, DO NOT BUY. Do not support the breeders' activities! Mongrels or cross-breed dogs are easy to maintain, they are non-fussy eaters and do not require much grooming. Give the animals a second chance in life, and in return they will give you their devoted love for the rest of their lives.

Story by proud parents, L and J on January 7, 2009

Adoption or Fostering – Litter of TWO EBONY PUPS
A litter of TWO beautiful glossy shiny fur of jet black puppies. One is full black and the one with beautiful white markings but both look alike - beautiful and fat. They are healthy as we feed them every day and we also know the mother is still nursing them.

This video was taken first week of January 2009, when there were still five pups.
Our beautiful Ebony pups

Individual pups based on our observation :
Lil’ SisFull black. The smallest and quietest. The homebody. This is probably the one who would make the least noise and the most docile and obedient.

Indy - Has a slight tinge of white on the tips of her right back and front toe. Indy is the independent sister. She is smart and brave and has her own mind.

Can you help them beat the odds -
Prove the world wrong

Black is Beautful, Black is Elegant,
Black is Cool,
Black can be LOVE and Black is Ebony

The Ebony Pups

To help save them, we need adopters - 9838 3820 or

HORLICKS for adoption
Horlicks is Urgently looking for a home.

Name : Horlicks
Age : Approximately 1 year plus
Breed : Cross
Temperament : Gentle and Mild, Very friendly with people and children. Loves to play.Macho dog with a soft heart. Excellent family dog.

Unfortunately, the current licensing ruling restricts ownership of mid-sized dogs in public housing, and as much as we would love for these pups to go to homes who will love them, regardless of the type, regretfully, we need to inform that mid size dogs are not on the HDB approved list . This does not apply to fostering.


Please email us at or call 9838-3820.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ebony Pups (Labrador Cross) - Still homeless

Puppies Minus One

The litter of five ebony pups which are Labrador Cross are sadly reduced by one. One day there were five and the next there are four.

The one with the white tip tail is missing. We do not know what happened. All we do know is that the pups have grown and are braver. They no longer wish to hide in the forest where their mother had so carefully hidden them. Now they venture out, they follow mommy when she goes wandering, and if you have been following Blackie’s story from Day one, you would know how much she moves around. Not one for sitting around and waiting, Blackie would roam the streets, either in search of food or just wandering.

Unknown to the innocent puppies, they have made themselves visible and this becomes dangerous in a location where we have previously lost our strays. Many strays.

The other day, we saw the puppies follow mom out, across big drains, up hills and across treacherous roads. No. The cars and trucks did not stop for them and the puppies did not know what to do. With our hearts in our mouth, we saw how two of the pups were left on one side of the road while the other two had crossed safely as they were quicker. The remaining two yelped and later ran back to their nest as Blackie did not wait. The big drains become death traps when there is heavy rain with overflowing sewage and the hills are sand dunes. During peak hours, traffic becomes busy with heavy vehicles.

How sad it is when we have a situation like Blackie’s. She does not know how to look after her pups other than nurse them. She was once like them, left with her sister in a drain at a young age, as her mother was caught and put down shortly after their birth. All she knows is not to stay in a spot for long as that is dangerous and so Blackie wanders. Can we blame her for actions. All we can say it is déjà vu. We are seeing history repeating itself. What we can do is to try catch her and sterilise her but Blackie is not the typical stray we feed. She has been the hardest to go near much less catch. She was Project Number 1 and after all these months with the successful rescue of the rest of the Rat Pack and successful rehoming of many pups, Blackie still remains our Project number 1, file unfinised, unclosed and still pending.

The only success we have with her so far is the many meters she used to stand away from us while we prepare her food has slightly reduced by a few steps. After so many months of faithful feeding, she still has not responded to us, no wag nor recognition. It is an ambivalent, distanced attitude she has maintained with everyone around her. We do see her lick her pups once in a while and this is probably as far as she would go. She used to do that with Junior in the past so we knew how much she cared for Junior. So with a dog like that, how do we catch her?

Her pups, well, some of them are like her in that they keep a distance with a cautious attitude but all of them are loving and sweet with their little waggy tails and whimpers of joy each time we visit to feed them. Two of them are exuberant in their welcomes, running towards us, jumping and bouncing and giving us their paws in excitement. These are the two we are most afraid for. If they approached us like this, would they not do the same for unwelcomed visitors? The other two are more cautious but after a while they are the same as their sisters, wanting cuddles and strokes. And Blackie sits at a distance observing. She appears not to mind us playing with her pups but we wonder if she does this because she recognises us or would she come to the pups’ defence if unwelcomed visitors came and try harm them. Or would she run away in fear. We dare not think beyond although these questions do haunt us.

If Blackie did come to her pups’ defence, then her own life is in danger should the inevitable happen. If she ran, all her puppies will be at the mercy of the cruel ones. However side we look at, the results are no good. If we cannot find any people to adopt them onsite, we know we cannot proceed far.

As we have stated in our earlier entries, black female dogs are the hardest to rehome. So far the numerous calls who can provide them a home have requested for males. As irony would have it, poor Blackie’s cute black pups are all females. Can it be that the one with the white tip was a male? We don’t know but it is too late, there is no point in looking back. We can’t put these pups in foster homes as we know that once they grow older, and bigger and if still unadopted, the foster homes will eventually hand them back to us and what can we do then. It will be more cruel to let them go or put them down at that time when they have already been in a home and received love.

One practical alternative is to hand them to the SPCA, but who will make this call? We have contacted SPCA to ask them the current situation but it is bad. They have told us that these pups will not have longer than 24 hours with them as their kennels are running full with so many people surrendering their pets, especially before a festival like the Chinese New Year. Our requests with a few kennels have also not boded well as they are all very full and pups are hard to take care of as their mortality rate is high. This is especially also since we all know how hard it is to get adoptions for these black female pups.

So while the pups play happily with each other and snooze blissfully under the warm sun, the few of us involved are torn over their innocent lives. Should we be the bad guys to hand them to be put down before they get caught by the evil people. Once that call is made, there is no turning back. Or do we just leave them where they are and pray that they will be left alone till we can find adopters. We know if given time, we can generate interest but the question remains, how much time are we given before they disappear. Food for them is not a problem as we will go there every day to feed them but in that location, eyes are ever watchful and the whole place is akin to a jungle with predators and these pups are easy prey and easy taking. The methods these unscrupulous people use are barbaric and cruel, too horrific to narrate in this blog but enough for us to shudder at the thought. Sigh.

However you look at it, whichever side you are on, this is a lose-lose situation. Either of these decisions will eventually come back to haunt us, we know. We also know we will regret whatever we make, unless a miracle happen. Miracles have happened before in the past and we pray for another.

Please help us pass the word around that these four pups need a home. They desperately need a home where they don’t have to run like their mother and live their whole lives in fear - if they are fortunate to live long enough and can avoid being caught and life ended before it even started. We have kindly been promised help that should the time come to steriise them, aid will come and we are grateful for the offer however, it remains to be seen if these pups ever see the day they need sterilisation.

Help them. Not help us but it is them you are helping. We view this situation top priority that we are holding all stories and other adoptions aside, even when dogs like poor Horlicks also need to be adopted desperately. That is how high risk they are in now.

Adoption or Fostering


In the Disney movies, the birthing of new lives often bring much rejoicing and glorified in a wonderful array of colour. But in this dark and realistic world, in a lonely forsaken place where the Ebony Pups are discovered, is this the beginning to an end? Were they born to die? If they could choose, they would have chosen never to be born as that would mean running in fear their whole lives from people trying to catch them for food, for culling or for the mere pleasure of killing or maiming them. Born in the wrong place at the wrong time. How sad can that get.

Can we make a difference to their lives. We know it is not easy but we will try. We have to try. Surely they were born for a reason. Can you help us give them the reason that they were meant to bring joy to others - with their wags, their whimpers, their sighs, their grunts, their adoration and their love. That they were meant for better things and not hunted down or ensnared in a wire noose or in a black airless plastic bag.

A litter of FOUR beautiful glossy shiny fur of jet black Lab Cross puppies. Two are full black with no markings, two with beautiful white socks but all four look alike - beautiful jet black. They are healthy as we know the mother is still nursing them and we try to pump the thin mother with lots of food so she can produce enough milk for these pups. She would die for them, we know, for we know how much she loves them and because of them, her own life is very much in danger as she won't leave - making her a sitting target out in the open. But we would rather she lives and along with her, her beautiful puppies.

This video was taken first January 2009,
beloved Blackie's precious babies,
Our beautiful Ebony pups

Individual pups based on our observation :
Friendie – Full black. Friendly and active. The first one to greet visitors.

Whitie - Has 2 white back paws and patch of white of her chest. Closest to Friendie, the second on the scene. As friendly and active.
(Friendie and Whitie are always together)

Little Sis – Full black. The smallest and quietest. The homebody.

Indy - Has a back left white paw, and slight tinge of white on the back right paw and front left paw. This is the independent sister. She has her own mind and her actions are not dictated by her sisters nor the pack. She investigates bravely on her own.

Can you help them beat the odds -
Prove the world wrong

Black is Beautful, Black is Elegant,
Black is Cool,
Black can be LOVE
Black is Ebony

The Ebony Pups

To help save them, we need adopters and fosterers - 9838 3820 or

Unfortunately, the current licensing ruling restricts ownership of mid-sized dogs in public housing, and as much as we would love for these pups to go to homes who will love them, regardless of the type, regretfully, we need to inform that mid size dogs are not on the HDB approved list . This does not apply to fostering.


Please email us at
or call 9838-3820.

Sunday, January 11, 2009



This video was taken last week, beloved Blackie's precious babies, our beautiful Ebony pups.

As of today January 12, there are only 4 pups to be seen. Three of whom we have determined as female. The fourth could not be ascertained as it kept too far away. The fifth which is the one with white tip tail seems to be missing when we were there. We actually think we may have lost one already.

If we can't find any homes for them, one thought is to catch them and send them to the SPCA , rather than let them be run over by trucks, cars, mistreated or caught for other evil purposes. We are so undecided about this. We know how cruel the evil ones are to pups but at the same time, to make this call means there is no turning back. Sigh.

Please help pass the word around if you can adopt or even foster them - Call 98383820 or email

Ebony Pups (Labrador Cross)
Well. The day we have been waiting for finally came. We have searched hard and we have searched long. Through tall grass, mud, thorny bushes, thick foliage, overcame fear of snakes, cobras, insects and also toads and frogs. We finally found Blackie's nest.

Ever since the other dog's attack on Blackie, she doesn't linger long at old haunt and sleeps on the road, near car parks. Seeing her sprawled out on the tarmac scares us. Why is she here. Why is she not with her pups. Are they alive or have some died. She also doesn't eat as much although she keeps taking bread home. Now we are clever, we no longer buy buns as those are hard to carry. We buy bread, preferably wholemeal ones as they are more nourishing and we stack 6 in a pile. She would take the whole pile and with a mouth full of bread, run back to the thick foliage. So heartbreakingly sweet to see her do that, after every feeding without fail, she will bite that stack of bread to bring back for her pups.

Last week, upon seeing her again on the road, we decided we will brave the dark jungle and try find her nest. We were unsuccessful before as she sprang at us in the middle of our search, snarled and growled at us. It was in the evening then and had grown dark. This time we will go early in the morning on a sunny day. We wore thick jeans, full socks and shoes and long sleeved shirts. We also took along umbrellas and sticks to startle snakes before they startled us. As we entered the pathway we normally see Blackie take, the underbrush was thick and scratchy. Good thing we had protection but still our palms and faces and hands were not spared. They were red and itchy. Blackie usually takes a few pathways and as we tried one after another, not all of them were accessible by people because of the overhanging branches and hilly slopes. Just as we thought we probably should go back, we heard a dog woof and some yelps. We grew excited and knew at least one pup would be there. A little afraid too that she'll pounce on us. The last pathway seemed easier than the others and two of us proceeded. The other two of us kept watch to see if Blackie came back. It never occurred to us she would be inside with them as we had called and called her earlier to feed her but she didn't turn up. We just thought she had gone looking for food.

Along the small pathway, while pushing aside grass and thorns, we came to a crossroad, it did look like a crossroad and a little cave. There would be no way we could go any further. Only a cat or dog can do that as you need to crawl. We contemplated crawling but the place looked like there might be snakes too and while we were talking, suddenly there were lots of yelps and louder too, very loud. We thought, ok, we know there are pups, we'll just leave a plate of food for them. As we opened cans of food and prepared kibbles and bowls of water, suddenly a head appeared. Followed by two, then three. The puppies! How sweet.

Adorable black looking faces whimpering in excitement as they smelt food. Three ok, we can handle three, just pick them and put in a bag and try to put them in a safe place. As we picked one up, the pup cried and cried, shrieking and yelping as if we were going to harm it. We had to let go as the racket made us nervous as we half expected Blackie to return. And nothing is fiercer than a mother dog protecting her young.

As we let go the pups all disappeared. Undaunted we set out pouring another can, the black faces appeared again, this time from a different hole. One, Two, Three, Four... Four black pups. Four whew that's a lot. As they hungrily ate the food, believe it or not, another black face appeared, very nervous and afraid, probably the smallest. It looked like how Blackie looked each time it ate, looking up to make sure we didn't come nearer.

Five beautiful glossy fur labrador cross pups, presumably healthy as Blackie is still nursing them. In the meantime our two feeders outside were smsing us urgently - come out, Blackie is back and circling the area, howling away, in anguish as she knew there were intruders. Blackie appeared to be contemplating going in and had attempted but the sight of two feeders outside, she hesitated and instead howled. As we came out, the sight of those five black pups gobbling down their food made us sad. On one hand we are happy to see them alive, as after all they are Blackie's pups and she is precious to us. On the other, what future do they have. Their mother can barely take care of herself, much less for these five.

Five very hungry pups, but beautiful,
fat and glossy due to Blackie’s nursing.
A sad future hangs in the distance.

We came out to put food for Blackie but she kept away till we were at a distance. She zoomed in on the food, ate a little, grabbed the bread and ran in to her pups. It was along while before she came out. As she didn't get to eat much the first time, we fed her some more. It was good to see her eating. Now we know she has to feed 5 pups, we know her survival is crucial for them.

Just recently, we spotted the pups running around with Blackie. Yes, they are getting too big and too old for her to hide anymore. Their situation has become precarious. Just like Blackie, they are as hard to get near and that makes it difficult for us to catch. We wonder if we should try because even if we can, what can we do with them? We have no place for them, no one to foster them nor adopt them. And we also do not have the funds to support them. And even if we do have the funds, how long can it sustain them. There are five and that is a big number. As learnt from the past, black dogs are the hardest to rehome as everyone prefer a lighter colored dog. Questions are more than there are answers and no one has any solution.

Macho Dog with a Soft Heart
Horlicks has become very friendly which makes it dangerous for him as well. He has found some friends in a group of guards but these guards are there only temporary and cannot take him permanently. They are very nice to him and because of them, he has become friendly to everyone, even to us. In the past we had to carefully leave food for him and move off to enable him to eat but now, he comes right over to sniff our hands and follow us everywhere. The guards like him a lot as he is good company for them during the late nights. He follows them on their rounds and as long as he is with them, he is safe from predators. However there are times when they are on calls and he starts wandering - that is when it becomes dangerous for him to be too friendly.

Horlicks, so friendly and sweet
and mild, thanking us.

Horlicks, sheepish with the attention.
Smiling for the photo shoot.

One of the feeders reported the other day that Horlicks followed her all the way to the bus stop after his feeding and mingled with the people there as she hid behind a tree. Since he could not find her, he followed a woman carrying a plastic bag and even joined to queue to board the bus. Passengers around there were upset and called him a pest. Apparently in the mornings, he was also reportedly following people walking past, especially those carrying plastic bags, probably thinking it was food for him. Oh Horlicks. What will we do with you? sigh. We are deathly afraid that this will result in complaints.

Horlicks, meantime has been seen visiting Blackie’s nest of pups. One time when one of our feeders gave him a bun, he didn’t eat it but with the bun in his mouth, ran over to the nest, possibly to give the pups. Another time, we gave him a box of full of kibbles, intending for Blackie and Horlicks to share. During lunch, we went back to check and to refill, the box was missing. We asked the guards and they said that Horlicks had eaten some, then carefully bit the box containing the remaining kibble in his mouth and went straight into the direction of Blackie’s nest. Wow, what an impressive dog. He is playing surrogate father to Blackie’s pups. He even knows how to “Ta Pow” (pack food) when Blackie couldn’t although we had tried many times to make her take back a packet of kibbles for her pups.

How sweet of him, how human or even more thoughtful than most humans. A dog like that would be such a joy to most people. It is such a tragedy for him to be abandoned by his previous owners. Being a dog with such human sentimental feelings, it must have been traumatic and devastating for him to be left behind by his family. Poor Horlicks. We have no place for him, no plans for him and no funds for him. We now have a dilemma we can’t fix.

We will just keep pushing for adoption for all our dogs, including Horlicks. If we can rehome one of our dogs from the kennel, we will be able to let him take that empty place but if we can’t, there is no place for him. That is our arrangement with the Shelter. The best would be to get a home immediately so he can stay off the streets. It is not easy but we will try, we have to, for Horlick's sake.

Adoption or Fostering – Litter of FIVE Ebony Pups
In the Disney movies, the birthing of new lives often bring much rejoicing and glorified in a wonderful array of colour. But in this dark and realistic world, in a lonely forsaken place where the Ebony Pups are discovered, is this the beginning to an end? Were they born to die? If they could choose, they would have chosen never to be born as that would mean running in fear their whole lives from people trying to catch them for food, for culling or for the mere pleasure of killing or maiming them. Born in the wrong place at the wrong time. How sad can that get.

Can we make a difference to their lives. We know it is not easy but we will try. We have to try. Surely they were born for a reason. Can you help us give them the reason that they were meant to bring joy to others - with their wags, their whimpers, their sighs, their grunts, their adoration and their love. That they were meant for better things and not hunted down or ensnared in a wire noose or in a black airless plastic bag.

Close up shot of one of the Ebony pups.

A litter of FIVE beautiful glossy shiny fur of jet black Labrador cross puppies. Three are full black with no markings, one with a white tip on its tail and the last, beautiful white socks but all five look alike - beautiful jet black. They are healthy as we know the mother is still nursing them and we try to pump the thin mother with lots of food so she can produce enough milk for these pups. She would die for them, we know, for we know how much she loves them and because of them, her own life is very much in danger as she won't leave - making her a sitting target out in the open. But we would rather she lives and along with her, her beautiful puppies.

Can you help them beat the odds -

Prove the world wrong -

Black is Beautful, Black is Elegant, Black is Cool, Black can be LOVE and Black is Ebony -

The Ebony Pups

To help save them, we need adopters and fosterers - 9838 3820 or

Horlicks is Urgently looking for a home
Name :
Age : Approximately 1 year plus
Breed : Cross
Temperament : Gentle and Mild, Very friendly with people and children. Loves to play.
Macho dog with a soft heart. Excellent family dog.

Unfortunately, the current licensing ruling restricts ownership of mid-sized dogs in public housing, and as much as we would love for Horlicks or one of the Ebony pups to go homes who will love him, regardless of the type, regretfully, he is not on the HDB approved list. This does not apply to fostering.

Please email us at or call 9838-3820.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009

This year has gone by very quickly. The world's economy has gone up and now coming down, price of crude oil went past incredible heights and sunk to miserable lows. What keeps us constant. Our family, our friends, our pets, our dogs.

We have heard people say they would rather be dogs; when they see indulgent owners giving treats to their pets or sending them to spas, etc., but where are they when we see the half starved, sick or injured ones. Would you still rather be a dog? All the dog can do is depend on man and man's treatment of them. They don't protest nor do they choose. If you leave the strays where they are, they'll leave you alone too. But in this cruel and realistic world, that is not possible. Man must control. They can't let sleeping dogs lie and even when these dogs don't cross their path, they will still complain and bring harm to the dogs.

Feeding Programme
We continue our feeding at our area with Blackie and if we chance on any new strays.
The other day, one of our feeders witnessed Blackie being attacked by another dog who was out for a walk with its owner. The other dog was bigger and unleashed and dashed from the road to where poor Blackie was eating. Blackie had no chance as she didn't see it coming nor could she stand up the fight being so emaciated and weak. It happened quickly, and all the feeder could do was scream and run towards the dog to stop him from attacking Blackie. Incredibly the owner of the stranger dog just kept quiet and much later called his dog over. He didn't seem bothered that his dog had just attacked another innocent one nor did he apologise to the feeder. Perhaps in his mind, Blackie was only a stray so her existence meant nothing. How sad for Blackie. We would have put on a collar for her if we could get near enough.

After the attack, Blackie didn't come for food for the next few days. Her instinct not to trust humans or other dogs proved right as everyone and everything around her have tried to harm her. Our efforts of building up her confidence took a crash. But we carried on visiting her usual spots and a few days later, one feeder saw her lying right in the middle of a road. On first sight, the feeder thought that Blackie had died and with tears, she was about to call us to come over and remove her body. But to her relief, Blackie got up slowly as the car approached. This was the first time she was fed since the attack. She no longer waits at the place she was attacked and she has become very wary of other dogs.

Two days ago, our long lost stray reappeared in our lives. We received a call from our contacts that he spotted old Horlicks. So named Horlicks because he looks like Milo except he is lighter in colour. Horlicks was sighted during the Pack's stay at the facility and he caught our eye as he had a bad wound at the back of his spine. It looked like a big burnt mark. When we saw him those months back, the wound was pretty bad and bleeding and we obtained medication to add into this food to enable his wounds to heal but after one or two feeding with medication, Horlicks disappeared and we had thought he had been captured. Where he has been hiding all this while, we do not know but he does not appear to be that thin except he looks very tired, aged and sad. The last time we saw Horlicks, we had compared how young and handsome he looked next to Milo and some of us couldn't agree who was better looking. The hard life Horlicks have gone through even in this short few months have proved harsh indeed. We almost couldn't recognise him had we not spotted his scars along his back. The wound has healed but remains furless

Horlicks, good looking when we saw him in October

His wound then, fresh, raw and maggoty

Horlicks, now.
Looking aged, tired and sad

His wound has healed but remains furless

When Horlicks appeared near where Blackie was waiting, she growled and prepared herself to defend her food. But surprisingly, Horlicks did not pounce at her nor grab at her food, rather he stood and waited for his turn and his share. He was gentle and sweet during feeding. Sigh. Poor Horlicks. What can we do with him. We do not think we can relocate him as the Kennel where the rest of the Pack are staying is extremely full and we had promised that one last final spot for Blackie, if and when we do catch her.

It is so sad when decisions like that have to be made. We seem to be playing God over their lives and it is very traumatic and emotional for us. We had not set out for it to turn out this way. All we had wanted from the beginning was just to feed them so they won't be hungry. How naive it appears to be now. It seems in these short few months we have grown and become more realistic in our thinking, however our fundamentals have not changed. We will still feed them. We may not nor can we save all but we have to carry on the feeding. Go back to our fundamentals. If our strays have to perish, let it not be they starve to death. The rest we have no control of but starvation we can.

Christmas Gifts
Two of our HoneyBunch pups were adopted on Boxing Day. What a great gift it was for us. We recap the HoneyBunch pups, affectingly known as HBpups

Angel, the first of our rescued HBpups, was the most well known as she was the advertisement for her 4 siblings. Her fosterer had her featured in video clips and her antics were screened widely in U-Tube. Because of the clip, Angel was adopted in October by a family with children living in a house with a garden. We have had news from her adopter that she is loved by all the family and very good with the children.

Angel to us will always be the most charming HB pup. Her fosterer had trained her beautifully and she was well behaved, calm yet loving and gentle. She was a highlight at the AVA expo and we are proud to say that many children who have never handled dogs before, cuddled and carried Angel. A picture comes to our mind and is imprinted in the years to come. It is one of young Jonathan, 10 years old, in a wheelchair and Angel sleeping on his lap.

Jonathan was physically challenged (we never got around to asking his parents further) and he has weak arms and legs and as far as his visit went, we didn't hear him speak. With his parents, he visited the AVA roadshow. From afar, we saw how his eyes lit up at the sight of our two pups there, Jen and Angel. He saw how the other children were carrying Angel and we are sure he craved to join them, but politely he just looked. We asked him if he would like Angel on his lap and he shyly nodded. The look of gratefulness, delight and pure love on his face is one we will never forget. He very gently stroked and petted Angel, to her credit behaved like a little angel and did not move. She was on his lap for a long time and slept contentedly. We whispered in his ear how much Angel liked him and thanked him for loving her. With a smile from ear to ear, he was so proud that he could give Angel that comfort.

Last looks – ‘Take care, Angel, I’ll miss you.”
Angel and her fosterer’s dog.
This is how she looked before her adoption.

How we wished then that Jonathan would have a normal childhood and have a dog of his own one day. We take so much for granted, even our very lives and it is at times like this, we must, we really must be grateful for our blessings. The fact that we can run and talk and play is a testament how blessed we are. People usually complain they don't enough and forget instead to be grateful for what they already have.
Thank you Jonathan for showing us that, we are living a good life and must always give thanks.

We will be visiting Angel in the next few days so keep a look out for her progress and her latest pictures.

Cyrus, the photo hogger, now renamed Milo was the second to go to his new home on November 29. Aptly named Cyrus at the time of his rescue, which means a Great Leader and Conqueror, this pup is exactly that. The most outgoing of the five, his adoption was an interesting occurence as it was during a visit to the vet for the pups’ vaccination whereupon one of the vet's assistant saw how cute the 4 HBpups were and contacted her friend who she knew was looking for a pup. After a few visits, the adopter chose Milo as he appeared the most confident at that time. He is living the high life with his new doggie sibling in a house with a garden. His adopter still keep in touch with us to let us know his growth and progress is.

Go conquer great heights Milo. To us you will always be the curious, brave and nosy little pup with one ear up and one ear down. We will also remember how you once fought and killed a snake at the factory while the big black dog ran away in fear.

Yes, you are the Great Leader and Conqueror.

Milo, on the day he was adopted

Latte and Oreo
The only female, Latte was our biggest concern as most calls for adoption was always about the boys. Very few calls actually say they like to have a female dog, to our regret. Latte is the sweet and gentle little girl, left in the kennel with her young brother Oreo as we did not have enough fosterers to take in all the pups. She together with Oreo stayed in the cattery, with the cats, ate with them and played with them. Latte always gave in to Oreo when both of them would eat from the same bowl, Oreo would growl as he wanted to hog the meal and poor Latte would sit and watch. Yet when we take Oreo away, so that she could eat, Latte would not eat and instead whine for her brother. How and when she ever ate, we don't know but we do know how much she loved him and would always give in.

On Boxing day, a call came to us that someone was interested in the female dog. Female dog? Latte? With whoops and joy and excitement we rushed down to meet this wonderful family who requested for Latte. They chose Latte as they had observed how submissive and gentle she was and felt she would fit in with their family. They live in a private apartment and had a maltese before, who had since died of old age. We know Latte is in good hands as we see how the family gently carried her and cuddled her. Latte behaved very cute. When the kor kor put Latte back on the ground after carrying her, she looked as her legs couldn’t support her as she couldn’t stand. With laughter, we told him that she is just being spoilt as she enjoyed being carried. They took her home that very morning, around noon.... leaving behind a sad looking Oreo, who seemed to understand what was going on and refused to play or run around.

Latte, safe in kor kor’s arms

We took Oreo home as we didn't want him to be alone in the cattery since he and Latte were very close. Our thought was to foster Oreo till we could find an adopter for him. He had a nice bath and milk and spent the rest of the afternoon napping. Miracles upon miracles, a call came to us at around 4pm that someone was interested in a male pup. Again in high anticipation yet with a tinge of restraint, we went over to the Kennels with Oreo. There could be no way we would be able to rehome 2 pups in a day, right? So with hopes but at the back of our minds, a reminder not to be disappointed, we spoke with the potential adopter. To our delight, he was very interested and very serious when he saw Oreo. He had already adopted a female dog previously from the same kennels and looking this time for a male pup to keep his current dog company. Initially he had thought he would just view but seeing Oreo and how sweet and calm he was, the man said he would make the decision immediately. Oreo is now living in a house with a garden and a new canine sister.

Oreo, ready to go home, in Daddy’s arms

Both these families have invited us to visit their respective new additions and we will do that. We will give them a little time and adjustment before we visit. We have received progress updates from them that they are both doing well and we are very very happy that these two went to their new homes, although not the same homes but on the same day.

Keep a look out for updates on Latte and Oreo in weeks to come.

So Christmas gave us wonderful Christmas Gifts - Latte's and Oreo's adoptions.

Now all we have left is Buddy. Big brother Buddy is the oldest, the strong one, very smart and highly trained. It is as if, just like all big brother, he waited for all his brothers and sisters to be adopted first before his turn came. We are looking for a home for this handsome boy. He has been fostered all this while in an apartment so we know he will do well in one. He is so trained on paper that he hardly misses the spot. Buddy is also great with children and knows commands like Sit, Paw, Down and Up. We are trying out Fetch, Drop and Roll with him but he doesn't quite like Roll so much. haha.

Yes, we are sure that with such a wonderful dog like Buddy, it will just be a matter of time before he goes to a good home. In rehoming, timing is important. The right home for the right dog. We know if something is not meant to be, things will not turn right and also if something is meant to be, everything will be ok.

For Buddy, he will just continue to live in the fosterers‘ home till he gets adopted as we do not think he should return to the Kennel, having never been there long. He will still have a home environment and much love and cuddles from the family and licks and romps from their dog.

Buddy is friendly and gets along with children and other dogs, big and small

Lady now known as Muffin
Our sweet remaining temple dog has gone home with her new family for now. Yes, known as li’l Lady, the email request from her potential adopter came when we had almost given up and contemplated on her future. Female dogs are harder to rehome and certainly black ones at that. There are 2 groups of people, there are some who really want a black dog and there are others who abhor. But the majority agree that a male is much preferred than a female which is very regretful, because to us, females are as loving, if not more, as devoted and as intelligent as their male counterparts.
So we were ecstatic when the request came to view her. The family also took along their current pet dog, a big sized cross GR and Rottie, Teddy to meet Lady. The family loved her on the spot although Teddy did show signs of jealousy as attention was focused on the new pup.

Sleeping Beauties .. BFF (Best Friends Forever)
Lady, as she was known then,
with her fosterer’s dog before she left for her new home

It has been two weeks and things seem to be settling all right for now. Apparently Lady, now renamed Muffin is playful and Teddy sometimes respond and then again he doesn’t. Muffin does get along well with the people in the home and it is only this concern over Teddy that will be the deciding factor and her future remains pending. We all hope that Teddy, in time to come, will grow to love her, just as she loves him like she loves Lucky (Shep) her natural brother. We wish so much for Muffin to have a home she will enjoy and be loved. That is our hope for her.

For Adoption to Loving Homes
Name: Buddy
Age: 4 months old
Gender: Male
Size : Medium
Breed: Cross
Health : Excellent, Full vaccinations completed
Temperament: Well-behaved, intelligent, paper-trained,
Understand commands “sit” “paw” “down” “up”
Good with children and other dogs. A perfect family dog.

Unfortunately, the current licensing ruling restricts ownership of Mid-sized dogs in public housing, and as much as we would love for Buddy to go homes who will love him, regardless of the type, regretfully, he is not on the HDB approved list

Buddy, well behaved, loving and wonderful companion

If there is anyone out there looking for a wonderful companion, trained, intelligent and very very handsome pup, let us know. We wish for Buddy to go to a committed loving home just like his siblings, he deserves it. Let 2009 be a good year for Buddy.

Buddy, patiently waits for his new owners to take him home

To visit Buddy, please email us at or call 9838-3820.

He’s been so good and patient, let him wait no more.