Friday, November 21, 2008

Black Dogs and their Woes

This is an article we received some time ago from our "Dog Magazine" from the US.

Is it true no one loves black dogs? isn't "no one" that loves black dogs, but there does seem to be an issue with the adoptability of black dogs. According to Susan Smith of the Franklin County Dog Shelter, black dogs are less adoptable. Ms. Smith says, "If you have two similar dogs - one black, one light colored side-by-side with similar temperaments, both well behaved, both house broken and friendly, the light-colored dog will be adopted before the black dog". Why are black dogs less adoptable?

It is hard to know for sure. For one, dark hair is a dominant trait. There are more brunettes than any other hair color. In fact, in people, they estimate that 100 years from now, there will be no red-headed people in the country. Is the same true in dogs? It is hard to know for sure but that seems to be the case on a smaller scale. There may be more black dogs to choose from.

In addition, many shelters are in older facilities. The lighting is often suboptimal. Most people that go to shelters to adopt will find a dog by making a connection with a dog. That usually starts with eye contact. Dark dogs in dark cages are harder to see. It is possible because they are hard to see that eye contact is not as obvious and frequent.

Regardless of the cause - WE LOVE Black Dogs. We think they deserve every chance at a good home as any other dog.

So...if you are looking to adopt - don't overlook the black dogs. If you can't see them well, ask the helper to take the dog out of the cage so that you can see him or her better and interact. It is true as statistics have shown that black dogs are harder to rehome .. and in Singapore, especially the black ones with white paws.

For dog lovers like us, black, white, brown, red, blue .. local cross, unlocal cross, special, breed, no breed, local, stray, mongrel, mutt, we don't care, a dog is a pet, a friend, a lifelong companion. His blood is as red as the other colored ones. They wuff, they wag, howl, bark, whine, whimper, sigh, nuzzle and muzzle, pricke their ears, lick, drool, eat, sleep and most importantly – love you death and repay you with their devotion – they are exactly the same, created and aptly called Man’s Best Friend.

No higher homage has been to made to a pet than a dog. Any dog, your dog and mine. So love it, love it till it dies, don’t abandon it. Because it will NEVER abandon you. Never judge you, never discount you.

Here's to all the Beautiful Black Dogs, or otherwise, and the loving homes that have taken them in.

For those who have adopted a black dog, thank you for taking them in, color is no restrictor of love and devotion, for those who are looking at adopting right now, do have a care for them in your heart and give them a chance. We have some black dogs for you to consider. Prove the stats wrong, that black dogs are adoptable.

Some of our lovely Black Dogs for Adoption

Shy Lady
Female, around 5 months old.
Docile and shy
Wonderful temperament
Very friendly with children and other small pets

Playful Junior
Male around 8 – 9 months old.
Small in size but Huge in personality
Friendly, fun - likes people and dogs.
Will be an excellent addition to family with children

Devoted Cara
Female around less than 2 years old.
Loyal, devoted, caring
Sweet and gentle with people and children
A little afraid initially but warms up eventually and when she does a jewel is discovered
Cara has a white patch on her chest. Her special star.

Cruelty of Puppy Mills

This is something that is close to our hearts and we have been campaigning for a long time against - Puppy mills !

Do you know what is puppy mill? If you don't -- and even if you do -- then you've got to read this wepage:

Please watch the video clips in these pages. While these undercover clips were taken in the US and Canada, think it doesn't happen in Singapore? Sorry guys - As long there is demand, there will always be supply.

Puppy mills are large scale operations that force breeder dogs to produce litter after litter to support consumer demand for puppies. Puppies sold in pet stores or through Internet sites come from places filled with suffering, disease, malnutrition, and loneliness. Even the puppies themselves are often prone to a variety of diseases. Some die within days or weeks of purchase.

The breed dogs are in cages stacked one on top of another, never seeing a day of freedom or sunshine. Their sole purpose in their short miserable life is to breed. Some are shaved hairless, for easy maintenance, they are feed through cages and never get to interact or socialise with humans or other dogs. The puppies they birthed are sold as soon as they can be separated, and once that happens, the process begins till they are too old to produce "good stock" and tossed aside, abandoned. Some are fortunate to be rescued and rehomed, to enjoy a second chance in life, but majority never make it.

Various dog organisation are working hard to stop puppy mills and they need your help. Oprah Winfrey did a series on Puppy Mills recently and even she was appalled with the situation. She, was one of those who didn’t realise how lucrative and cruel the business was and ended with a note that from henceforth, she will never buy the next pooch, she will adopt instead. Even President elect Obama has declared he will adopt from a shelter, the next First Dog.

You can help support against Puppy mill even right here in Singapore by 1) Stop buying pets as far as you can.

2) If you really need to buy a breed, do buy from reputable breeders - but ask yourself first, do I need a "top notch category pedigree" in the first place Next question - Why? Will a top notch pure pedigree breed love me more than the next mutt? Is love measured by the dollars it cost. Don't get us wrong, we have nothing against those who breed, for competitions, to keep the strain pure, that is fine but for many of us ordinary folks, a dog is a companian and we do not need the high dollar kind.

In the past the only way to obtain a dog is by buying but that has become obsolete. There is now no necessity to. One click on the internet will show there are many many dogs for adoption, breed or no breed, small or big. The thing is to check around and ask. You will be surprised at the number of dogs up for adoption each day. Some as young as a few months, bought on a whim and later unwanted as not much thought had gone into the purchase.

If you need information on how and where to adopt, call us. It may take a while sometimes but eventually we believe there is always that right dog and a forever home for each dog, some find it earlier than others, and unfortunately some never live long enough to get the chance.

So the next time you walk past a pet shop with those cute, sweet, adorable puppies for sale, remember how much the mother/father of this adorable ball of fluff suffered, the price they had to pay or still paying, to birth this fluff is a very high one - in that dark, damp cage they call home. Thanks for reading and taking action!

Spread the word - Stop puppy mills, Don't buy - adopt instead. We have lots of lovely dogs for adoption, some are younger, some are older, different colour, different size, different shape, different gender but with one purpose – to be man’s best friend. What a great gift we have been given.

Some of our lovely Dogs for Adoption
Playful Junior,
Male around 8 – 9 months old.
Small in size but Huge in personality
Friendly, fun - likes people and dogs.
Will be an excellent addition to family with children
A little shy with people he is not familiar with but he warms up later

Handsome Milo
Our Noose Dog, our Mascot.
Much as we want to keep him with us forever
Home for him should not be in a Shelter,
Milo deserves a good home and a family
he can protect and call his own
Male, around 1+ years - A leader, classy dog, Quiet and well behaved.
Very friendly with children and people. Will make an excellent family guard dog.

Awesome Patches
The Hound look alike
Male, 2+ - Gregarious, friendly and affectionate,
Charismatic dog with an interesting character.
Starving for love and human contact.
Patches loves people and getting into cars for car rides
He is Big, Strong and Friendly
Scratch his tough veneer and discover a softie at heart.

Beautiful Mama Brown
A sweet female around 1+ years.
Docile in nature, well behaved and obedient.
Very friendly with dogs and children.
Will fit in easily into a home and family

If there is anyone who is looking for a loving companian and friend, and wish to adopt our lovely dogs, do let us know and drop us a line at Or if you would like to sponsor any of them for their boarding or medical, please let us know too. Any amount is appreciated and your contribution will go a long way for them.

SAYANG (formerly known as Charlie) the Chihuahua–A formal request
In our earlier entry,
promised we would keep you updated of little Sayang (formerly known as Charlie). Yes, our little troubled Chihuhua is settling very well. He is no longer troubled. His new owners, F and family have constantly kept us updated with SMSes and photographs on how well he is coping. To our pleasant surprise, we received a call the other day from them that they wish to formally adopt him. In our minds, we had always viewed F as Sayang's new owners as we have seen how well he responds to them and they to him. Catering to his every need and change in temperament, taking both the good days and the bad.

This singular, precious request from F to seal the pact with us on Sayang's permanency in their lives confirms their final act of full love for this little chihuahua, who came to them with nothing to live for. They are now not just giving him a home but a rightful place in their hearts, as only a parent can give to a child. Sayang now dines on fresh steamed chicken pieces, which we have been told is his favourite and chicken liver pieces as treats. He snuggles up to each of them in the family asking to be carried, cuddled and petted. We were told on the second day of his arrival, he had already allowed F’s mum, his favourite person, to pet him and carry him.

This is pretty astonishing considering that when we left him with them the first day, he was snarling and growling and snapping at everyone and everything he saw. Nothing could pacify him. He would hide in his cage and each time one of us moved, he would yelp loudly and growled. But we do remember F’s mom saying “Don’t disturb him, he had a long tiring journey, let him rest in our peaceful house and I promise he will never be troubled anymore. I will take good care of him as I did with all our previous pets. We just need to give him time and when he is ready, he will come to us.”

Charlie when he first arrived,
Always hiding in the cage.
Barking and snarling, Afraid and tormented

How true they have become, with these words still ringing in our ears – all Sayang needed was time and healing of his mental wounds. We now see a transformed little dog, now understanding that not all humans are bad and cruel but some can extend love. Some like F and his family. Sayang has his own new lovely bedding, bought specially for his arrival and not an old hand me down. He even has 3 persons waiting on him hand and foot, F, his mother, the maid. They all adore him.

Zzzzz, in my new bedding.
It is all mine.
I love it here where it is quiet and peaceful.

He goes out for walkies and is reported to be very well behaved with the other dogs. It is apparent this new love has restored back his pride and confidence, no more rejected and dejected, miserable and lost, confused and frightened little chihuahua but one lovely little owned pet, a treasured member, a Sayang to his new family, as it was meant to be, yes, as it should rightfully have been.

Patiently waiting for walky-walk.
Sayang is well behaved,
such a credit to his ‘parents’

This credit must surely, surely go to F and his family. They say miracles exist and we are seeing one right here. If you have followed Sayang from Day One when he didn't even have a name, travelled with him on his journey from a "nuisance" locked up in a small inhumane cell to his life now, you must surely marvel with us, how changed his personality is. F's family were patient, were kind. They just tried with tested love and in the end, their love won. Sayang still has his bad mornings but this has become an accepted part of his life which we hope will eventually go away. The furless ring around his neck is a grim reminder of his tortured past. We do not wish for any of our dogs to travel this same journey, as Sayang's was a hard and horrific one.

A weaker spirit might have just given up but rescue him we did. Hui Ling's timely fostering bought us time and enabled us to put up his dire situation on the web (thank God for friends and emailing contacts)... and the rest is history. Not all our tortured souls get reprieve but for Sayang the nightmare is finally over. At last his journey has ended in a dream, but unlike all dreams, this one is realised and permanent. Thank you to all of you who have made this possible.

I am happy now. Can you see me,
Cheh Cheh H.L.?
Can you see me happy now?
I am still wearing the harness and bells you gave me
You don’t have to worry about me anymore.
I finally got a home, with a mummy and daddy.Thank you. Cheh Cheh. Come visit me soon.

The Honey Bunch

Our call for the 4 lovely honey toned pups, have drawn numerous calls about their welfare and donations from kind souls. Our Honey Bunch fund will be used for the pups medical vet fees.

We thank you for your generosity and kindness. If you too wish to donate and be part of the Honey Bunch drive or adopt the lovely puppies, please email to: /

Relocation and More

Rat Pack – the boyz
A week ago, RAT team were walking back to our offices from lunch when we came face to face with Junior. When he saw us, he was estatic and started to jump and prance around. A few seconds later, we saw his friend, Patches, strolling out of the a secured area, as if it was his grandfather's camp. Both have been observed of late to move in and out of the this place unhindered and without checks. We suspect that they went hunting for food among the workers.

When Patches saw us, he ran towards us excitedly and started to jump on us. The people who were nearby were shocked and weren't sure if we were being attacked by 2 strays. If you have met Patches you would understand the stunned silence. Patches is big, he is tall, has a coat of black, with brown, patch and spots, he is often misunderstood as fierce but actually he is very friendly and loves to jump on people.
Our car was parked across the road so we called to the dogs to follow. Upon reaching the car, we got out the dog kibble and started to feed both of them. All this while, the eyes of the passerbys were following us and observing.

Half way while eating, a truck drove by and Patches ran off and started to chase it, barking at it wildly. He likes chasing cars and barking at vehicles as it was a game for him. Junior followed behind him. we shouted for them to come back. Patches stayed in the middle of the road and an approaching car had to stop for him before he moved out of the way. He and Junior then returned and continued to eat. Shortly after, a lady walked towards their direction to a bus stop when Patches stopped eating and ran towards her and started barking and Junior followed again. The lady stopped in her tracks and shouted at them and at us. We quickly yelled for the dogs to return which they did and continued eating.

As this point, we made the decision that both these dogs had to be removed for their own safety. The way Patches is carrying on chasing vehicles and barking at people, it would be a matter of time before the authorities are alerted and all strays in the area rounded up. Nobody knows that he is actually friendly and wants to play. He poses no danger but people view strays differently especially such a big one at that. Also there is an increase in the movement of construction trucks and this also pose a dangers to the dogs.

We have also recently heard the place that they are located in will be re-developed next year. We know eventually they need to be moved once demolition plans begin. What will our Rat pack do then. So our pack’s time at this location is running out. Rather than wait and be confronted with what do when that time comes, we quickly made an hasty decision.

We called them, opened the door, and Patches jumped in. Did we tell you that he loves car rides? Junior was easy as he imitates what Patches does. We have moved them to a shelter and they are now safe and located in a single kennel. They are temporarily locked up till they can undergo medical checks. As you can see in the photo, Patches was initially upset to be behind bars. He was defensive growling and barking at the other dogs despite his human-friendly nature. Junior was quieter, more resigned to the fact that at this place, he will never be hungry again..

So for now our Boys are safe. Our plans for them is to get them checked out at the vet, sterilise them and eventually try to rehome them. We know it will not be easy for Patches as he is a mature dog, big in size and a little different looking, Junior should be slightly easier he s still young and small in size. But we will try. As long as we are able and they are healthy, we will try.

Somewhere out there, there will be a special place for them, especially for Patches. The one who loves to be with people the most, if there is any dog who craves for love and human touch, that’s Patches. Is there someone who can see him for his beauty, his brindle colour, his unsual zig zag stripes, and say “What a beautiful dog!” because to us, he truly is. It is not his fault he was born looking different, God gave him this for a reason, to stand out in the crowd and Patches does – to us he is Awesome.

We are looking for sponsors for boarding and medical for both Patches and Junior. If there is anyone out there who may not be able to give them a home but is able to contribute some amount, please remember Patches and Junior. No amount is too little. Give them a chance. Our Boys need you. This will be for the Rat Pack – The Boyz fund.

Awesome Patches,
The most misunderstood dog.
“Take me as I am because I will love you as you are.
If I can see beyond your looks,can you not do the same for me?”

Playful Junior
Everything is a game to him, Fast cars, fast life
But fast and easy life is not safe.Like for all youths, a good home will settle him

The Honey Bunch
Our Team managed to catch the 4 elusive and hidden puppies in the factory two nights ago. These are Angel’s siblings. The story of Angel can be found in our earlier entries of November 2, URGENT NEWSFLASH - For Adoption and November 5 - Finally Home under "An Angel For Adoption". We decided to have them brought out as the danger to the pups of being disposed off by the factory's boss has become imminent. According to the feeder, the workers told her that the boss had actually caught the 4 pups and thrown them outside down the road. However, the pups were smart enough to find their way to factory. Upon knowing this, the boss then told the workers that the next time he catches them, he will drive them far away from the factory and dumped them elsewhere.

That night was to have been a viewing by an interested party to adopt one of the pups. Unfortunately he failed to turn up and attempts to call him on his handphone was unsuccessful as he had switched off his mobile. So while waiting, and hearing the latest worrying news, we decided that by hook or by crook we had to relocate the puppies.

With ALL’s help, they would be housed temporarily at the Shelter till we can clean them up and find good homes for them, one by one. Even with that open offer, we had a problem – how do we catch them? We had only found one and three were hiding beneath machinery and tons of pallets and crates, refusing to even acknowledge us. Mohan and Dennis came through for us. Despite their extremely busy schedule and the late hour, they came immediately to the factory and brought with them their own special equipment to catch the pups. After about 45 minutes of heavy manouvering around the cartons, moving pallets and machinery, in sweat and grease they managed to get all the 3 other pups.

We then brought them in to the shelter where an occupied kennel was made available for the 4 pups. We are very grateful to ALL for coming to their rescue. Without question of how long the pups will stay, the costs and space constraints, they came through for us unconditionally and gave their time and effort to help us out with the pups. This is why our Team will always support them, be it fund raising or sales of calendar, ALL not only talk the talk, they walk the walk.

This is a call for the Honey Bunch, so called as their fur is a beautiful honey hued. Honey to look, honey to touch, honey in nature and honey to us. There are 1 female and 3 males. Extremely cute, lovable and in desperate need for a home. Not necessarily together. If you have seen Angel, these are 4 replicas of her. There is Latte the only female, Kopi the smallest boy, Cyrus, the most active and cheeky and Stor, the biggest size. However at a glance they all look alike, like duplicates or should we say photocopies.

We will need to vaccinate them and we are requesting for any free will contribution towards their vet fees. Help us to help them. The Honey Bunch needs you. More pictures and updates of them can be found on the following websites : and

Eeeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo
Who’s the fairest of them all

For adoption or sponsorship of vaccination and vet fees for the Honey Bunch Please contact and or or sms /call h/p 91397881.

More about Cara
Well, Raven and Silver have finally left. Cara is alone. What can we say - Cara is looking for her pups. I suppose she thinks they are just outside as previously we took them out to bathe them and return them to her, took them out to vaccinate and returned them. She was always anxious when we did that, anxious and worried. Now we have not returned them to her and she is getting more anxious, upset and still waiting. SIGH.

We visited her last night, and she was happy to see us but unlike the usual visits when she comes to us to be cuddled and petted, she barked and tried to run out and avoided our touch. We wondered why and realised that she was trying to ask us to open the door for her so she can look for her pups.

Cara barked at us when she doesn’t usually do that.
Not an angry bark but rather, an enquiring one....
more like “Where are my babies?”

So sad for Cara. Almost broke our hearts to see her like this. We feel she thinks we betrayed her. And we probably did, in a way, we had good intentions but how do we tell a devoted mother that removing her puppies is for their and her own good. Tell me, how do we do it. We promised her when we first rescued her that she never had to run again, never be beaten again, never be hungry again but I bet in her simple doggy mind of love and devotion, if she could give up all that comfort and luxury, just to have her pups back with her, she would choose the latter.

It will take a while for her to get over this. Cara is an unusual dog. We have said it before and we will say it again. Its been 5 days and she is still looking and waiting. Cara is very beautiful now that she has put on weight. Her fur is jet glossy black and she looks young again. She has a patch of white on her chest. To us it is her Star – her medal – God gave her a medal for her loyal devotion. Fantastic mother, Mia Cara, you deserve your medal of honor. Take a bow, Cara, take a bow.

We are so happy our blog have enabled us to share our sorrow and joy. One of our readers, Ms. J has offered to take care of Cara’s sponsorship, for her boarding and medical. She has said in her email : “…I read your story posted on 5 November and Cara's story brought tears…….I’d like Cara to be taken care of for the rest of her life…I’d like to visit her.”

Cara looks lovely now.
Glossy and slim. Milk teats have shrunk.
She has put on weight.
What a wonderful sight to behold.
All she needs now is a permanent home

Thank you Ms. J. for your kindness, your generosity. All our dogs are special but some of them have touched us a little more. You have seen Cara beyond her looks, We will work together with you, towards the goal that one day, Cara can walk into a proper home and call it her own. We cannot give her back the pups, but we can give her a new chapter, definitely a safer one and filled with love for only her.

United we stand – HomelessInSeletar Team
While we started this blog to create awareness on the plight of the strays in our zone, we never thought of the funding as we have always dug into our own pockets but the situation has been brought to a different level as feeders from other areas contacted us for help. In our first entry, we stated why and how this blog was inspired – Joey. Joey that we didn’t manage to save and Joey who we were inexperienced and needed help, but some who could – didn’t, and some came too late. Because we lost Joey through this inadequacy, we vowed then that if an individual, without a support base group, ever approached us for help for any strays, we will at least give them our ears and advice even if we couldn’t do more, due to our limited resource and funds, We will try to help the best we can in that circumstance or situation.

• Cara and her pups was one of those case. It was a call from another feeder
• So was Shep and Lady, not in our area but we heeded the call for help and rescued them
• Angel and her siblings, The Honey Bunch, are another, from a completely different area but we heard of the danger in the lives

We don’t make ourselves to be saviours of the world, we know we can’t help everyone nor can we save all but these feeders still need our support, a listening ear if we can offer nothing else. Rather we take our inspiration and passion from Cathy and Mohan from Animal Lovers League where they see beyond organisation and protocol but work towards the same passion for the strays. We try to exemplify ourselves with their work, in our small way. Our group is now growing, zealous, passionate and good people. We are so thankful for them, so grateful for their ever-ready offer of help, each talented in their own right.

Yes. That’s us – We give the best that we can, in our own ability and our own capacity for no effort is too little, no amount is too small.

If there is anyone out there reading this blog, and want to join us in our efforts, let us know. We would love to get to know you. The reward is tremendous, a sense of achievement, a joy unexplained, wags, wuffs, licks, sighs, nuzzles and muzzles, whines, barks, howls – How can that not be enough? No reward? Our cup is overflowing!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

ALL at the recent AVA roadshow

The Rat team and friends helped out at the recent AVA roadshow manning the ALL booth and had great fun. The spirit was high, camadarie was great, the atmosphere was hyped. Everyone worked well, together for a cause – raise funds for ALL’s facility so they can continue the good work they are currently doing and create awareness of the dire situation of the strays/abandoned dogs/cats in general.

ALL booth

Our two puppies, Jen and Angel were big hits. We realised that quite a lot of Singaporeans have not seen a cross breed pup and were curious how beautiful they looked. We were also appalled that there were some who did not know that there are restrictions of size and breed in HDB homes. And yet others who did not know they had to apply for a dog licence.

Jen and Angel
Completely exhausted

A job well done, Angel
Take a good rest,

Angel enthralls the crowd

She ain’t heavy, she’s my sister;
Milo the noose dog and Angel the factory dog –
A matching pair

A captivated audience

We also met other feeders, rescuers and rehomers from other parts of Singapore as they came forward to exchange their own news and provided advice and tips. We are grateful for all of them and will endeavour to support each other in our joint efforts for the helpless.

It is good for us to participate in shows like this, to educate and provide information in a casual and informal setting. It was for a good cause and the most important thing is we had a fun time doing it. When we volunteer from the heart, our efforts are never wasted.

Nee Soon South CC - Pet Show 2008
ALL has been invited by Nee Soon Community centre to participate and sell our merchandise at Nee Soon South Community Centre. Details are below :

Place : Nee Soon South CC
Date: 16 Nov 2008 (Sun) - 10am to 4pm
Fees: $3

Bring your pooches along for this fun-filled carnival that is bound to excite your pets. There are animal contests, LIVE dog handling demonstrations, merchandise booths and instant colour print photoshoot by Canon.

If you have not picked up ALL’s lovely 2009 calendars, you can do so at this venue. We also sell T-shirts, notebook, postcards, cups and other knick knacks.

Do join us for this educational and entertaining event. Please log on to this web page ( for more information.

Still looking for a Home
Shep and Lady are still up for adoption. They are around 4-1/2 months old and friendly, lovable an healthy. They are great with children, other dogs, cats and small animals.

They are both intelligent and can learn quickly. They are semi-toilet trained and just need to brush up on the training part. Good temperament and well natured. Excellent addition to the family.

Lady (black) female and Shep (brown) male

Angel and her siblings, the factory pups, are also up for adoption. They are around 8 weeks old and eating solids. As they are younger, they will need more care. There are 2 females and 3 males looking for good and loving homes. All the same honey hued tone and very cute.

Angel representing her siblings.

If any of you have friends looking for a dog, do encourage them not to buy but to consider adopting and give these lovelies a good home.

Zen – New beginnings
Chubby Zen has gone to her new home. She is zesty and fiesty, Yessiree. Uno Numero Alpha Pup. Wants to lead all the time and doesn’t like to be held still while you scold her. She’ll answer you back, growling, wuffing and woofing.

No wonder she is so chubby. She must have bullied her sisters and mother completely and she is doing that now to L and J who have taken her. She runs around pulling your skirt, trouser ends, nipping at stockings and picking socks. When L tries to mop the floor to clean Zen’s accident ‘pee”, guess who is fighting with the mop, growling and wuffing again. She kills the mop eventually. While it can be tiring, it is funZen is at her ultimate puppyhood, enjoying it and we enjoy watching her.

We had the opportunity to foster her for 2 nights when L and J went out of town, and oh boy, did she turned our house upside down. Our dog is terrified of her, after being chased around the house, jumped up the sofa and just watched. She thought she was safe till short and fat Zen realised that if she tried very hard, she can jump up the sofa too, and continue her rein of terror from there with her nip nip nip - Vivi’s tail, ears, etc.

Zen, all tired out at the AVA roadshow
- Safe in mummy’s arms

Zen has ‘choped” Vi’s bed, without permission, turned out all her soft toys, without permission, dragged out the chewy bones and poor Vi is still sitting there watching. Scared shitless.

Then Zen decided she wanted the pillow my kids were on and a tug of war started. Zen won, of course and killed the pillow. And then, she discovered the stairs. While it took Vi, 3 days to learn how to use it, Shep a day and Lady still doesn’t know how, Zen only took a minute, to follow my kids up. She has discovered that our wooden ducks do not fight back and so their beaks have been chewed, plants don’t scold and so their are leaves are bare, and cables taste lovely.

Whoa, L and J sure have a chilly padi on their hands. This is truly a remarkable transformation of a sad straying life to one of excitement and happiness. That small bundle of black fur has brought a lot of happiness to us who have been with since Day One. Her mother Cara will be so proud of her, how well she has adjusted and how well lived her life is now.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally, Home

Charlie the Chihuahua, though not from Seletar, has been part of our rescue effort. A little background on Charlie for those who are new to this blog. Charlie came from a lady whose husband had left her. The couple had Charlie for about 2 over years before they went their separate ways. The wife was left with Charlie, and became a little mentally unbalanced. For the next 4 plus years of his life, Charlie was subsequently locked up in his cage all the time. His cage is a small little carrier box meant for short travel. This means he lay down most of his life without being able to turn much. When we first rescued him, his claws were very long due to unuse. Food was given to him in this cage. He never got out at all. As a result, he became reserved and withdrawn. On top of that, he was given a metal collar with his heavy AVA tag that subsequently turned rusty and the fur around his neck became furless due to the corrosion of the metal.

One of our rescuer/feeder and animal lover friend, an old lady, heard from a neigbour about this poor dog's plight and went to beg the lady to give up Charlie. After consistent bugging, the lady then agreed to give Charlie up. When he first came out of his imprisonment, he had bad skin problem around his neck and his chest that resulted most of the fur in his chest area dropping. He was also temperamental and in the morning he would be grouchy and bark at his fosterers. We suspect that morning is the time the previous owner would yank him from his box to clean his poo and pee because he is terrified in the mornings. A docile dog in the evening can turn an unrecognizable dog in the morning. The owner must have been very rough with him for him to be so afraid. We heard that he was beaten up quite a bit too which explains his defensive nature. However, when he gets over his moody side, he does allow to be carried and cuddled.

Charlie was fostered by HL and her family immediately upon his release from imprIsonment. She gave him a reprieve and a new beginning. Charlie was extremely close to HL and protective of her. For him, she was his savior. However because of Charlie's aggression and over protectiveness, HL could not keep him as she has younger siblings. Recently, Charlie was handed to F, who read about him in a forum and offered his home. F lives with his elderly parents and they used to have 2 CHH who died of old age. F's mother will be the main caregiver and she is such a patient and sweet lady. It has been a week and F has told us that Charlie seems to settle in well.

We owe it to HL for her stepping forward to save Charlie from being put down and giving him a chance at love again. Her devotion to Charlie shows her mature beyond her years. She is young yet she has much compassion, love and devotion for this sad dog. Her handling of Charlie has impressed us.

We also thank F and his parents for opening their home to a very abused Charlie. They just responded with their hearts without any thought of how difficult it would be. Their only thought was to give him the best years ahead, to make up for what he had lost. It will be good if Charlie, now named Sayang can finally call it a home. For this dog, the journey in life has been long and hard, his latter half will be better than his first - the best for last. We will feature Sayang’s new life in our blog at a later date.

Mummy Dearest, I do love you so
It is common for mother dogs to abandon her pups when she herself does not has enough to eat. This is understandable, this is instinctive. This is the animal kingdom where only the fittest survive. You cannot be shackled to the weak or you too will die.

However, against all odds, Cara did the exact opposite. You have read from our earlier blog that Cara stayed with her pups despite of being beaten by men. She was frightened of them, we know because we saw her bolt the minute they appeared but she endured their presence, she braved their cruelty and overcame her fear. How many of us can do that, in the face of danger and not run but stay stock still. The more we know about Cara, the more we admire her, her devotion, her love, her tenacity. She is a dog but she has taught us lessons and values.

Recently, we discovered Cara did more than just endure and protect. We had noticed something amiss the day she came into the shelter. She vomited after eating. When she first did it, our initial thought was she ate too fast. Second time, we thought, ok, she’s sick, can’t digest her food. The third time, we were there to really observe her. She is not sick. She is well, There was a purpose. She did it out of love.

The third time happened when she was in the kennel, this time in a different kennel from her pups during feeding. We were there right from the start by giving her the plate of food. And the pups in a separate kennel in front of her with another plate of food. As she ate her food slowly, she kept looking at them. She finished and then whined and barked to be let out and join them. She ran towards them and vomited her food right in front of the puppies, who were crowding around her. It was whole grains, wet and soft but the mucous was clear, you could still see the chicken pieces. After she did that, she went back to her kennel and watched. And the pups started to eat it. Of course we picked it up when she wasn’t looking and threw it away as we weren’t sure at that time if she was sick or anything.

Then we waited and observed her. She looked perfectly well. She didn’t vomit anymore. Just sat there and waited for the puppies to go back to her and played with them. Sensing something more than just the usual, we researched the internet on this incident. It is a fact that this is a behaviour not usual in domestic pets but in wolves of the past. Where the father or mother dog would hunt for food and then regurgitate them later for their young to feed them. Cara was not sick, she wasn’t vomiting, she was regurgitating. Precious love. Cara is probably pass the stage of producing milk for her babies yet her love for them compels her to think of them first, as she has always done, protect and feed them, no matter the cost. Even in the safety of the shelter, and although the pups had their own food, she still felt it her duty to feed them. She loves them so much, to the extent she would sacrifice herself for her pups..

Wow, this completely blew our mind. Amazing love. We have never seen anything quite like this. Truly an epitome of a mother's love .. and from a dog! You think it is only in humans that a parent will sacrifice for their kids. And you know how thin she is and how fat her puppies are. What a truly loving and sacrificing dog she is.

Last looks.
Goodbye Zen girl. Have a good life.
Mummy loves you, sweetheart

Zen has left for her new home during the weekend but because there are two more pups, Cara is not alone. She will be sad when Silver and Raven say goodbye and go to their new family. She did a good job of raising them and now they are going to good homes and new beginnings.

This is one dog who has impacted us much. In years to come, we will never forget what we have witnessed. We are glad to have been with her, on this journey of love and devotion.

We still need a long term sponsor for Cara (for her boarding), to retire at Pets Villa so she no longer has to worry about the next day or her next meal. She also has a long road ahead of her in terms of medical as she is gaunt, unsterilized and needs to be treated for heartworms. We need your donations for her, not just for now but for her future. Every amount counts, nothing is too little. This is your gesture of love for this brave mother. Cara needs your help
here. Email if you are interested to donate.

This weekend @ Singapore Expo - AVA's Roadshow 2009 –
Free Admission
This weekend Rat Team and friends will be helping man the ALL's booth at the AVA's roadshow (November 7 to 9 from 11 am to 9 pm). This is held at the Singapore Expo, Hall 6B along with all the other Animal Welfare Groups.

We will be selling calendars postcards, notebooks, candles and other merchandise to fund ALL's welfare activities for the cats and dogs in their facility. Come and visit us in our booth and let us get to know you. Support ALL’s cause by buying their merchandise. We hope to see you there.

Sale of Animal Lovers League (ALL) 2009 calendars
The Animal Lovers League 2009 calendars are out and the RAT team and friends are helping to raise funds with their sales. The 2009 calendar features some of the rescued animals in their care. The calendars are specially designed with additional message cards for separate use At $10 each this will help in the funding of ALL's medical fees for the animals in their charge.

Please help support them for the good work they are doing for the helpless. If you have bulk order of 10 pieces, we will deliver to your locale or you can let us know your interest and we will direct you to the nearest location near you. Email to

An Angel For Adoption
Adorable 8 weeks old cross breed puppy for adoption to loving home. She has been vaccinated and in excellent health. Angel is manja, loves attention, good with people/kids & dogs. More of Angel can be viewed at : and photos at

Found abandoned in a box infront of a factory with her 4 siblings, her life was in danger as the owner wanted to put them down. She is currently fostered while looking for a permanent home. Regrettably Angel is not suitable for HDB. Call 98383820 or email to

Do you have room for an Angel in your home?

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We have just been contacted by co-feeder rescuer that there are 5 puppies at a location in Defu. Apparently, the workers rescued them (less than 2-3 mths old) but the boss did not allow them in the premise. He wants the pups to be removed otherwise he will call SPCA. We don't know when he'll call…we're racing against time

More photos can be viewed at

If you know of someone who is able to adopt or foster one of these 5 pups, please contact us. If you can post into other forum, they do not necessary be dog forums, please assist. These puppies are vulnerable now. Contact or call 98383820.

Sale of Animal Lovers League (ALL) 2009 calendars
The Animal Lovers League (ALL) 2009 calendars are just out and the RAT team and friends are helping to raise funds with their sales. ALL is integral to our feeding, rescue and rehoming efforts. They have supported us in terms of medical advice, knowledge, transportation and even boarding for the strays

ALL is a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare. They run a place of refuge for stray dogs and cats at Pasir Ris called Pets Villa.

Pets Villa is a volunteer-run shelter opened in 2004. It is an "open concept" animal home where the dogs are not "incarcerated" in kennels or in cages, but are allowed to roam freely within the compound and interact with one another.

We are proud to be associated with ALL where every animal is given a second chance in life at this place - where they follow a strict 'no-kill' policy, no animal sleeps hungry and no animal dies alone. Every animal comes with their own sad and abused story but at Pets Villa they are given the same love, equality, respect and space.

The 2009 calendar features some of the rescued animals in their care. The calendars are specially designed with additional message cards for separate use At $10 each this will help in the funding of ALL's medical fees for the animals in their charge.

Please help support them for the good work they are doing for the helpless. Email us or call 98383820 if you have bulk order of 20 pieces and we will deliver to your locale.

AVA's Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow 2009
Rat Team and friends will be helping man the ALL's booth at the coming AVA's roadshow from November 7 to 9 from 11 am to 9 pm. This is held at the Singapore Expo, Hall 6B along with the other Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs). This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and interact with different AWGs on their efforts in helping the animals in Singapore. Definitely a good education time for the young on Responsible Pet Ownership. Please log onto the AVA's website ( and download the schedule for the Roadshow on the various fun, games, talks and activities for adults and kids.

We will be selling calendars postcards, notebooks, candles and other merchandise to fund ALL's welfare activities for the cats and dogs in their facility.

Come and visit us in our booth and let us get to know you. Support the cause by buying our merchandise. Help us help the animals in our care. Admission is free. We hope to see you there.

On the other side
This week was a pretty busy one. We have been round to the other parts of this area to see what we can do for those outside our zone. Fortunately for us, the HomelessinSeletar network is growing so we will be able to include feeding for the skeletal dogs on the other side. S and C have kicked off the new route and been successful in finding them. As we drove past those areas we also noticed quite fair number of foreign wokers‘ dormitories. A fact we have to remember to be careful in our feeding, that we are not observed as it would lead them to our dogs.

S and C have also been very successful in their weekend feeds for the regular Rat Pack. It is a tremendous boost as they live in this area and can cover the weekend duty. During the workdays it is not a problem as we work in this area but weekend feeds have not been as regular as sometimes the dogs are not around during the times when we go. When we went over on Sunday afternoon, with them only Mama Brown was there but in the evening, when S and C went over again, it appears that the other three have returned from their gallivanting. And so a regular feeding pattern is slowly setting with the help of our new team members.

We intend to catch Mama Brown within the next week to have her sterilized. She is not as difficult as Blackie as she will come out if the others are around. The most important is the timing.

What a lovely dog,
What does her future and the rest of the Rat Pack hold

If we can't rehome them, the best present we can give the females is the operation. At this point, we are still undecided if we will release her back to the Pack after the operation. For one we do not know how we can keep her in boarding on a long term plan, at least for the next ten over years. Again, a home is the best solution, but with so many dogs looking for homes, how can Mama Brown compete. Such lovely dog but what an uncertain future. Is there anyone who can help?